Lost in a Place I Live

For most of my life, I have never stayed at one place. I have always moved to different cities or states. I have always changed schools as much as I have always changed jobs. I have always connected with different people even though many of them seem to have the same “it is all about me” attitude. No matter where I live, where I work, or who I am involved, I still feel like an outcast.

I like where (Henderson, North Carolina) I live currently. I have been there since November 2016. Most of the people are friendly and likable although I do not really talk or befriend them. However, I consider most of the buildings (including that of my current job) old and unattractive. The last city (Williamsburg, Virginia) where I have previously spent 13 years is pretty much the opposite regarding both people and buildings. I still want to return to Virginia regardless. I miss Yorktown Beach, Sandy Bottom Nature Park, 7-Eleven gas station store (where I can buy a delicious Cheeseburger Bite sausage), Wawa gas station store (where I can buy the best doughnuts and fruit punch drinks), and even Sam’s Club warehouse store (that sells better sweets than Walmart does). I do not miss the arrogant, foolish, and backward people at all. I have less respect for them because they have repeatedly ignored, gossiped, walked away, or talked over me. At least most people in North Carolina treat me as a human being.

Despite that I feel less of an outsider in Henderson than I have in Williamsburg, I am going to feel more comfortable once I return overseas in a few months. I cannot wait to go on my second trip to Santiago, Dominican Republic. I plan to see again a Dominican woman (Desideria) I have met through A Foreign Affair agency. Then, I am going to meet 3 other gorgeous women through its competitor named “Latin Affairs“. I already know that they are going to enjoy meeting and connecting with a Man of Action like I am. The same thing would happen if I also meet their counterparts in Colombia, Ukraine, China, or Philippines.

Because foreign women in general are so beautiful inside and out, you, I, or any other man would want to stay longer overseas.

Honestly, who wants to go back home, feel alone, bored, homesick, or depressed again, return to a miserable job, and be around family members, friends, and others who can care less about your feelings?


I thank the Lord God for my good health, strength, job, relationships, and life overall.

But, I cannot ignore the negative feelings I have anymore. Henderson is a nice place to live. At least my current job is better than all the jobs I have worked in Williamsburg. I however do not emotionally belong in Henderson (or Williamsburg either). It does not matter how long I stay in Henderson (which is truly no different from Williamsburg (where I have spent 13 years)).

Whether I gain friends or remain a loner, I would still feel lost.

Whether I stay at my current job or work elsewhere, I would still feel the same way negatively.

Because I want to live a happier and more independent life, I have come up with a solid life plan that I would follow relentlessly.

Facing positive results such as running a successful online business, earning extra money (for my student loans especially), and going on more trips abroad (so that I can spend more time with beautiful foreign ladies), is going to lead me where I want to be emotionally.

Whether I stay in Henderson, return to Williamsburg, or live in a different city, I would no longer feel lost or stuck in a place I do not belong.

I can freely go to a foreign nation, stay there as long as I like, and excitedly be with a foreign lady who can absolutely make me feel at home.

good quote by Nicole Reed – Direct Selling Australia


  1. […] Despite of the coronavirus issue, shortage of money, negative media, and other obstacles, I still plan to go back to Odessa, Ukraine someday. I hope to go back there next year. In the meantime, I continue running my online dating and video chatting business with Elizabeth. Although we live in separate countries, I feel closer to her than I do with most people where I live. […]


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