Planning Your Trip

If you (American or Westernized man) have taken phenomenal trip(s) to a foreign country (or countries), you really do not need to read this blog post. But, you are free to do so.

If you have never gone overseas but you are interested in meeting attractive foreign women and hopefully find your second half, you should read the following information.

Hopefully, this 10-step process would help you plan a successful and unforgettable trip:

  1. First and foremost, save as much money as you can.
    1. Put it in your savings account.
    2. If you do not have a savings account, go to a local bank or visit its website and open one.
    3. If you are tempted or guilty of buying junk food or unnecessary things, you are not alone.
      1. I have dealt with this problem for most of my life.
      2. But, I am now saving money for my second trip to Santiago, Dominican Republic next year.
      3. If I have to eat Ramen noodles or something else cheap, then so be it.
      4. I want to be in the presence of foreign women again.
    4. Ask yourself this question:
      1. Which is more important: things I want or beautiful women I want?
      2. If you pick foreign women, you would have no regrets.
      3. You would realize that these women are worth more than materialistic things or money is.
      4. You cannot get the same feelings from a nonliving thing as you do with a living woman.
  2. Write a list of things you need to do and take for your trip.
    1. Include this information in your list:
      1. foreign country of your choice
      2. foreign women you are interested
      3. dates of entering and leaving that country
      4. how much money you need
      5. whether you are going to join an international dating agency (e.g. A Foreign Affair or Dream Connections) or go solo
      6. passport
      7. tasks to do
      8. things to take
  3. Get your passport.
    1. If you already have one, move to the next step.
    2. If you do not have one, print or get a copy of passport application at your local post office.
    3. If your passport has expired or is about to be, renew it.
  4. Request or ask your supervisor or manager for time off work.
    1. If you have your own business, skip this step.
    2. No matter how difficult this step is, you must do it in order to keep your job and go to paradise.
      1. It does seem that most supervisors/managers see employees as slaves or properties of the company.
      2. I have to resign from my last job because my former manager has waited to tell me what days I can have for vacationing after I have planned my trip to Dominican Republic.
      3. I have no regrets.
        1. I have refused to change or give up my trip in order to stay at that miserable job.
  5. After getting approval for your trip, pay for a romance tour, personal introductions, or another service from an international dating agency.
    1. Here are 7 good dating websites you can choose:
      1. Dream Connections
      2. A Foreign Affair (
      3. International Romance & Adventure
      4. Latin Affairs
      5. I Love Latins
      6. International Introductions (
      7. Cupido
    2. However, if you want to go to a foreign country (e.g. Ukraine) and meet women on your own, please do so.
      1. There are many beautiful and single women waiting for good men (like you) to show up and meet them.
  6. Buy your airline tickets.
    1. Cheap airfare websites I highly recommend to you are:
      1. Orbitz
      2. Expedia
      3. Cheapoair
    2. You can choose the schedules for your departure and return.
  7. Email your flight schedule or tell someone from the international dating agency when you would arrive at the airport in the foreign country you choose. 
    1. The person or people of the company would meet you there for pickup.
    2. If you go overseas without joining an international dating agency, you can:
      1. talk to airport staff member(s) for anything you need
      2. call for taxi transportation.
      3. rent a car and have a GPS available
      4. hire a trustworthy person or group of people as your tour guide(s)
  8. Pack your bags or luggage.
    1. Find everything you want and need for packing.
    2. Review your list.
      1. Cross what you have done and what you have packed.
      2. Continue what you have not accomplished.
  9. Again, review and finish your list.
    1. Check everything you have completed.
    2. Wait to go to the airport on the day you are traveling overseas.
  10. Go to your selected foreign country and meet incredible ladies. 
    1. Like myself, you would have a better life.
    2. Your attitude toward women (in general) would change forever.
    3. Whether you find your future wife or not, you would still enjoy your trip overseas.

Planning a trip to a foreign country or even a city (e.g. Miami) in your country is so necessary. If you want to find your happiness whether it is a cool place, a possible wife, or a lifelong friend, please do what you have to do.

Staying at home is not going to help you become better, happier, or stronger.

Listening to your loved ones or even yourself can discourage you from going anywhere.

Your heart (like mines) is the only one that is going to lead you where you want to be. All you have to do is:

Life is short but precious. Make it (more) worthwhile especially with a beautiful and caring woman by your side.

man pointing to a foreign country – Gringos Abroad (source)


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