German Women versus Puerto Rican Women

No one knows much information about females in Germany and Puerto Rico. But, I am willing to provide it on this blog post. You (American or Western man) can always find more on Google, YouTube, and/or other credible sources.

Germans and Puerto Ricans have much in common with each other when it comes to immigration, families, and businesses. They like to move forward to amazing and successful things that God blesses them. Another reason for their mindsets is being influenced by the Americanized or Westernized culture. Like most people in United States, Canada, and other first world nations, Germans and Puerto Ricans strongly believe in patriotism and willingly work hard in bettering their lives plus those of their loved ones.

So, what makes beautiful German ladies different from their Puerto Rican counterparts?

We already know that they come from different races.

However, you can read more answers in the following sections below:



German Women

  • blonde hair
  • brown hair
  • blue eyes
  • other eye colors
  • rectangular faces
  • wide jaws
  • down-turned eyes
  • broad foreheads
  • straight and long noses
  • pointed chins
  • small cheeks
  • pale skin complexions
  • wide eyes
  • may resemble their counterparts in Austria, Eastern Europe, or Northern Europe

Puerto Rican Women

  • mixed with Spanish, African, European, and/or Indian ethnicities
  • slender bodies
  • dark-colored eyes
  • soft or silky bronze skin tones
  • shiny, dark, or black hair
  • tall heights
  • wide hips
  • ample bosoms
  • deep voices


Puerto Rican Women

I do find German ladies attractive. But, because of the irresistible beauty of Jennifer Lopez and Roselyn Sanchez, I have to pick their Puerto Rican sisters for this first category. They are hard to ignore and be interested in dating or building serious relationships. Secondly, they live in Latin America, which has millions of gorgeous ladies with good hearts and serious intentions. The final reason is that they come in different shapes, sizes, complexions, etc. You may find more variety plus have a better chance of finding Ms. Right in Puerto Rico than you do in Germany.

Zuleyka Rivera (Puerto Rican model and entrepreneur) – “Dura Fit Latino” Facebook page


German Women

  • conservative/formal clothes
  • leather jackets
  • full skirts
  • blouses
  • bidices
  • earrings
  • Marc Cain fashion products
  • aprons
  • “dirndls”
  • traditional dresses
  • business dresses
  • formal skirts
  • trouser suits
  • casual/everyday/relaxed clothes
  • gloves
  • hats
  • heavy winter jackets
  • raincoats
  • umbrellas
  • clean-cut style clothes
  • sporty clothes
  • stunning shoes
  • fancy hand bags that match with particular clothes

Puerto Rican Women

  • garments
  • naguas (simple and cotton skirts)
  • paint (for decoration of their bodies)
  • jewelry composed of feathers, bones, rocks, coral, and/or shells
  • umbrellas (for protection from intense sun and rain)
  • traditional costumes
  • gowns
  • bracelets
  • necklaces
  • earrings
  • long and full skirts
  • blouses
  • slacks
  • pants
  • handbags
  • dresses
  • high heels
  • dressy sandals
  • shorts


Puerto Rican Women

German females look stunning with their traditional dresses or costumes. Nonetheless, ladies in Puerto Rico take fashion to the next level with their naguas, unique jewelry, and body painting. They make sure to remain noticed and unforgotten to the opposite sex and the remainder of the world. After all, they perhaps have much competition with their counterparts in popular or mostly visited nations like Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica.

Roselyn Sanchez (Puerto Rican actress) – Bellazon



German Women

  • feminine
  • pretty
  • caring
  • toxic
  • sociable
  • masculine
  • professional
  • usual
  • negative
  • comical
  • aggressive
  • traditional
  • logical
  • lonely
  • shy
  • confident
  • straightforward
  • patient
  • honest
  • sexual
  • glamorous
  • rocky
  • luxurious
  • detail-oriented
  • stylish
  • creative

Puerto Rican Women

  • original
  • old-fashioned
  • hardworking
  • industrious
  • bold
  • optimistic
  • patriotic
  • bilingual
  • welcoming
  • possibly dangerous if they live in big cities
  • exotic
  • feminine
  • sociable
  • laid-back
  • beautiful
  • famous
  • competent
  • frivolous
  • sincere
  • passionate
  • fearless
  • caring
  • responsible
  • passionate
  • unique
  • hospitable
  • faithful
  • reliable
  • sensitive
  • quick-tempered
  • jealous
  • calm
  • romantic
  • religious
  • maternal
  • outgoing
  • physically and socially active
  • fashionable
  • family-oriented


German Women

I would have picked the other group of ladies. But, due to their jealousy and unpredictable behaviors (if they live in dangerous cities in Puerto Rico), I have to choose females in Germany instead. They seem more mature and easier to build relationships. Plus, they can gain more success with their businesses, jobs, or careers because of their lighter skin complexions plus their more seriousness of their personal and professional lives. So, if you want to be with a woman who can help you build or grow your possible business, perhaps travel to Germany in order to meet and bond with her. She may be on cloud nine if you share the same interest(s) with her.

Tiana Pongs (German actress) –

Feelings, Abilities, and Thoughts

German Women

  • probably like drinking beer
  • enjoy dancing
  • possibly believe that their female traits represent weakness
  • love working hard for job or career promotions
  • wish to be with real, mature, and successful men
  • have difficulty with the opposite sex in their country due to its shyness or insecurities
  • want hope, passion, excitement, and leadership from men
  • prefer not to be complimented or told how beautiful they are obviously
  • consider physical contact with unknown men as odd or confusing even though they enjoy it
  • expect or wait for men to start talking to them during dates
  • love smiling
  • think of dates as job interviews due to men asking multiple questions
  • slow to connect with total strangers or acquaintances
  • insistent in spending money on their drinks and food during dates
  • may wear clothes based on their moods, characteristics, etc.
  • love expressing themselves in a fashionable manner

Puerto Rican Women

  • might think or compare themselves to Americans when it comes to tax laws, high-tech equipment, or successful businesses
  • speak Spanish and English which are official languages in their nation
  • can legally live and work in United States without visas
  • enjoy life to the fullest
  • believe in Catholicism
  • also believe in marriage, fortune-telling, and magical rituals
  • enjoy tropical nature, history, religion, etc. culturally
  • love spending their time in dressing elegantly
  • pay less or no attention to time management
  • receive worldwide fame for winning the Miss Universe beauty pageants 5 times
  • enjoy meeting, communicating, shaking hands, kissing, and/or hugging their loved ones
  • use body language during conversations with friends and maybe acquaintances or total strangers
  • prefer to seek the right men on their own
  • may react negatively if they become jealous
  • love to dance nonstop
  • still keep their surnames despite of possible marriages
  • pleased if their ideal American/Western boyfriends or husbands are willing to learn and speak Spanish language
  • enjoy protecting and taking care of children whether they are theirs or not


Puerto Rican Women

If you can prove how secure, mature, responsible, and successful you are, you can easily woo the heart of a German female. Otherwise, build a serious relationship with a Puerto Rican lady instead. She may have less expectations for you than the German woman does. Plus, you can probably relax and have more fun with a Puerto Rican female at a beach and other nice places in her nation as well. If you take the connection with her to the next level, you do not have to worry about applying for a fiance visa or spousal visa. She can freely enter United States or any other first world nation (that you live) and permanently stay in an unmarried relationship with you. I am not sure if you are legally required to apply for 1 of those 2 visas for your potential relationship with a German lady. However, you can go through a smooth process with a Puerto Rican female and enjoy the rest of your single life together in her country or your country.

Puerto Rican dancer at a national Puerto Rican parade –Pinterest


Puerto Rican women are the winners of the 3 categories above. I have explained my best reasons for this fact. Whether you agree with me or not, do online research for yourself and learn additional information about them and their German counterparts. The more details you study about both groups of foreign women may help you find the right woman sooner or later.

It is somewhat difficult to believe that I know small information about German and Puerto Rican ladies.

After all, they are both part of the Americanized or Westernized culture.

But, when it comes to foreigners or minorities, first world countries choose to constantly ignore or reject them regardless of morals, consequences, etc.

As long as this world continues, discrimination against race, nationality, etc. would never go away.

However, fortunately, nonwhite people are getting more justice, respect, support, etc. from society, family and friends, and many others around the world.

I hope that the same thing happens to international or interracial couples as well.

In addition, I hope that you enjoy reading this blog post about another 2 groups of foreign ladies.

If you are interested in other groups plus a possible relationship with a foreign woman, please search for previous blog posts on this website.

You can also contact me on WhatsApp and send me your questions or concerns too.

After all, I run an online dating and video chatting business with my translator and friend (Elizabeth) of 3 years.

Other than that, I wish you well on perhaps finding more happiness in Germany, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, or another foreign country.

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