Competing for Attractive Women

When it comes to women (especially those who are gorgeous), I somewhat believe in the “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” quote. Women do behave in ways that tell me that they are from another planet. I may not know how to act or what to say to certain women I like. But, I always have plenty of chances to reconnect with them even if I do something weird or awkward.

Women are not going to another planet because they have been here on earth (same planet I have lived since my birth) for all their lives.

But, if a beautiful woman (or women) moves away, gets a new job, or finds a new boyfriend, I might take serious action(s) so that I can woo her heart.

It is good to watch videos or images of attractive ladies. However, if you (American or Western man) see bombshell(s) at your job, church, grocery store, or any other local place, you may want her more than you do with a woman (or women) you have been repeatedly viewing online. Regardless of your interest in a local pretty woman, you have to worry about her feelings (if they are reciprocated), her baggage, her marital status (if she is married), or mainly your competition with another man (or other men) who wants to be with her.

The following information explains 2 different worlds that give their own versions of competition regarding women you are interested:

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Other Westernized Countries

Because you and other men outnumber American/Western women (including the attractive ones), you may have to compete with other men. It is never easy to get attention or affection from a gorgeous local woman. She may be interested in another men or other men. Another option is that she remains single while she generalizes or compares you to other men negatively. However, if you can win her heart with your unique charm, looks, personality, skills, etc., other men cannot stand in your way anymore. She would be thinking less about other men. Indeed, you have proved to her how different you are.

You (like myself) would often see other men (Most of them are probably single while some others are probably with their girlfriends or wives.) and unattractive women (Most of them are probably single and desperate for men.) in public. Of course, you would get attention from women you are not really interested. But, if you ever see a woman you want to talk or ask on a date, you would probably be disappointed.

What if you lose a chance because she disappears?

What if she ignores or rejects you?

What if she says that she has a boyfriend or husband even though you suspect her of lying?

What if she is with family member(s) or friend(s) who distracts her or blocks your way?

What if she wants to compete with you after dating or being in a relationship with you?

You might give up on this woman. Therefore, you may choose to remain single for the rest of your life unless you encounter another woman who is better.

Because United States and the Westernized world are focusing primarily on the needs, desires, feelings, etc. of women, most women may think that they can say or do whatever they want. They do not have to deal with the negative consequences because the media, society, etc. would perhaps defend them in a heartbeat.

For example, if an attractive woman wants you to commit a crime, are you going to do it so that you can be with her?

Also, (based on my personal experiences) what if an unattractive woman targets or threatens you because you do not want to date, talk, or even look at her?

You would realize that the attractive and unattractive women are not much different from each other. Both of them have lost their minds. If you want to escape from them, other women with serious baggage, angry and outspoken feminists, and the anti-male society, go overseas. Even entering a foreign country once would make your life better.

Ukraine, Colombia, China, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Peru, and Other non-Westernized Countries

You do not have to worry about competition at all. Once you travel to any of these nations and have access to beautiful foreign women, you would have the best time(s) of your life. The majority of foreign women are single; you would most likely not see them with any man at all. Local foreign men may be absent in their lives; if the men are present, they are probably indifferent. Other American/Western men may congratulate or show you happiness if you pursue a foreign woman for a serious relationship or marriage. They would not get in your way because they:

Unlike United States and the Western world, nothing or no one is going to come between you and the woman you are interested. She is all yours if you wish to be with her. There is no greater moment in this world than being in the presence of a beautiful foreign woman.

Competition runs high in dating, employment, etc. in the United States and the Westernized countries.

But, competition declines if you visit a non-Westernized country.

Foreigners and even American/Western travelers would treat you like an equal and important man, friend, and human being.

No one (except for maybe people back at home) is jealous of you overseas. No one wants to discourage or bring you emotional pain. Even if you pick a foreign woman for dating, friendship, or marriage, other foreign women would honestly be happy for you. You would give them hope so that they can be ready for the right men to show up for them sooner or later. Because many foreign women do not care as much about money, pride, materialistic items, greed, and other selfish things as many American/Western women do, foreign women truly deserve ideal boyfriends or husbands as their rewards.

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