My 2nd Wish – Helping Millions of Foreign Ladies Find Their Future Husbands

I remember watching a YouTube video of Bud Patterson of “A Foreign Affair” agency telling the painful truth about women in Ukraine, Thailand, Peru, Russia, and other foreign countries. Most of them are not going to meet, date, or connect with American/Western men at all. The main reason is that most of those men want to stay home and continue fantasizing or writing meaningless letters to women online. Plus, the men let fear, family, money, and other obstacles keep them from going overseas.

I want to help the women (including the ones I have dated) find true love so much. Life is too short to be alone and depressed. If you (American or Westernized man) feel discouraged as many foreign women do, maybe you should join me and other Men of Action (actually small number of them) on dating or building monogamous relationships with the women. If I can really encourage many of my blog readers (who are all males) to do the same, together we can produce the following 5 major effects:

  • eliminating loneliness
    • Most foreign women especially single mothers do not have many friends or supporters.
      • The reason is that their countries are dominated or focused primarily on men.
      • No one really cares much about the women personally because so many of them have good looks.
    • We Men of Action can communicate (through a human or electronic translator), connect, and prove to the women:
      • that they are important
      • that they are unique
      • that God has the right man for each of them
      • that their lives are going to become better eventually
    • Thanks to the success of A Foreign Affair, Dream Connections, and other international dating/marriage agencies, the women now know how much they matter to us and that they do not have to be alone for the rest of their lives.
  • preventing meaningless or bad relationships with the wrong men
    • The women may feel pressured or forced (by society, family, or both) to be involved with local foreign men who may abuse, cheat, lie, or abandon their children.
    • Because we come from a culture that accepts, respects, and values women in general, we would treat foreign women like queens because of their good hearts and intentions.
    • Thus, the women would feel safe, healthy, and content in international relationships or marriages.
  • spreading the good news about international dating/marriage
    • It may be surprising that some foreign women (or foreigners in general) do not know that international dating or marriage exists.
      • It seems that they are completely kept in the dark by those who:
        • “care” about them
        • or see only the negative side of international dating/marriage
      • Hopefully, those women plus others would find my blog and learn enough information.
    • We can explain the positive results of international dating/marriage via:
      • social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and/or YouTube)
      • word of mouth
      • local newspapers
      • blog posts
    • Single or divorced foreign women therefore are very knowledgeable and inspired to:
  • growing the online community of international couples
    • Most foreign women who are already committed or married to American/Western men do not publicly discuss their relationships that much or at all.
    • But, because we truly believe that international love leads many people to joy, peace, and unity, we are unable to hide the fact and must continue explaining it to others online.
      • If we want them to give us full attention or take our words seriously, we need to start a Facebook page, Facebook group, or an online community website.
      • Why do you think that I have a blog, Facebook page, and Facebook group?
    • Maybe if many international couples learn that we Men of Action care so much about international dating/marriage, they would feel the same and try to get many single foreign women (including those who are not interested in finding their potential partners or spouses overseas) to agree.
  • making this world a better place to live
    • Most foreign women feel uncomfortable, unimportant, or unwanted in their nations even though they really want to stay.
      • In “Mail Order Brides Do Not Exist” blog post, I have mentioned that they are not interested in moving to United States and getting green cards.
      • If American/Western men are willing to move to Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, etc., indeed they would make their foreign girlfriends or wives elated.
      • I know that Viktoria would feel the same if I decide to emigrate to her country (Ukraine).
    • Whether we move to their countries or motivate our future foreign wives to move to ours instead, we can still provide them emotional stability, financial stability, unity, unconditional love, protection, etc.
    • Every foreign woman (plus her possible child or children) feels happy, safe, and complete when she is with the right man.

Fortunately, more American/Western men are marrying or building serious relationships with foreign women.

Unfortunately, millions of women in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, and even Africa are waiting or hoping to find good men through dating websites or romance tour socials. The women are tired of being rejected or objectified because of their gender or attractive appearances. They are as human as men are. Women want to:

  • love and be loved
  • grow old with men who always make them feel young at heart
  • feel different even though society reminds them that they are the same
  • rest despite that they are demanded or expected to do nonstop work

If you want to fall in love with a woman from another country, you are helping me make my wish come true. Now you know why I have written and published over 100 blog posts about international love. I am so passionate about foreign women that even I do not fully understand why I feel the way I do.

It has been about 12 years since I have become drawn to foreign women (especially the ones in Colombia and Dominican Republic).

I think that I am going to spend the rest of my life in feeling this way and making this blog bigger than it already is today.

I am crazy about Viktoria after having 3 Skype video chats with her; I can really see a future with her.

Are you serious about international marriage?

If so, then I am happy that you feel the same way I do.

If not, then please fill out the ‘Contact‘ form or send me an email at:

Another option is leaving me a comment below.

I would immediately respond and do my best in encouraging you to find the woman of your dreams in another country.

It is time to put an end to the unhappiness that numberless women in Ukraine, Thailand, Colombia, and other countries have to experience every day.

single Lissy waiting for international love from Bogota, Colombia – My Colombian Wife
single Diana also waiting for her future American or Western husband from Bogota, Colombia – My Colombian Wife
3 single and available women in Bangkok, Thailand –
Alida Kuneza (beautiful model from Burundi) – Answers Africa

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