Meeting Foreign Women

Foreign women are the #1 reason why many American and Western men go overseas. Like them, I am primarily focused and attracted to the physical, beautiful features and good characteristics of women in Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ukraine, the Philippines, Brazil, etc. The kind of woman I have dreamed most of my life does exist. Thank you God fort creating these beautiful women. They are like trophies or prizes. Mark Davis from Dream Connections says in his YouTube videos that a man (American/Western) has to show up (whether he goes to Ukraine, Thailand, or Colombia) in order to win her. That probably explains why he and his Ukrainian wife Anna have no divorce rate with their international matchmaking business. There is a YouTube video on that discussion.

If I do not meet my future wife on my first foreign trip, I can always do so on my next one. I have a better and easier chance of finding her abroad than I do in the States. I do not really care about visiting a museum, eating exotic food, or shopping at a mall unless I am with her. She makes me want to go anywhere and do anything for her. I can be myself 100%. I worry less about anything or anyone else. I want to be the best and do the best. I like who I am, how I look, etc. I am not bothered by what other people do, think, or say about me anymore. I am becoming more positive. I want to work more hours at a job. I do not mind waiting next year or a decade from today. Why? …because of who she is. She is worth it. No one (even my mother) in the States has and can ever make me feel this way.

I would be forever grateful to God because He has really created amazing foreign women. There are amazing women in the States too. But, truthfully there are not that many…based on my personal experiences. If a man is still interested in American women despite his newfound knowledge about foreign women, all I have to say to him is “good luck”. He may face difficulties, rejection, health problems, and so on. He may have to lie about who he is, what he does, etc. He may struggle to make more money, build charm, dress better, gain more education, lose weight, eat healthier, build more confidence…just to impress local women who still may take him for granted. Why should he do all of that when he can just go overseas, meet foreign women, and be himself honestly and entirely? Most foreign women are not concerned or motivated by money, greed, looks, wealth, or even age. They care primarily about marriage, family, joy, peace, love, respect, and loyalty. They do not expect or want a ‘perfect’ American/Western boyfriend or husband. If he has health, financial, etc. problems, a foreign woman would be willing to help him. That was what Anna Davis did for her husband Mark before they started Dream Connections together. When he lost his previous business, she started working again. She told him that money, jobs, and businesses come and go. However, she still loves and wants to stay married to him. Would an American woman remain with her husband if they lose everything?

To read an article, look at a picture, or even watch a video of Colombian, Ukrainian, Filipina, etc. women is good. But, to see them in person is even better. You can speak, date, touch, kiss, hug, hold hands, and walk at a nice park or beach with that special woman. You would become happier, feel more alive, and desire to stay longer in her country. When you go back home, you would probably be lonely and depressed. I know I have…every time I return to the States. I felt the same when I said goodbye to my Colombian friend Erika at Kings Dominion. I told her how serious I am in finding my future wife in Latin America. I want another good, meaningful relationship with another foreign woman. I want to create great memories and take her to fun places like Myrtle Beach, SC, Las Vegas, NV,  and Kings Dominion. My life is getting shorter as a day passes. I want to make it better by being with the right foreign woman.

American guy surrounded by Colombian women – International Introductions Dating Agency




  1. […] In order to have a much better life, foreign women join international dating agencies like A Foreign Affair, Dream Connections, etc. so that the women can meet, date, and possibly marry American and Western men. Men of Action would succeed in winning the hearts of the women. Keyboard Romeos would be rejected if the women suspect or believe that the men have no serious intention of visiting them overseas. […]


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