How You Can Successfully Learn a Foreign Language

One good thing about staying in the “Comfort Zone” is being around family members, friends, and other locals you (American or Western man) know well. You speak the same language (English) they do. It does not matter even if you (or they) say some words that are confusing. You can still understand the communication from them anyway and vice versa.

But, what if you grow tired of them, the city you live, or both?

What if you become bored, lost, self-destructive, or depressed at a later age?

What if you want or need something that is missing in your life?

According to Winston Wu of “Happier Abroadwebsite, you can find (more) happiness, peace, comfort, and other positive qualities in foreign countries such as Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, Costa Rica, etc. If you do actually go overseas, you would also meet plenty of foreign women (or foreigners in general) who want to be your friends for life. However, you are going to have difficulty in talking to them.

In order to overcome the language barrier, have deep conversations with attractive foreign ladies (who speak limited or no English), and reduce the services from a translator, here are 5 successful things you can do:

  • Stick with the basics.
    • Do not proceed to the next chapter or level of your German, Russian, or other foreign language book yet.
    • Make sure that you learn and remember simple words of that foreign language 100%.
    • Take notes if necessary.
    • Then, move on to advanced or difficult words to read and study.
  • Talk to foreigner(s) regularly.
    • You can text, chat, email, or even have Skype communication with someone who cannot speak English well or at all.
    • I highly recommend Google Translate if you need to translate your words or those from your foreign friend(s).
    • Law (American) and Alona (Ukrainian) Jackson, an international couple from “Dream Connections” dating agency, are great examples of daily or weekly Skype communication.
      • He has created “movie night” in which he plays a DVD or digital movie while he watches it with her and talks to her about it.
      • Therefore, he has developed feelings and married her.
      • They now live in United States and have 2 children together.
  • Write and organize information from A to Z.
    • Get a notebook and write an outline or table of contents (TOC) for the foreign language (e.g. French or Spanish) you wish to study.
    • Put this information in order:
      • letters
      • numbers
      • questions such as who, what, when, where, how, and why
      • words/verbs based on your 5 senses (sight, smell, hear, touch, and taste)
      • words based on your family members (mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, and so on)
      • things such as sun, cloud, phone, clothes, food, water, and so on
      • other people (e.g. cooks, librarians, friends, neighbors, and so on)
      • other verbs
      • etc.
    • Like myself (concerning my Spanish notebook and this organized blog you are reading), you can save much frustration and easily learn more information about your preferred foreign language.
  • Listen to audio CDs from Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone.
    • If you are an aural learner, please buy discs from any of those 2 popular foreign language brands.
    • Still take notes or even make flashcards for words you do not fully understand.
    • Practice those words frequently before you move forward.
    • Continue recording notes on a notebook or index cards when you study harder words.
  • Just pick a foreign country (e.g. Ukraine or Brazil) and give your love to a foreign woman.
    • Connecting with her is more important than trying to learn her language well.
      • You would understand this fact if you willingly spend time with her at these fun places:
        • bowling alley
        • beach
        • mall
        • farm (for riding horses)
        • roller-skating rink
      • You would care more about being happy, safe, and relaxed than you do with your communication with her.
    • In the “Comfort Zone” (which is where we live), we are always around people who speak the same language (English) we do.
      • Can we truly have better relationships with locals than we do with foreigners?
      • I do not honestly know how you feel.
      • But, I would rather connect with a foreigner who wants to know me well instead of a local American who wants to talk about himself or herself.
      • Another thing that I do not like about people where I live is their encouragement to:
        • smoke
        • drink
        • party
        • get many tattoos
        • gossip
        • lie
        • have unprotected sex
        • and do other negative things
    • Regardless of language barriers, more American/Western men are turning to foreign women for dating or marriage.
      • Those men (including myself and maybe you) want to escape the everyday problems (e.g. loneliness, discrimination, violence, obesity, etc.) they face in United States and the Western world.
      • Some of them end up moving to Thailand, Philippines, Costa Rica, and other countries.
        • Therefore, their foreign wives or girlfriends are ecstatic because they have good men and can stay at their jobs, homes, etc.
    • If you want to read more information about connecting with a foreign woman despite of a language barrier, click on this blog post:

Learning and mastering a foreign language can be difficult to do.

But, it is easy to find the woman of your dreams in a non-Westernized country (e.g. Ukraine or Dominican Republic).

It does not matter if you speak to someone in your language (English). Also, it does not matter if you communicate with a foreigner in his or her language (e.g. Spanish or French). If you do not have a real connection with him/her, you are wasting your time on meaningless conversation. You would be as disappointed as you are with a local person who speaks English but does not like the same things (e.g. fantasy sports and repairing cars) you do.

If you want to live overseas, find a good job, or befriend many foreigners, you would definitely have to spend time (and even spend money) in studying and constantly practicing foreign language(s).

But, if you want to go the easy path, just build a monogamous relationship with a Hungarian, Colombian, or another foreign woman.

Thus, she would always be in your heart.

You would emotionally connect with her more than you do with a foreign friend (who speaks a different language) or local family member (who also speaks English).

You can speak her language and understand her body language and vice versa.

Both of you are inseparable.

No one or nothing can break you apart especially if you get married and have kid(s) together.

Let love, joy, honesty, and other positive qualities guide and keep you in a happy, healthy, and everlasting relationship with her.

Then, both of your different languages, cultures, characteristics, ideas, etc. would mix together and become one huge thing that would inspire many other people.

English words “Thank You” and their translations – Traveling with the TMax
connection between American/Western man and Ukrainian woman –

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