My 5th Video Chat with Viktoria and Elizabeth

Almost a month ago, I have learned about a beautiful and talented American songstress who has been on “American Idol” a couple of years ago. Her name is Tori Kelly. But, her real first name (Victoria) is similar to that of the Ukrainian woman I talk on Skype every month. The difference is that they have the same letters in a name except the 3rd letter (‘c’ or ‘k’). Also, they have different hairstyles.

I realize that both women of different nationalities have something in common.

Here are the similarities:

  • They are in their 20’s.
  • They have blonde hair.
  • They are Caucasian.
  • They almost have similar eyes.
  • They should be models even though they are not.
  • I never get tired of viewing both of their photos.

However, I can stare at Viktoria’s images longer because of my growing relationship with her. Regardless of my busy job, personal situation(s), plan to go back to college, etc., I still think about her plus our possible future together. I continue to make time for her so that she and Elizabeth would not compare or think that I am as selfish as many local Ukrainian men are.

So, I provide you (American or Western man) the information of the 5th Skype chat I have with both Ukrainian ladies 2 weeks ago:

Beginning of chat

On Sun., Oct. 7th at 2:00 PM, we start our digital meeting. They have some problems connecting to the Internet initially. But, at least we can see and talk to each other again. I am happy to see how Viktoria looks as she is with me. She is very impressed with my haircut. I feel the same because I really do not like my last appearance during our previous chat. I want to avoid looking like a creep or monster again. But, if you visit that blog post and like my photos, please let me know in the ‘Comments’ section below.

Viktoria (above) and me (below)
Viktoria making a silly face while I am smiling

Middle of chat

I tell them that I am almost finished with my online business. I cannot wait to promote it, attract countless customers, and make so much money that I can leave my crappy job. Once I am more financially able to pay my student debts totally and return to their country so that I can spend more time with Viktoria, I would be on cloud nine.

Then, we switch our topic to Viktoria’s appearance. Elizabeth asks me particular hairstyle(s) I would like to see Viktoria wearing. I have mentioned about curly (like Tori Kelly) or short hair. When Viktoria pretends to have short hair, I become instantly attracted to her. I guess that I am more drawn to women with short hair than I am with those with long hair. Women with short hair seem to have more sex appeal in my opinion.

Ending of chat

Before the Skype communication is over, I make sure that I take a couple of snapshot photos of me and Viktoria. I like to collect them with other images from previous Skype chats. I may be overwhelmed with work, family, and everything else in my life. But, I do look at photos of gorgeous and model-like Viktoria so that I can be distracted from my unpleasant reality. If you are also facing difficulties in your life personally and professionally, please do the same as well. Life is short and meant to enjoy instead of worrying or dwelling on something you cannot control.

I promise to schedule the next Skype meeting next month. I also guarantee to Elizabeth that I will give Viktoria a Christmas present. I plan to give Elizabeth extra money for our 7th video chat (which will be in December) so that she can help Viktoria buy winter boots (Viktoria has mentioned). After all, they earn low pay even though they work many hours at their jobs.


Tori Kelly is an attractive and inspirational woman to United States and the rest of the world.

Nevertheless, Viktoria has the characteristics that I like in my future girlfriend or wife.

Unlike Tori, I can talk to Viktoria.

I can have physical contact with Viktoria when I return to Ukraine.

I can take my relationship with her to the next level.

So, why should I put more focus on Tori, another celebrity, or another woman whom I have no access than I do with a woman (Viktoria) who obviously makes herself available to me?

What helps me become more interested in Viktoria is the special photos that Elizabeth has sent me via WhatsApp. I truly see Viktoria in a different light. She truly looks like a professional model (despite that she is a makeup artist) because of her nice skin, red lips, etc.

I start to believe that she is out of my league.

But, I would be a fool to let a breathtaking female like her go.

To see what I see in her plus Tori, look at the photos I show you.

Tell me your opinion of both beauties below.

Viktoria 2 Photo from Ernest DeBrew
amazing Viktoria (as my future gf/wife)
sexy Tori Kelly – Just Jared


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