Variety of Foreign Women Part 2

I have never thought that I would write a sequel to “Variety of Foreign Women” blog post. But, I have recently learned some facts about women in Ukraine, Philippines, Colombia, and other countries. If you (American or Western man) are serious about traveling to a foreign country and meeting foreign women, you need to know these 4 types of women based on their attitudes toward international dating or marriage:

those who are only interested in foreign men

James Maverick has mentioned this reality in his blog “Maverick Traveler“. Some foreign ladies are just going to date or marry men from their countries regardless of the consequences. If the women are ever abused, cheated, or dumped, they may stay with the lowlife men or turn to others who have the same negative behavior(s). If you are interested in a woman from this category, you may be disappointed. However, it is possible that you can woo her heart. Having patience for her is a smart way.

those who are scared or undecided about being with American/Western men

I think that I have dated an Ukrainian woman (“L”) who fits this description. She has refused to go out with me again sadly. Maybe the reason is that she is not ready for an international relationship. She may also want to stay in Odessa with her family, friends, job, etc for the rest of her life. If that is the truth, then I honestly cannot blame her and her like-minded counterparts who may become homesick and regretful after living with their potential husbands in United States or Westernized countries.

It is not easy to start a new life with the person you love in the beginning. But, you would eventually adjust to it and her and might even fall in love with her country. The same thing applies to foreign women who choose to marry American/Western men as well.

those who are only interested in American/Western men

When it comes to these women, you should keep your eyes open. I probably have dated some who try to scam or encourage me to buy their expensive meals at fancy restaurants. Luckily, I have been rejected by some Ukrainian ladies (whom I have picked for my Euro Club client profile form) during my vacation in Odessa. I can not only save money but also avoid developing feelings for more women and facing possible more restaurant scams. Plus, I would even have a harder decision on who I truly want. Viktoria and Nadya would not be the only women on my mind.

There are some Ukrainian, Colombian, etc. women who are interested in particular men from United States or the Western world due to:

  • good looks
  • charm
  • money
  • experience with talking, dating, and/or having sex with certain females
  • having or wanting to raise children
  • preference of race, skin tone, etc.

Any or probably all of these reasons explain why several Ukrainian ladies have decided not to go on a date with me.

those who just want to be with good and loyal men

If you have a good heart, intentions, and desire to get married, you would truly succeed on your dates overseas. Most women in Ukraine, Philippines, Costa Rica, China, and other non-Westernized countries are not going to care about your appearance, race, skin color, financial status, nationality, and so on. They are mainly focused on your spiritual side. They want you and other men (including the local foreign men as well) to:

  • respect them
  • love them
  • be positive
  • have a thorough plan for your future life
  • be open-minded
  • be monogamous as they are
  • get along with their families as the women would do the same for yours
  • create multinational families with them

Once a foreign woman finds the man of her dreams, she is willing to give up her lifestyle, family, job, culture and relocate to his country.


Now, you know which types of women you may meet and date if you ever go abroad.

If you like to take a challenge, turn your attention to the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd group of foreign women.

However, if you just want to go the easy way of finding true love, stick with the last group instead. After all, you are only required to have good characteristics that these particular foreign women cannot find within men in their countries. Therefore, you would feel better about yourself and more motivated to build a marital relationship with a lady (especially if she is very attractive).

Foreign women are special creatures that men of all ages, races, nationalities, etc. can connect and not deal with so much drama, arrogance, confusion, and other emotional problems that regularly occur in United States and the Western world.

Whether we men are young or old, white or black, sociable or shy, or experienced or inexperienced with women, we still get unlimited chances from beautiful foreign women.

We can truly be ourselves around the ladies.

Therefore, we can grow and become better men.

We should know who is right for us.

We would finally live our lives in peace, love, and joy.

diverse Colombian women with an American or Western man –
3 beautiful Ukrainian women waiting to meet American/Western men –

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