8 Obstacles That Can Steal Your Happiness

We are meant or expected to be happy in our lives. We are alive and well. We are not dealing with sickness or pain. We have homes to live and jobs to work and earn money. We have family and friends who care about our well-beings. We have our hands to use and our feet to walk. We can talk clearly; we can think clearly. The list goes on.

But, are we truly and completely satisfied with everything we have?

For myself, I have everything I need. I have this amazing WordPress blog about international dating, foreign women and a web store with Teachers Pay Teachers website. I am waiting for my other online business to start soon. When I make more money (than I am making at my current job) and therefore can pay my entire student loans, donate to different charities, go on awesome trips overseas, and meet foreign women, I would be happy 100%.

If you (American or Westernized man) are satisfied with your life totally, then I say ‘good for you’.

But, if your answer is ‘no’, then what is keeping you from being happy?

In other words, what is missing in your life honestly?

In order to win something or someone, you have to overcome obstacles.

Obstacles are like bullies who never go away or keep coming back to intimidate or threaten you. You have to stand up or even push them out of the way. Then, they are under you because of your persistence.

If you want to travel to a foreign country (e.g. Ukraine) and date lovely women (like I have 3 times), prepare for these 8 possible obstacles to come in your way and give you discouragement:

  • your family
    • Your mother, father, or both of them (especially) may make you feel upset, crazy, or guilty of dating internationally.
      • If they never have gone overseas, then do not follow them.
        • If you listen to them and end up remaining single or being in a miserable relationship with a local American woman, you may resent your parent(s).
        • As I have done with mines, have a sincere talk with your parent(s).
          • Tell them what you want to do, where you want to go, and who you want to meet.
            • You have a right because you are a legal adult.
  • your friends
    • They may joke or ridicule:
      • you
      • the country you want to visit
      • the foreign women you want to date
      • all of the above
    • They also may tell you rumors or lies about the foreign country and foreign women you are interested.
    • If you believe them, you are blind to the truth.
    • If you choose to ignore them and follow your heart anyway, you would meet new friends (who would treat you better) in that foreign country.
  • society
    • People you do not know may gossip or consider you strange and inappropriate for going overseas and dating foreign women.
    • Like family and friends, strangers may wonder and ask you why you cannot find a good woman locally.
      • Either these people are ignorant or do not care about the fact that local dating is bad.
      • I have watched and heard about this on “90 Day Fiance” TV series.
    • Once you go overseas, you would realize the differences when you interact with strangers.
      • They would not isolate or treat you like an outcast as the people in your country do.
      • That fact is the reason why I feel more at home in a foreign country (e.g. Colombia) than I do at my own home (which is in United States).
  • money
    • If you regularly buy food, drinks, and other items, you may not have enough money to save for your trip outside your country.
    • If you have to buy a cheap item (e.g. Ramen noodles) and open a new bank account for intentionally saving money, then you must do so.
      • It is what I am currently doing for my second trip to Santiago, Dominican Republic.
  • your job
    • Do you have to wait a year or so for your trip?
      • I have to wait 6 -7 months for mines.
        • I have started my current job in January 2017.
    • While you have to wait, you can plan and figure out everything you need and want for your trip.
    • But, what if you quit or get fired?
      • Then, immediately get another job so that you can continue earning and saving money for your trip.
    • If you create your own job by building a successful business, you can probably go overseas whenever you want.
  • your health
    • What if you bleed or become sick before or during your trip?
    • What if you have a car accident or fall?
    • If you experience a health problem, take medication if needed.
      • Another option is going to a local hospital.
    • If you are meeting someone at the airport of the foreign country you are visiting, let him or her know about your health problem.
    • If you can talk to family/friends about your health problem without worrying if they are going to stop you from going on your trip, please do so.
    • In the 2007 movie “The Bucket List“, Jack Nicholson’s character refuses to let his poor health condition keep from going abroad and enjoying the rest of his life.
      • As a result, he writes a list of duties and encourages Morgan Freeman’s character to join him on the unforgettable trip.
  • fear
    • Are you scared to get on an airplane?
    • Are you scared to go overseas?
    • Are you scared to meet beautiful foreign women?
    • If you let fear(s) cause you to cancel your trip, you may regret it for the rest of your life.
    • But, if you overcome your fear(s), you would receive these positive results:
      • bravery
      • confidence
      • experience with beautiful women
      • long-lasting and meaningful relationships
      • ability to inspire other people
  • yourself
    • There is that saying “You are your worst enemy“.
    • Do you give yourself limits?
    • What are your weaknesses?
    • Do you listen to your mind instead of your heart?
    • If you do any of these things above, you are not really going to have a good trip abroad.
    • If you want a better trip, make yourself better.
    • Follow your heart which leads you to the path of righteousness, freedom, and joy.

Your happiness can be a thing (e.g. car), person (e.g. girlfriend or wife), or event (e.g. party). But, as always, you (like myself) are going to face obstacle(s).

Defend yourself.

Do not let anyone or anything block you from what or who can improve your life.

Are your family and friends going to help you find the right woman if you do not go on your trip overseas?

If not, then go after what/who truly makes you happy.

You are an adult who can legally do whatever you want, go wherever you want, and be with whoever you want.

If your choice (or choices) alienates or turns your loved ones against you, then so be it.

“Go get your girl” says Bud Patterson from A Foreign Affair dating website.

Enjoy the rest of your life with her.

sad and lonely man – Phone My Friend (source)


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