Outnumbering the Opposite Sex

God had intended a natural union between a male and female. After all, He had created Adam and Eve, the first couple of the world, the Bible, and mankind. God did the same for other heterosexual couples in later times on this planet.

Today, the dating world is a disaster. It seems that the legacy of Adam and Eve has become extinct. Many people are single because they choose to be. Then, there are other singles who want what married couples (The number of them is lower than the number of single people is.) have. These single people may thus become frustrated, desperate, sad, lonely, hopeless, insane, suicidal, or even homicidal (If you ever watch Lifetime movies, you would see my point.) because of these problems:

There are 2 similar heterosexual problems occurring in the world. I am going to discuss them below. Then, I am going to provide a solution that is based on the goal of my blog. So, here they are:

Problem 1: American/Western men are outnumbering American/Western women.

Men have been given full control, respect, and favoritism in the United States and Westernized nations in the past. Now, women seem to take over the countries and get anything they want or need legally, culturally, etc. They are no longer dependent or concerned about men. Women can work long hours as men do; women can also work at the same tough jobs with men too. Women can wear any clothes (whether they are hot or not) they want and still be desired. In addition, they (especially the pretty and famous ones) have more choices of men than the average men do with choices of women. Even women who are unattractive or rejected by most men think they can pick any men they want. If a man keeps getting unwanted attention from a woman he is not interested, he can hide, report (like I have at my current job), or just be honest with her. The worst thing he can do is to play with her emotions.

American/Western men have to be rich, charming, good-looking, famous, etc. in order to have choices of American/Western women. If men can find women who like them for who they are, then the men are fortunate. Otherwise, men would:

  • continue being single and probably desperate for any female attention
  • or become involved with any woman regardless of her looks, behavior, characteristics, etc.

Either way, these men would still be miserable because they either:

  • do not know about foreign women
  • or do not want to go overseas and meet them.

Problem 2: Foreign women are outnumbering foreign men.

4 possible reasons why there are so many single, lonely, and breathtaking women in Ukraine, China, Colombia, Philippines, etc. are:

  • The majority of foreign men has moved to other countries.
  • Most of the men have died in wars or other disastrous events.
  • Many mothers have given births to more girls than those mothers do with boys.
  • Most men refuse to be in committed or marital relationships with women.

These foreign countries focus on masculinity; in fact, they always have since their existences. The wishes, needs, thoughts, etc. of men are more important than those of women. Consequently, women have to suffer and be inferior to men. Some women would desperately turn to men for trust, affection, sex, commitment, and so on. To avoid becoming victims of lying, infidelity, or abuse, other women remain single and focus on their jobs, families, children, businesses, etc. Many women are not hesitating to join international dating agencies or websites nowadays. They want to build better lives with good men from other countries. If you are one of those men, you would make one of those women very happy.

Solution: Many American/Western men can easily connect with many foreign women.

I think that it is good that all these people are unmarried.

God probably wants them to be in international relationships. During the Biblical times, many people probably have been dating, marrying, or having children with those of different races or cultures. God has blessed them all; He does the same for other couples and families (whether they are from different countries or the same one) as well.

Single or divorced American/Western men can become emotionally attached to foreign women. Primarily, both genders have more things in common with each other then they do with those of opposite sexes in their own countries. The same desires of American/Western men and foreign women are:

  • true love
  • easy communication
  • acceptance
  • friendship
  • marriage
  • telling jokes
  • having fun somewhere (e.g. karaoke place, bowling alley, zoo, or beach)
  • procreating children
  • and more

Do you want to have any or all these things with a beautiful foreign woman?

These men and women can find everything they need and want from each other. They may be disappointed if they look elsewhere. They cannot deny the natural attraction and connection they share.

Regarding the opposite sex, single or divorced American/Western men should not let other things or other people keep them from finding their potential girlfriends or wives (even if they are located overseas). One good reason is that these men need to enjoy life (more) with the right women whether they are American/Western or foreign. Fancy cars, money, sports, or photos of women cannot replace real and breathing women these men can talk, touch, hug, kiss, and build unforgettable memories.

I praise most foreign women who choose to stay away from local men in their countries. The women are smart for what they do, what they believe, etc. They know that these men are immoral although they may find the men charming and handsome. The women would prefer average looking American/Western men with good hearts and intentions over attractive and dishonest foreign men anytime. If more international couples are formed, then the high number of singles would definitely go down. United States, Ukraine, and several other countries fortunately would not have to worry about 1 gender outnumbering the other anymore. That is 1 problem I like to put an end.

Asian women at A Foreign Affair romance tour – 5 Star Foreign Introductions (source)


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