My Review – “I Love Latins” Website

08/15/2021 UPDATE: I have found out that “I Love Latins” website has been updated. Apparently, Sam Smith (from Houston, Texas) and his staff members are scheduling a group romance tour next month. I am so surprised that I have signed up and created an account on the website. If you (American or Western man) wish to join the website and therefore access to its photos, videos, forum, and other information, please click on this link.

If you are interested in attending the group romance tour in Barranquilla, Colombia, please get in contact with Sam and his staff online or probably WhatsApp.

They would be excited to hear from you.


In early 2000’s, he has started I Love Latins dating agency with his wife Consuelo (Colombian). They offer group and individual romance tours to American/Western men who are interested in Colombian women for friendship, dating, and marriage. The newlywed couple hosts the romance tours in her hometown (Barranquilla, Colombia). The reason is that they wish to help bring more American/Western males and Colombian females together as possible.

Just like I have celebrated the 10th anniversary of marriage between Mark and Anna Davis of Dream Connections with a website review, I would do the same for Sam and Consuelo regarding their marriage of almost 20 years. Sam and Consuelo have lost many customers (uninterested American/Western men) a few years ago. Despite of that unfortunate event, they have an ongoing business and solid proof that their international love is stronger than ever.

If you want to know my opinion of their dating website, please read below:


  • romance tours
    • On the “Tours” webpage, you can find details and costs for each type of romance tour.
    • I have bought only an I Love Latins individual romance tour (also known as an 1 on 1 introduction service) for each of the 2 past trips I have gone.
      • Then, I do not have enough money.
      • Today is really no different.
      • Plus, I have to work or go back to school whenever a group romance tour occurs.
      • I honestly have no regrets because of the limited number of lovely females I have dated, unforgettable times I have, and of course my former translator/guide and longtime friend Erika.
    • Regardless of which romance tour you may attend, you would still meet and connect with women whom you have been dreaming since childhood.
  • testimonials from mainly international couples
    • You can find a collection of email messages from happily married couples and singles alike.
      • Indeed, they discuss how much the dating agency has changed their lives.
      • A few of them do share their images and contact information as evidence.
    • I enjoy reading about a Man of Action who attends a romance tour and possibly finds his future wife or girlfriend.
      • In fact, I have written a testimonial concerning my 1st trip to Barranquilla only.
      • Either it is still available and hard to find on the website or it does not exist anymore.
    • Reading more testimonials may help you realize that Colombian ladies are real, sincere, marriage-minded, etc.
      • The more information you learn may inspire you to do something or go somewhere outside your comfort zone.
  • videos
    • Despite that some do not play properly and many of them are small and somewhat blurred to watch, overall they are effective and exciting to watch.
      • You may have access to the same videos on the Facebook page(s) of the international dating business.
    • I am happy that they are not repeated.
      • In the past, I have been watching the same videos on Sam’s separate YouTube channels.
      • Thus, most or all of his channels have been removed.
      • I think that he or someone who is associated with him still has channel(s) that provides several videos though.
    • You would probably become so knowledgeable and encouraged in buying and attending a romance tour after watching videos on his website nonstop.
      • They truly describe the purpose and uniqueness of his dating agency.

2 Dislikes

  • photo gallery
    • The “Photos” webpage(s) includes images that are either:
      • small but clear to see
      • or large and unclear
    • But, go to any of these 3 webpages for finding and downloading better pictures:
    • Obviously, I never get tired of looking at photos of beautiful ladies.
      • For that reason, I continue downloading many of them in my computer and even sharing some on this blog.
    • Not only would you realize how pretty Colombian women are but also you may see how sincere, approachable, and monogamous they are.
  • discontinuing of romance tours
    • Due to a shortage of American/Western men who attend group romance tours, Sam and Consuelo have stopped providing them for about 5 years.
      • But, the romance tour information is still provided on the website though.
    • Originally, I have wanted to go to a group romance tour.
      • Nevertheless, again I have to work, return to school, or earn more money.
      • Going to an individual romance tour twice in a row has been good enough for me.
    • If you and your male relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. are ever interested in meeting, dating, and connecting with Colombian women, email or give Sam a phone call.
      • He may revive both group/individual romance tours for your sake plus upload new videos on the website as well.


The website is one of a kind and worthy of visiting regularly if you are strongly attracted to Colombian ladies.

I also highly recommend Manizales Cupido, A Foreign Affair, and International Introductions websites to you too.

You can learn unlimited information about the female members, culture, etc.

You can perhaps limit the number of females you truly want to meet in person.

Regardless of how attractive they are, communicate and get to know each of them well.

Therefore, you can recognize your potential girlfriend or wife.

If you ever attend a group romance tour from I Love Latins (Click on any link and see the old version of the website.) agency and encounter or invite her to a pool party, you may have the best time of your life.

I Love Latins website
home webpage – I Love Latins (new version)
0yvo8meo--15283VisettV19 (8)
Visett – I Love Latins #15283
9qiq20tr--13967MildrethR24 (24)
Mildreth – I Love Latins #13967
g5rt25qn--14825LindaV18 (5)
Linda – I Love Latins #14825
seswvx3y--YeseniaR19 (2)
Yesenia (woman I have dated) – I Love Latins ???
8ulxq4ki--mas_ 067
unknown lady – I Love Latins photo
krs5e5qm--Sexy Single Latina (4)
another unknown female – I Love Latins photo
9ea2vu0n--14210BleidyQ19 (2)
Bleidy – I Love Latins #14210
unknown woman #3 – I Love Latins photo
ayd51p1g--Latin Marriage Agency (28)
wedding of owners (Consuelo and Sam Smith) – I Love Latins photo gallery
ern21d3w--Marriage Agency (37)
Sam (middle) hugging beautiful ladies – I Love Latins photo

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