4 Phobias that Stop American Men from Connecting with Foreign Women

I may be nervous about going on my 1st trip to Odessa, Ukraine in 2 weeks. But, I am eager to leave the “Comfort Zone” and meet gorgeous foreign women for the 4th time. I would rather be uncomfortable but happy with a incredible woman to date, touch, talk, etc. instead of staying home and feeling miserable without her.

I feel sorry for many single and divorced men in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and other Westernized countries. They are missing out their opportunities to meet, date, and fall in love with caring and worthy women in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. If I can think of 4 fears that keep all of those men stuck where they live, I describe each phobia below:

Aviophobia or aerophobia – fear of getting on an airplane

Like the men also do, do you (American or Westernized man) believe that the plane you enter is going to crash or be hijacked?

If so, you are not alone.

I admit that I have been skeptical about going to Barranquilla, Colombia (back in July 2008). However, I have put more focus on my wish to meet and date attractive ladies than I have with my fear(s). Plus, I have asked God for my protection on the plane and my trip overall. He is the One whom we should really be scared instead of what He has created. After all, we have to give account of our words, actions, and thoughts to Him on Judgement Day.

If you really want to overcome this phobia and create unforgettable memories in a foreign country (or countries), choose between these 3 solutions that are recommended by Goretti Cowley:

  • Seek a good therapist for regular communication and advice.
  • Take prescribed medicine such as Xanax or Dramamine.
  • Join a flying class.
aerophobia – Healthtopia

Xenophobia – fear of meeting foreigners, being exposed to foreign things, or visiting foreign places

This irrational fear really keeps many American/Western men from ever meeting the women of their dreams overseas. Some men would however continue to chat or write meaningless letters to foreign women. Other men may turn to local American/Western women (who care so much about what they have) or online images and videos of beautiful women as their comfort. It is very sad that all of these men are choosing to walk down the path of unhappiness.

If you want to find your potential foreign girlfriend or wife despite that you are suffering from this phobia, do both of these tasks for your treatment:

  • Seek a therapist for positive thinking toward:
    • foreign people
    • foreign places
    • foreign cultures
    • foreign things
  • Take medication for eliminating anxiety or depression.
xenophobia – The Sunday News

Caligynephobia – fear of meeting, talking, or being around beautiful women

Due to inexperience, possible rejection, or negative experiences with attractive American/Western women, most American/Western men may suffer from this phobia. I am no different from the men honestly. I have never dated or become close friends with a local American/Western woman at all. Either she is too busy or uninterested in me. However, I have received much female attention in Colombia and Dominican Republic.

It is excusable to have this irrational fear in United States, Canada, or any other Westernized country you live. But, if you wish to stop having excuses for staying home (where you have little access to beautiful ladies) and start spending the best time of your life with many good-looking foreign women (who do not care about your race, age, looks, income, etc.) abroad, do any of these 3 solutions for your healing:

  • Gain or improve your social skills.
  • Go to group therapy.
  • Build confidence by starting small talk with local women.
caligynephobia – Nashpilke.ru

Gamophobia – fear of committing or marrying a woman

Why are many men afraid or unwilling to build monogamous relationships with the opposite sex in United States and the Western world?

I fully understand why men feel the way they do. Most American/Western women have more than enough emotional baggage that men cannot deal. Thus, many men remain single or have temporary relationships with local women. Meanwhile, other men turn to women in Ukraine, Philippines, Costa Rica, etc. Not only do the men change their attitudes toward women in general but also the men can overcome gamophobia more than the men who stay home do.

Millions of foreign ladies are too beautiful, simple, kind, and honest for countless men to reject or not take seriously for marriage.

I can see a future with an Ukrainian, Colombian, or Dominican woman who would accept me for who I am.

What about you?

gamophobia – gtvibes.com

Each phobia is a mental and temporary thing.

Our minds can play tricks on us. If we want to be in full control of our lives and follow our hearts, we have to get rid of any fears and other mental problems that block us from the women of our dreams. It is unfortunate that many American/Western men surrender to their weaknesses and reject foreign women who want to meet, date, and connect with them.

Like depression or anger, fear also does not last long either. We are going to overcome fear eventually. But, if we still have it, then it is going to escalate. We may become scared of more things, people, places, etc. too. Agoraphobia is a possibility if we do not seek professional help or get treatment right away.

No matter how nervous I am about my upcoming trip to Ukraine, I refuse to let fear keep me from:

  • changing my mind
  • staying home
  • losing money
  • having regrets

Instead of staying in the “Comfort Zone” and remaining lonely, bored, and depressed (like many men do), I would be going overseas and feeling more free, alive, and content with an attractive foreign woman by my side.

Instead of viewing online photos and videos of beautiful women, I would be looking at hot blondes, brunettes, and other Ukrainian women in the flesh.

There is nothing more exciting in this world than connecting with the opposite sex is.

Photos, videos, fantasy sports, money, and other worldly things cannot replace her.

She is a living soul but they are not.

She matters to God but they do not.

If only more American/Western men would strongly feel the same about her and other foreign women (who are as human as the men are), those men can truly overcome their phobias and other obstacles that prevent international love.

Do not let fear or any other weaknesses rob you of the woman of your dreams.

She is not afraid to meet, connect, and build a life with you in United States or wherever you live.

So, you should not be scared to reciprocate for her either.

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