Thai Women versus Costa Rican Women

In every 3 months, I usually write a blog post that describes females of 2 different cultures. Currently, I am focusing on Thai ladies plus their Costa Rican counterparts (also known as ticas). My reason for comparing both groups is their bubbly personalities. They are full of life and proud of their nations. However, they struggle to find the men of their dreams.

So, if you (American or Westernized man) are frankly interested in building a marital relationship with either a Thai lady or tica, then read the physical and spiritual differences between them below:



Thai Women

Costa Rican Women


Costa Rican Women

Like the rest of Latin America, Costa Rica also has a variety of women. You can mingle with ticas of different races as well as those who are mixed. Even though some get plastic surgery for their noses and other particular body parts, they keep their skin complexions as natural as possible. Most are not as obsessed with their looks as Thai females are. Ticas are proud to be whom God has designed them to be. You would not be disappointed in them.

3 various ticas at a romance tour social –


Thai Women

  • skirts
  • shorts
  • rubber or plastic flat shoes (for excess walking and protection from rain and grime)
  • T-shirts
  • long sleeve shirts
  • summer dresses
  • tops or tank tops
  • leggings
  • 2 piece bathing suit (for beaches)
  • Bohemian dresses
  • sarongs
  • sunglasses
  • sun hats
  • pants
  • sweaters
  • jeans
  • sandals
  • high heels
  • pantyhoses
  • spaghetti straps
  • halters

Costa Rican Women

  • bikinis (for beaches)
  • lipsticks
  • vests
  • T-shirts
  • mini skirts
  • knee length skirts
  • blouses
  • pants
  • golas (long vividly colored skirts)
  • leather sandals
  • aprons
  • exotic flowers (for their braided hairstyles)
  • traditional or national costumes
  • patent leather boots
  • black ribbons (for their necks)
  • gold crosses or other medallion types
  • African turbans
  • carnival-style dresses
  • jeans
  • shorts
  • long skirts
  • sweaters
  • American, European, or Westernized clothing
  • multi-colored skirts that describe national flag
  • choker band necklaces
  • skimpy dresses
  • sexy tops
  • flip flops


Costa Rican Women

This subcategory has been a difficult choice to make. But, I have to go with ticas again because of their sexier clothes. In my opinion, they have better photos on and some other websites than Thai ladies do. If you agree with me, then consider taking a trip to Costa Rica and seeing the beautiful ticas in person. Otherwise, follow your heart and pursue Thais or another group of females you are very drawn.

Vanessa – AFA #153596



Thai Women

  • traditional
  • exotic
  • attractive
  • gentle
  • soft-spoken
  • marriage-minded
  • emotionally balanced
  • affectionate
  • introverted
  • sympathetic
  • open-minded
  • outspoken (if they are provoked)
  • patient
  • persistent
  • (somewhat) religious
  • (somewhat) educated
  • equal or fair to men (when it comes to gender roles/responsibilities)
  • respectful
  • hospitable
  • diligent
  • broke
  • stable
  • supportive
  • very open (to American/Western men)
  • surprising
  • euphemistic
  • positive
  • grateful (especially to their parents)
  • cool
  • calm
  • organized
  • competent
  • harmonious
  • skilled in farming, nature, art, and music (those from northern side of Thailand)
  • professional, independent, and Westernized (those from central side)
  • playful, relaxed, and entrepreneurial (those from eastern side)
  • strong, active, intense, and bold (those from southern side)

Costa Rican Women


Thai Women

Based on their personality traits, I believe that they are easier to connect than ticas are. One good reason is that Thais are always so eager to meet, date, and build platonic, sexual, or serious relationships with American/Western men. Many ticas are a little bored with them because many of those men visit their country frequently. In addition, the women have more wealth than their Thai counterparts do. So, if you desire a woman with a non-Westernized lifestyle, go find her in Thailand instead. You may have zero regrets.

Gift – DC #0662355

Feelings, Abilities, and Thoughts

Thai Women

  • can give great massages
  • enjoy walking
  • can adjust to changes
  • take much time in perfecting their tasks
  • enjoy smiling and reproaching
  • feel uncomfortable if they are considered prostitutes, bar girls, escorts, or strippers
  • willingly fight for their independence, dignity, etc.
  • prioritize family over education, careers, jobs, and so on
  • love to entertain others
  • may wish for marriage in order to live better, safer, and more comfortable lives
  • prefer to be physical with their boyfriends or husbands
  • desire men who share the same characteristics they do
  • have an obsession with white skin complexion
  • refuse to swear or curse in public
  • believe that their heads are cleaner and more important than their feet are
  • love to help or answer questions for tourists
  • expected or pressured to take care of their families regardless
  • privately, peacefully, or respectfully express their feelings or opinions
  • wish to be financially secure
  • love to farm, collaborate with others personally or professionally, and persist in their goals (those from northeastern side)

Costa Rican Women

  • willingly date or marry men with 10 to 25 year age difference
  • look for men who share the same traits
  • have different preferences when it comes to ages, heights, hair colors, etc. of opposite sex
  • wish to be taken seriously instead of being treated as sex objects or subordinates
  • possibly raised or affected by American, European, or Westernized culture
  • strongly believe in Catholicism
  • prefer to stay in their country thanks to their family relatives
  • like to visit natural parks especially on dates
  • raise children on their own
  • maybe prostitute their bodies if they live in Jaco
  • have regular jobs if they live in San Jose (capital)
  • show interest in men who can speak and understand their language (Spanish)
  • come up with clever ways instead of telling ‘no’ to someone
  • love eating rice and beans or drinking coffee with milk
  • enjoy laughing, flirting, and taking things in a comical way
  • love communicating about family, current news, or another topic that relates to their culture
  • enjoy cooking family recipes
  • lose interest in men who show off


Thai Women

I think that they are more ready to be with random men (as long as they have good hearts and intentions) than ticas are. Plus, countless Thai ladies have less access to the opposite sex as well. Local Thai men are not so interested in dating or marrying them. Many American/Western men honestly go to Thailand for sex tourism. Only a small number of men in general builds serious relationships with women. If you want to join those males and prove to the females that you actually care about them, then you may win a lady who wants to forever be with you and bring much peace and happiness in your life.

American or Western man with his Thai bride – FreeThaiDatingSites


I have come up with another tie.

Ticas win the physical category due to their good looks and styles of clothing.

karina ramos
Karina Ramos – “Karina Ramos Miss Costa Rica 2014” Facebook page

Nonetheless, Thais are more successful with the spiritual category when it comes to their personalities, needs, desires, etc.

So, hopefully now you can make a choice of where you want to travel and who you want to pursue. If you are (more) interested in other groups of sexy foreign women, please read my previous blog posts. If not, then get a notebook and pen and prepare to take notes.

Compare Thais with ticas concerning their pros and cons.

Do the same for their cultures too.

Then, you can really learn additional information about them and make easier decisions.

Indeed, millions of beautiful foreign ladies want more American/Western men to know about them personally, culturally, etc. so that the men can feel safe and confident in meeting, dating, and maybe falling in love with them.

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