My 6th Video Chat with Viktoria and Elizabeth

I may have been so busy with my online business, crappy job, and plan to go back to college. But, I always make time to communicate with Viktoria regardless. Watching a recent YouTube video of beautiful Anna Davis of “Dream Connections” talking with her romance coaches/translators makes me realize how important human connection is. They show their wisdom and give their great advice to American/Western men who are interested in foreign women. Therefore, I have no choice but to take my international relationship seriously. I can lose Viktoria if I make careless choices or become distracted with other things in my life.

Viktoria and Elizabeth are as busy as I am professionally. The result is that they have to reschedule our 6th Skype chat on Veteran’s Day (Nov. 11) around 4 PM (11 PM where they are). Even though I have been a little disappointed, I have been glad to get extra work done. Then, I can focus more on my next “digital date” with Viktoria.

Here are the following details of our video communication:

Beginning of chat

I see her smile again. We wave to each other onscreen. I can hear the conversation she and Elizabeth are having in the background. I may not understand what they are saying. However, I am happy to have another meaningful conversation with 2 women who want to know me well. I do not get this much attention from even my own family.

6th video chat 1
Viktoria (top) and me (bottom)

Middle of chat

Due to an email message I have received from a New Zealand man who claims that he has dated both Viktoria and Mariana, I thus become curious about Viktoria’s past relationships with other men. I ask Viktoria and Elizabeth about Viktoria’s previous connections. Viktoria responds that she has gone on a few dates with other American/Western men. However, she has not built a deep connection with them as she has with me. It makes me very happy that I am forever changing her life and perspective toward men in general.

Viktoria lets me know that she lives by herself. She does not like being alone or eating without any company. However, I am the opposite because I have always lived with my parents and sister plus I prefer to be alone (especially if I am around people I do not know). What Viktoria and I do share is our joy for walking and visiting a beach or nature park. This proves to me that she would love Virginia as much as I do.

Elizabeth mentions that it is dark in my room. The Skype photo I have placed above confirms her statement. I try to get more light. But, I have no success. At least she and Viktoria can somewhat see and fully hear me though. I write a note for myself so that I buy light bulbs and provide extra light in my room for our next video chat.

Ending of chat

Our communication has lasted for almost 36 minutes. It is honestly not as good as our previous Skype chats have been. But, we are always pleased to talk to each other despite of our busy schedules. I remind Elizabeth that we would have another digital meeting in 3 weeks (which is Dec. 2). I promise her and Viktoria that our next chat is going to be better.


This 6th video chat does seem depressing to me and maybe them.

But, I am still grateful to God that I have a meaningful relationship with them anyway. I do not have much human connection in United States. It is either I am tired or busy with my job, online business, etc. The same thing applies to other people as well. Another reason is that I do not have much in common with most of them.

However, I am willing to learn more things that Viktoria and I share.

I cannot wait for our next Skype meeting next month.

I plan to give Elizabeth extra money via Western Union online so that she can help Viktoria buy winter boots (that she has said on our 5th video chat) and something else for Christmas. I want Viktoria to always feel valued and connected. Whether I marry her or not, I would do my best to keep her in a good place emotionally.

When I have found out that she has become upset when I have not asked her for a 2nd date, I have to reach out to her.

My heart still would not let me abandon her even though I am going to become busier with work/school and even attracted to more women I see.

If you (American or Westernized man) ever go overseas and date a woman like Viktoria, please give her a chance to know you well and the other way around.

I say this because she does not have access to caring, loyal, respectful, etc. men locally.

Sometimes, the right woman may be someone you do not notice at first, show total interest, or expect to have a deep connection.

6th video chat 2
another photo of us
6th video chat 3
3rd photo of our 6th Skype meeting

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