My Review – “Manizales Cupido” Website

For 15 years, the “Manizales Cupido” online business has introduced many American/Western men to hundreds of beautiful, available, and maternal women in these 3 Colombian cities:

The website owner is an American male who currently lives there and probably dates different Colombian women. He may choose to remain anonymous. However, he lets me, you (American or Western man), and rest of the world know how much he cares and wants his female members to succeed in finding their potential husbands.

I have known the website for maybe 4 years. It is an exciting and unforgettable source that can encourage you or any other single or divorced men to visit Colombia and meet ladies. To give you more motivation, I provide you the following 2 bullet lists that describe my perspective of the website:


  • apartments
    • You are given 3 options:
      • first class apartments
      • duplex 2 level apartments
      • introductions only
    • The rates for each option range from nightly pay to monthly pay.
    • Regardless of which apartment you choose to stay, you would still receive 8 benefits.
      • Please click on the ‘apartments’ text link in order to read the information about the benefits.
  • profiles of ladies
    • There are not as many profiles as there are on
    • Fortunately, the “Manizales Cupido” website has larger images of single or divorced women than does.
    • If you click on a profile (e.g. 1284) on “Manizales Cupido” website, you would see the personal information, gallery images, etc. of a Colombian lady.
      • If you are interested in her, get in contact the website owner or any of his staff members by:
  • travel information regarding Manizales
  • FAQ
    • The 21 questions and their answers are provided.
    • But, if you have some concerns or questions that are not found on that webpage, please fill out an email form in the “Contact Us” webpage.

2 Dislikes

  • no photos or videos of international couples
    • I guess that they want complete privacy.
    • But, their love stories (described in their own words, images, or videos) can really help:
      • increase the reputation of the international dating business
      • win more customers
      • create more relationships between Colombian females and American/Western males
    • Because many domestic couples are not ashamed or scared of what they say and do in public, most international couples should have the same behavior too.
      • Regardless of my blog and other credible sources, most people still see the negative side of international dating or marriage.
  • no social media links/buttons
    • I however have found an outdated Facebook page that relates to the international dating website.
    • There is an old YouTube video that describes the business too.
    • In my opinion, the “About Us” and “Contact Us” webpages are good replacements (that count for missing social media links/buttons) that can help you connect and know the website owner and his staff well.


I find the “Manizales Cupido” website attractive overall.

The female members (whose profiles are located in the “Women Profiles” webpage) are more attractive.

So, why should you not be drawn to them, the website, and their country (Colombia)?

The website does not have as much information as or “Dream Connections” website does.

But, “Manizales Cupido” website is simple and easy to find what you need.

Plus, it only accepts PayPal so that it can prove its sincerity to you and other potential customers.

Therefore, you should not be disappointed at all.

Step outside your comfort zone.

Join the business, go to paradise, and pursue your potential Colombian wife who is waiting to meet and connect with you.

Manizales Cupido home webpage
“Manizales Cupido” Home webpage – Cupido
single Valentina – Cupido #1218
divorced Melba – Cupido #1068

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