My 4th Wish – Creating Men of Action

There are plenty of American/Western men with good hearts and serious intentions. They have respect for the opposite sex like I do. In addition, they stand up for their beliefs and loved ones like I do as well. The difference between most of the men in my country and myself is willingness to go overseas and find more happiness.

Despite of the coronavirus issue, shortage of money, negative media, and other obstacles, I still plan to go back to Odessa, Ukraine someday. I hope to go back there next year. In the meantime, I continue running my online dating and video chatting business with Elizabeth. Although we live in separate countries, I feel closer to her than I do with most people where I live.

The main purpose of my and Elizabeth’s business is to help ladies in her dating agency find their future husbands. Another reason is to turn potential customers into Men of Action too. If you (American or Westernized man) wish to become a Man of Action and seek the desires of your heart abroad as I have a few times, you would gain these 5 abilities:

finding the right woman more

I totally agree with author Shawn McKibben of a article regarding his 10 positive effects of finding an ideal girlfriend or wife. But, based on my experiences abroad, I have succeeded with Ukrainian ladies like Valeria and Viktoria. They both have the desirable characteristics that I seek in the woman of my dreams. Honestly, ladies like them are difficult to find in United States or the Western world. Maybe you are blessed to find the right female where you live.

If not, then why should you not become a Man of Action and find an attractive and marriage-minded foreign lady who would accept and love you unconditionally?

learning about yourself more

Asking a couple of questions to myself is a good start. I can come up with straight answers as a result. However, after going to 3 nations and starting Foreign Chat Web business with Elizabeth, I am now able to respond better to those questions. Like me, you really can find who you are if you travel overseas. Staying home and remaining in the shadow of your family member(s), friend(s), or whoever is influencing you can leave you confused, lost, angry, depressed, lonesome, unwanted, etc. Escaping from your comfort zone and entering an unknown place (e.g. Santiago, Dominican Republic or Las Vegas, Nevada) can lead you to the person you truly want to become and life you truly want to live.

having a more positive perspective about everything and everyone

If I wish to continue being in a place of joy, peace, simplicity, hope, etc., I have to avoid negativity as much as possible. Because it is so easy to enter an emotionally dark place, I am able to flee by turning to God and even my online dating business. Photos and memories of my past trips overseas are beneficial too. No matter where (e.g. a crummy job) I am, whom (e.g. irrational coworkers) I am surrounded, and how I am treated, I can always look at the sky. Becoming a Man of Action can improve your life as much as it has with mines. You owe it to yourself in finding what you candidly want or need in another country or other countries. Building a possible relationship with a foreign woman is a plus because you can apply for a K1 fiance visa, marry her in your country, and spend the rest of your life with her.

becoming more of a leader than you do as a follower

According to author Kendra Cherry of a article, she gives 10 things that can help you improve your leadership skills. For most of my life, I have been a follower of other people due to my shyness and wish to retain peace with them. But, starting this blog 4 years ago and especially going to Odessa, Ukraine have helped me gain confidence and realize that some people can cause me misery, confusion, and regret. Like me at first, you may be afraid to speak your mind to others and obviously travel to a country (or countries) you know little or nothing. Nonetheless, if you actually want to reach your goals, find much happiness, and make others proud of who you are, you need to overcome your negative feelings and do something that no one else is willing to do.

Follow your heart overseas so that it can turn you into someone you imagine to become.

thinking outside the box more

There are various ways that you can learn and develop new ideas. Good examples are reading, writing, drawing, planning, talking to others, and even taking a shower. Writer Dustin Wax confirms these facts on his article. I side with him regarding them. However, to add to the list of different ways, I include traveling to places whether you have been to them or not. If you become a Man of Action as I have for the past 12 years, you would probably have unlimited ideas popping in your head. Exposure to diverse ladies, foods, cultures, etc. can definitely guide you where you wish to be in both of your personal and professional lives.


My dreams would come true if plenty of men read my blog posts and show interest in traveling to Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, and other non-Westernized nations for finding the right women. Elizabeth and I would be ecstatic if the same men want to buy video chats and connect with ladies from her dating agency in Odessa, Ukraine. She and I are still waiting and hoping to get customers for our business someday.

When it comes to Men of Action, I am willing to do my best in supporting other males. The main reason is that I stay in contact with several foreign ladies who are hoping to meet, date, and build serious relationships with these men. Sometimes, I ask myself or even God why I care so much about helping numerous women around the world find their future husbands or boyfriends.

No one else is actually concerned.

I cannot get my family to feel the same way that I do as well.

But, I guess that God only trusts and wants me to do something unusual and extraordinary.

He can show His unlimited power through me, Elizabeth, and others who are part of the international dating industry.

Therefore, I do not want to disappoint Him.

Plus, I want to help Elizabeth and others including myself live better lives too.

Life is a gift.

In addition, it is short as well.

So, it is wise to make the most of it.

Do the best I can do so that someone can follow my footsteps and encourage others to repeat.

Not only Men of Action are possibly created as an end result but also international couples are possibly brought into existence as well.

man connecting with woman – Divorced Girl Smiling

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