Fighting Over the Same Woman

Watching soap operas such as “Young and the Restless” and “Bold and the Beautiful” makes me think about local dating. Most of the fictional characters from both television shows have been with each other romantically, sexually, or both. Some of them share the same blood or last name. Others even have biological children with their in-laws, step-siblings, or other kin. So, because local dating can lead me, you (American or Western man), or anyone else to possible incest, maybe he should go to another city, state, or country in pursuit of true love. At least he does not have to worry about being with a woman who may be his secret cousin.

The Bachelorette” is another television show that sickens me too (despite that I am happy about Rebecca Kufrin as the new Bachelorette). It is not as incestuous as “Young and the Restless” and “Bold and the Beautiful” are. But, seeing almost 30 different men competing, dating, and swapping spit with the same woman does not help me feel better either. I am thus very grateful to God for international dating. At least everyone is not rebounding or sharing the same partner with each other overseas.

Are you competing with another man for the attention of a “beautiful” local woman?

If not, can you explain why 2 American/Western men would fight, argue, change who they are, or risk everything (they have) in order to be with a woman who is not really worth it?

If you do not know the answer(s), I have mines discussed below:

  • They think that they are never going to find another woman like her.
  • They do not want to end up in loneliness or rejection.
    • They cannot or do not want to move on with their lives without the American/Western woman.
    • They think that she is the main answer to their problems.
    • But, if the men ever go overseas, they would not only find women who would always be there for them but also the men would find much joy, peace, unity, etc.
  • The men lack faith in themselves.
    • If they depend or think that the same woman defines who they are, they are lost.
    • If she also does not believe in herself or see a future with any of them, then she really is going to disappoint both of them.
    • The men can truly find their identities and purposes in life if they are willing to go abroad.
      • Whether they go to Philippines, Colombia, Ethiopia, or anywhere else around the world, they can find everything they have always needed or wanted.
  • They do not know enough or any information about foreign women at all.
    • I would not be surprised if many American/Western men are still unaware of international dating/marriage.
    • But, hopefully those men learn the truth about foreign women, American culture, and everything else sooner or later.
    • Today, there are countless YouTube videos, blog posts, and other online sources that:
      • confirm the honesty of foreign women
      • encourage more men to meet, date, and connect with them
  • The men want to remain in the “Comfort Zone“.
    • I think that fact explains why they do not want to give up on her.
    • Although foreign women are more suitable for them, the men have no interest in them or come up with many excuses for staying home.
    • Because most men choose to stay single or pursue local women who do not really want them (or see them as second choices), the men should not complain if they end up lonely or heartbroken.
    • There is that saying “Everything you truly want is outside the comfort zone”.
      • So, men can decide to:
        • overcome their fears and follow their dreams overseas
        • or stay home and continue living in discomfort, unhappiness, or regret

It is normal and acceptable that 2 American/Western men compete or fight each other for a woman (or vice versa with 2 American/Western women and a man).

Meanwhile, millions of foreign ladies get less or no attention, respect, love, etc. from foreign men in their countries.

I wish that I can help each marriage-minded woman (from Colombia, Slovakia, Thailand, Russia, or another male-dominated country) find the man of her dreams.

She has a good heart.

She has good intentions.

But, she is surrounded by predominantly not-so-good men where she lives.

Thus, she is hoping that a better man from United States or a Westernized country would show up and sweep her off her feet. She wants to be in a monogamous relationship with that Man of Action. She is waiting to be pursued, valued, and loved by him someday.

If only more American/Western men would stop being cowards, stop chasing after local women who are “busy”, undecided, or uninterested in them, and start chasing after foreign women like her, she would be thrilled. Therefore, she and many other foreign ladies do not have to spend the rest of their lives in loneliness or misery with uncaring and unfaithful foreign men.

Fight for a foreign woman who has the qualities you desire in your future girlfriend or wife.

Also fight for her because you do not have to worry about another man standing in your way.

She is definitely worth it.

American/Western men fighting over a local woman –

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