How You Can Successfully Connect with Your Foreign Lady

Regardless of what most people (including my family members) think, I am always excited about international dating. I love seeing an unique relationship between an American/Western man and a foreign woman. That is why I have this one of a kind blog and I continue to write and publish many blog posts. I can keep doing this task(s) for the rest of my life.

When a man returns to his home country (e.g. United States or Australia), he may worry about the survival of his international relationship. His foreign girlfriend may feel the same way too. If he does not return to her country (e.g. Ukraine, Philippines, or Peru) very soon or even let her know when he is returning, she might break up with him and move on with someone else. I fear that this negative event may happen to me if I do not return to Ukraine next year and reunite with Viktoria.

Are you (American or Westernized man) in a long-distance relationship with a female from Sierra Leone, Colombia, or another nation?

If not, do you wish to develop and take it to the next level?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then read the following 6 successful ways:

Take things slowly or normally.

Do not rush and abruptly end your connection with her as most couples do. Also, do not let her pressure or rush you into marriage. Enjoy the current status of your relationship with her as I do with Viktoria. Take care of your situations, responsibilities, etc. at home. Let her do the same with hers where she lives. Life is not a fairy tale. But, you can make your dream life come true by allowing nature to bring you both closer and constantly pursuing her regardless of the barriers.

Communicate with her frequently or occasionally.

How can your relationship grow or survive if you talk to her less? Emailing or texting her is okay. Speaking to her on phone is awesome. However, having a Skype video chat is the best way to connect with her. It makes you believe that you are currently where she is. Even if she does not speak English, you can still bond with her. You can always have a translator available for each digital meeting. I can honestly tell you that I feel more connected to Viktoria than I do with any other woman (including Nadya whom I have thought as my future girlfriend or wife) I have dated.

Be honest with her always.

If you are not interested or ready for marriage or you unexpectedly fall in love with another woman, please let her know. Do not leave her in the dark. Prove that you are really different from the unreliable, unfaithful, uncaring, etc. men in her country. I continue to do the same with Viktoria because I do not want to break her heart and lead her to depression and misandry. Ever since Elizabeth has told me that Viktoria has become upset that I have not asked her for a 2nd date, I make sure that I am careful not to hurt Viktoria’s feelings. If I do marry her someday, I would make her as happy as she makes me. But, if I remain single or let her go, hopefully I can help her find a better man who would respect, marry, stay faithful, tell the truth, and most importantly love her unconditionally.

Be there for her emotionally.

Always empathize or think about her feelings, wishes, etc. Put yourself in her situation. Do not let her deal with her difficulties or problems on her own. Nonetheless, give her space if she needs it. You may feel the same if you are so busy or focused on something (e.g. job, family, or school duties) that requires your full attention. Any relationship including the one you have with her must be equal. It is good for you both to support and be present with each other. But, you both must also have some time apart from each other. Whether both of you are alone or around other people, a little separation lets you both miss and appreciate each other.

Avoid talking, looking, or even thinking about other women.

If you want to keep her happy, healthy, and emotionally secure, focus on her mainly or entirely. Do not bring up your exes and other attractive females in your conversation topics with her. Avoid staring, flirting, or even having a long discussion with unknown women especially in public. Do not be distracted or cheat on her with other women in your mind. If she becomes suspicious or notices that you are not paying her enough attention, she may become upset, angry, and/or even jealous right away. To reassure her that you are serious about her, maybe buy her a promise ring. Clear you mind from other women by speaking to someone in confidence or writing about your true feelings. Hide or throw that sheet of paper in the trash. Therefore, you can move forward to an improved relationship with her.

Make her your top priority.

If you are close to your family as she is with hers, then put your relationship with her in 2nd place. She may accept that because of how much you care about your loved ones. She knows that you would repeat the act for her and the future child or children you share with her. Selflessness would definitely help you woo her heart plus those of her family and friends too.


A foreign woman can bring more happiness in your life than money, materialism, or even your family and friends can. Her good looks can encourage you to pursue her regardless of the cultural, etc. differences. Her personality can bring out the best side in you. As a result, your loved ones and even you would notice a big change in yourself.

She can make you believe or do something you have originally thought that it is impossible to do.

In addition, she can make you see everything and everyone in a totally positive way.

Life is a gift.

She is also another gift from God too.

You are not meant to spend the rest of your life in loneliness or unhappiness with the wrong woman.

Today, Dream Connections, A Foreign Affair, TLC Worldwide, TLC, and other companies that represent or support international dating/marriage have made it easy for you, me, and others to commit or marry those from other countries.

It does not matter what family, friends, and many other clueless people (who have no proof that foreign women are actually mail order brides) think.

Because they choose their actions whether they are right or wrong, we can do the same as well.

We are grown, free, and able to be with whoever we want.

I want to be with Viktoria or another woman like her.

What about you?

Do you wish to fall in love and spend the rest of your life with a woman who comes from a different culture and speaks a different language but has the same feelings you do?

Please give me your answer below.

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