How You Can Attract the Wrong Woman

If you (American or Western man) are with a woman who makes you miserable, you may feel trapped. You may feel victimized or forced to do something against your will. You may feel threatened or guilty if you break up with her as well. But, you should ask yourself this question:

  • “Which is more important: my happiness or her happiness?”

If you are single, you should be glad. You would have a good chance of finding a woman who is right for you. If you travel to Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, or another foreign country (through a good international dating company like A Foreign Affair or Dream Connections), you would have 100% opportunity to meet and date plenty of moral and gorgeous women. You probably would lose interest in local American/Western women when you return home…unless you can find one (or more) who does not have too much baggage.

It is hard to find the right woman. But, seeking the wrong woman is very easy in the United States or a Westernized country (e.g. Ireland). If you want to know or prevent yourself from getting involved with a woman from hell, here are 10 ways that can lead you in an unwanted and unhappy relationship or marriage:

  • your riches, property, charm, etc.
    • If she is with you mainly because of what you have, you may have difficulty breaking up or divorcing her.
      • She may become your worst nightmare.
      • She may steal from you.
      • She also may do the unthinkable.
    • Thank God that I am not rich or wealthy.
  • pretending to be someone else
    • You are hiding your true self from her because you are insecure.
    • But, if your relationship with her becomes serious, she would eventually find out the truth.
      • She would see you as a liar and fraud.
      • If you show or tell her who you really are, she would probably stay with you.
    • If a woman does not like me for who I am, why do I care?
      • I can always find another woman especially in a foreign country.
  • your weakness of character
    • If you are shy or scared of women, you would definitely attract a woman (or women) who is unattractive, controlling, bossy, bold, demanding, and/or adamant.
      • I think that I have dealt with women (American) who have thought that I am weak or stupid.
    • If a potential girlfriend or wife does you wrong, come out of your shell and confront her with confidence.
      • Whether she leaves you or not, at least you would get some respect.
  • getting her pregnant
    • You feel bad or guilty.
    • You may willingly force yourself to commit or marry her.
      • It does not matter if you love her or not.
      • You are mainly concerned about building a family with her.
    • I think that I am smart enough to learn the true character of a woman before I ever have sex with her.
    • Once a woman gives birth to a child, the man cannot really escape from her and the child.
      • He is emotionally stuck with them for the rest of his life.
  • listening to ignorant family, friends, etc.
    • If you let loved ones play matchmaker, you may end up with a woman you are not interested most likely.
      • Why do you think that I want to find the right woman on my own?
    • If you experience bad date(s) or relationship(s), you have 2 options:
      • Tell family, friends, etc. to stop sending women to you.
      • Get away from your loved ones and leave town.
  • comparing her to your mother
    • I find it creepy that a man wants his girlfriend or wife to look like his mother.
    • Now, if you want to be with a woman who behaves or shares similar characteristics with your mother, you are not creepy at all.
      • You probably want to find the same comfort, love, and/or attention from a woman you do not know well or at all.
    • Honestly, I want to find a woman who is slightly different from my mother.
      • I want to talk (more), get along, and create good memories with my potential girlfriend/wife.
    • When I go overseas, I like meeting/dating a foreign woman who does not resemble, act, or remind me of any woman in the States.
  • accepting her baggage
    • If you can deal with her problems, I give you good luck.
    • You cannot change her as much as she cannot change you.
    • If she becomes worse, then you probably should leave her and move on with someone else.
      • You can meet/date plenty of foreign women with less baggage or problems.
  • showing desperation
    • If you are hungry for attention, companionship, sex, etc., you may end up with any woman (good or immoral).
      • The consequences of your actions may be good, bad, ugly, or all of them.
    • The solution is to be truthful about your wishes, feelings, etc. with her.
  • focusing on her looks
    • Your relationship with her would probably deteriorate or come to an end.
      • She would not continue to look and wear sexy clothes.
    • But, if you want to save the relationship, you must go beyond physical attraction by looking at her heart and personality.
    • There are many good looking women in Ukraine, Philippines, and other foreign countries.
      • But, if you want to find the right woman, you must do these steps:
        • Choose the women you are interested in meeting/dating.
        • Get to know them individually and well.
        • Narrow the list to 1 or 2 women.
        • Repeat the first 2 steps.
        • Think long and hard who is the #1 woman for you.
          • If you need help from a translator or someone else, please do so.
  • focusing on your looks
    • She may grow tired or bored with you.
    • If she has committed or married you because of your looks, she may cheat or dump you for another man.
    • You must instead focus and improve your character.
      • Therefore, you can attract the right woman (or women).
      • If you go on a group or individual romance tour abroad, many foreign women would fall in love with you.

If you just be yourself, you can avoid meeting, dating, or marrying the wrong woman. If you are already in a bad relationship/marriage, expect her to mistreat or think of you as a loser. The right woman would never have the same behavior and attitude. It is better to spend the rest of your life with her (or finding her) than wasting it by pursuing an unhappy woman (or women).

Just because there are women who live next door to you, it does not mean that they are right for you. Local dating is no different from online dating; they are both bad in my opinion. What if God has your potential girlfriend/wife in another city, another state, or even another country? If you choose to travel to another country (e.g. Colombia), you can have 100% success in seeking her. Thanks to international dating, the world is becoming smaller. You and everyone else can expand your dating pool and find your suitable life partners wherever they are.

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