My Review – “Teddy Bear” Movie

Inspired to make a long version of his 2007 short film “Dennis” (which you can see on YouTube), Mads Matthiesen writes and directs “Teddy Bear” movie (in 2012) with his co-director Martin Zandvliet. The movie focuses mainly on a shy and quiet 38 year old bodybuilder (Dennis) who wants to be in a marital relationship. He becomes tired of loneliness, his dominating mother (Ingrid), and the disappointing local dating scene in Copenhagen, Denmark. Therefore, he becomes a Man of Action and follows his heart to Pattaya, Thailand. His ultimate prize is a gym owner (Toi) who accepts him for who he is and chooses to emigrate to his country in order to live together with him.

Even though the movie is mostly sad, I am satisfied with its happy ending.

If you (American or Westernized man) are considering dating or marrying a foreign woman but you are dealing with obstacles (e.g. fear, difficult family and friends, so on) at home, then please watch the movie.

To know my opinion, read the following 4 likes and 3 dislikes of the movie:


  • Dennis as a bodybuilder
    • Regardless that he is scared to open up to others, he continues to:
      • exercise
      • build muscles
      • take his health seriously
    • Thus, he would have less or no health problems for the rest of his life.
    • Even though I lift small and heavy boxes at my job for 5 days a week, I still need to be more physically active as Dennis is.
      • What about you?
  • Dennis as a Man of Action
    • His 3 ongoing problems (which are explained in the introduction) motivate him to:
      • ask for help from a man (Bent) who happily marries a Thai woman
      • get on an airplane that takes him to Pattaya, Thailand
    • He meets his 1st (and probably only) girlfriend Toi as a result.
    • Becoming a Man of Action 4 times has helped me:
      • gain experience in dating women
      • gain confidence in myself
      • build personal relationships with mostly foreigners
      • connect with Viktoria on Skype monthly
    • Similar to Dennis and myself, you can go overseas if you truly want to escape from the issues you face everyday.
  • monogamy of Dennis
    • He wants or needs a strong bond with a woman.
    • He would be faithful to her as long as she reciprocates.
    • Unlike most men, he does not have any sexual relations with Toi.
      • Instead, he holds her as his:
        • close friend
        • confidante
        • and rock
    • A foreign woman is so beautiful inside and out that she can truly make you, me, or any other good man love, value, and be loyal to her.
  • independence of Dennis
    • He gains the ability to overcome neglect from his absent father and emotional abuse from his present mother.
    • Like him, I admit that I have difficulty in going on my own because I have been living with my family and going to school or work for most of my life.
    • Indeed, it is scary to face the real world and deal with all kinds of people.
      • But, we have to do whatever is necessary for survival.
      • Our lives are not going to become easier if we keep depending on parents, friends, and other loved ones.

3 Dislikes

  • elderly but controlling mother (Ingrid) of Dennis
    • Thanks to her, he does have low self-esteem.
    • I feel sorry for him or another man whose parent(s) has made his life so miserable.
    • If you have a mother, father, or both parents who are similar to Ingrid, all you can do is:
  • arrogant local date of Dennis
    • I may not know her name but I know her Westernized attitude very well.
      • Why do you think that I have only dated women in non-Westernized countries such as Ukraine, Colombia, and Dominican Republic?
    • Like her, Toi also runs a business.
      • The difference is that Toi is friendlier and more approachable to him.
      • However, Dennis’s date is as self-centered as Ingrid is.
      • Maybe that explains why Ingrid disapproves of Toi but approves of his local date who later ignores or pretends that she does not know him (when he says ‘hello’ to her in the gym).
    • I am forever thankful to God that I have never dated, married, or shared biological children with American women at all.
      • I want to encourage you and many other men to turn to foreign women like I have.
      • Even if you date, marry, or have children with a woman from a third world country, you would still have less problems than you do with a local woman.
  • no extra footage of Dennis and Toi together
    • I would like the movie more if Matthiesen and Zandvliet have made it longer.
    • Seeing Dennis and Toi moving to their picture-perfect home would have been awesome to me.
    • If there is a sequel to the movie, I would love to see it.

I highly recommend the movie to you or anyone who is dealing with phobia(s) or overbearing family members.

Introverted Dennis has taken the courage to travel to an extroverted country like Thailand and meet Toi, the Thai woman of his dreams. He puts his mother Ingrid in her place after she confronts and forbids him from being with Toi. He may not be free from his extreme shyness. But, he emotionally and physically gets away from miserable Ingrid and heads to paradise with Toi.

The character Dennis tells me that you, I, or any other man can positively change his life regardless of age.

Life is meant to become better probably because it is short.

Another reason is that it is a gift from God just as international dating is.

Dennis has realized what he has and looks forward to a new life with Toi.

I plan to do the same with Viktoria.

Are you interested in following my footsteps as well?

Millions of foreign women are still waiting for their ‘teddy bears’ while the fictional character Toi already has hers (Dennis).

Invite your male friends and relatives on an unforgettable trip overseas and make the dreams of the women come true.

Dennis (Danish) and Toi (Thai) –
“Teddy Bear” movie cover – CoverCity

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