If You Are Scared to Approach a Woman…

Do you (American or Westernized man) hesitate or regret about not talking, asking out, or connecting with a lady you are interested?

Throughout my life, I have let fear keep me from talking or building normal relationships with others locally. I can relate to many American/Western men who choose to stay single or fantasize about women they are not going to pursue. Writer Jayce O’Neal, Ph.D. from CBN website gives her reasons why the men (including myself) act the way they do.

If you are no different from them and wish to be in the arms of a gorgeous female eventually, then read the following solutions that can help you reach your goal:

Look for positive sign(s) from her.

Unless she is smiling at you, locking eyes with you, or making herself available, it is probably a bad idea to approach her. Truly, most women in United States, Canada, and the Western world are difficult to read, attract, or connect for most men. But, like those men, you can always turn to the women who are physically and emotionally there for the opposite sex. The problem is that the women do not have the good looks or traits that most men seek. If you are not desperate to be with any woman who disgusts you, then stay single and take your time in finding someone who is better.

Davis (Chinese) and Irina (Ukrainian) – Mordinson marriage agency

Take advice from dating/marriage expert(s) or a male friend who is very experienced with females.

Listening or following the footsteps of a person who is happily married or successful in dating is so necessary. You can avoid more mistakes, save much frustration, and even save extra money. You do not have to worry about entering a dark place in your mind. More men are becoming insecure, indifferent, destructive, or hostile to the opposite sex due to their negative experiences or lack thereof. The MGTOW community is a perfect example of this unfortunate reality. So, if you do not wish to justify your possible animosity toward women and be compared to a MGTOW member, surround yourself around positive ladies or guys who always have something good to say about women in general.

Mark Davis of Dream Connections agency – “Internet Dating Conference” YouTube video

Like me, go overseas so that you can access to multiple ladies.

Indeed, you can be yourself 100% if you visit Ukraine, Philippines, Thailand, or any other country with countless approachable women. Attending a group romance tour from A Foreign Affair, Mordinson, or Dream Connections agency would definitely help you meet them all in a single room or building. Whether you are shy or sociable, you would have an assigned translator to support and encourage you to:

  • stay positive
  • smile
  • talk to plenty of women
  • collect enough or more phone numbers from them
  • constantly date until you find a lady who suits your needs, desires, or both

Even if you do not go back abroad for the rest of your life, you would have more confidence around the opposite sex plus a different perspective of everything and everyone in this world.

American/Western man with several Peruvian women – loveme.com

Watch video(s) of a man (or men) who has successfully approached a woman or deals with the same issue you have.

In fact, you can go on YouTube website or app and search for more than enough videos regarding men and women. You might relate to some men who have trouble in talking or building relationships with women. The men usually show their negative experiences or talk about them with their viewers. Even if you are confident and successful with the opposite sex, you can probably still see their point of views. Human connection is not so simple to find or retain in United States or the Western world. The result is that more people in general are lonely, socially withdrawn, suicidal, etc. If you wish to bring (more) happiness in their lives, you can create a blog like I do. Another option is starting your own YouTube channel. The more information you discuss online can help you win and lead more people to the right direction.

shy man communicating with silly women
shy man talking to silly women – YouTube

Wait patiently for God to send you the right lady.

If you are too scared or tired to pursue local female(s) who is just not interested in you, then give up and let the Creator of the universe help you with your love life. After all, He knows who is compatible for you regardless of your personality. He wants you to truly and completely be happy. However, you may have to wait longer than you wish.

Meeting and connecting with foreign ladies may distract or stop you from losing your patience, becoming angry with Him, and jumping into a quick relationship with the wrong woman.

front cover of “…And God Created Woman” – Citizen Chic


As more American/Western females are becoming unapproachable, more of their counterparts in non-Westernized nations are making themselves available to American/Western men.

Males can get more of what they need or desire from foreign females.

Men can stare at the attractive women without being judged or threatened.

Guys can talk or ask out random ladies without being rejected.

Men can date, befriend, or enter marital relationships without dealing with drama, complication, and other problems.

Consequently, men would be able to know who they honestly are and what they frankly want overseas.

Like me, they would have less regrets than the ones who choose to stay at home and follow the crowd.

Beautiful women in Ukraine, Philippines, Costa Rica, etc. are always going to make sure that Men of Action (including me and perhaps you) are welcomed, comfortable, informed, safe, healthy, and happy.

Delcy Maria (Dominican) – Latin Romantic P2330

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