3 Ways to Get Away from American Women

Although a few American or Western women (who are unavailable or missing) have inner and outer beauty, the other women do not really have both types at all.

Most of us American/Western men are faced with these 3 choices:

  • attractive local women who are snobbish, materialistic, picky, nasty, or difficult
  • unattractive ones who are nice, caring, or simple
  • loneliness if we cannot find the women of our dreams locally or online

I have experienced all of the above for my entire life (except the 3 times I have traveled to Latin America).

What about you (American or Western man)?

It seems that most American/Western women are becoming worse every day. I have watched or read many online complaints (because most of them are true) from many other American/Western men. I have to resign from a previous job due to constant threats, unwanted attention, etc. from female customers. Now, at my current job, I have to report the same creepy woman (I have discussed in “Foolish People in United States“) to a harassment hotline. Even though I have no evidence to prove that she has sexually harassed for 3 months, I have told the people that something is not right about her. Therefore, I am:

  • moving forward
  • ignoring her even though she is still going to work in my work area
  • focusing on my current job more often
  • going to grow my online business
  • planning to
    • leave that job next year
    • pay off my student loans
    • go to paradise
    • and win my potential prizes – attractive and sane foreign women

If you have experienced a similar job issue like mines or worse, here are 3 things that can help you escape from abnormal or despicable American/Western women:

Become a MGTOW member.

If you choose to permanently stay in United States or the Western world and avoid being in a relationship with any woman, you probably should join the MGTOW (“Men Going Their Own Way”) community. Connect with other members so that they can defend and protect you from feminist women and the anti-male society. Do not remain alone. You do not have enough skills as the other members do. If the man haters ever find or suspect that you want nothing to do with them, they may come after you.

Go overseas and connect with different foreign women.

Dating and focusing on the beauty of women abroad can distract you from bitter women in your country. However, if you do not become serious or monogamous with a foreign woman, you can easily be drawn back to the angry American/Western women in a positive or negative way. You may develop feelings for the wrong woman. If you instead be with a good American/Western woman, hopefully you investigate and see if she is worthy of marriage or similar to the beautiful women in Ukraine, China, Philippines, etc.

Fall in love and marry a foreign woman.

If you want to be freed from hostility, false accusations, threats, and other negative things from unpleasant American/Western women, plan a trip, go abroad, and build a meaningful relationship with a woman from another country. Continue visiting her, learning her culture, and seeing where the bond takes both of you. If you both have deep feelings for each other, propose to her for marriage willingly. Make sure to do these necessary things for the successful process of the K1 fiance visa (you have to apply):

  • Take photos together with her.
  • Learn enough personal information (e.g. favorite color, birthday, and so on) from each other.
  • Meet and get approval from her family and friends.
  • Treat her possible kid(s) as your friend(s) only.
  • Do research online and perhaps get in contact with international dating/marriage expert(s) who can advise or help you marry her in your country.

You and your potential foreign wife can defeat the hostile women in the States or Western world. Both of you do not have to look or say anything to them in public. All you have to do is be happy and healthy together. Holding hands, kissing, and hugging are your advantages. Indeed, miserable women are more threatened by international couples than the women are with the MGTOW community or men who despise women.

I think that becoming a MGTOW member is the worst decision you can make. Mark Davis from Dream Connections agency is right concerning that the MGTOW community is comparing all American/Western women to all foreign women. I agree with Mark as well. Many American/Western women are materialistic, self-centered, spoiled, etc. However, many foreign women can attract countless men with their good qualities and good looks. Because most men (including myself) cannot find enough desirable women in the States or Westernized world, men can always find who they want (plus more) in a non-Westernized country (e.g. Ukraine or Dominican Republic).

Another mistake from the MGTOW community is fleeing from feminists and anti-male society. How can it actually escape from these mad people if it is still in United States or the Western world? Men (like myself and probably yourself) who are drawn to foreign women are the real fugitives. They overcome obstacles. They go to non-Westernized countries anyway. They make their own decisions. Mainly, they do not let hatred or intimidation affect their lives.

They, together with marriage-minded foreign women, can disintegrate or beat the American/Western society that favors women and opposes men.

The MGTOW community cannot; it does not have the love that international couples share.

Love kills their enemies with kindness.

Love does not discriminate against others of different genders, races, nationalities, etc.

Love keeps them happy, peaceful, and strong.

Love forgives and brings people together.

Because the MGTOW community, feminists, and the anti-male society do not have love, peace, joy, or forgiveness in their hearts, they are going to destroy each other.

Meanwhile, international couples are going to inspire and create more happy couples.

I believe and promise you this is going to happen.

man equals woman (gender confusion in United States/Western world) – fanpop


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