If You Are Scared to Go Overseas…

It is normal to be scared of heights, rats, death, bears, snakes, or public speaking. But, if you are afraid of cheese, books, or even being alone, you should seek help from a therapist, friend, or a loved one. Do not escalate or let this irrational fear grow into something you are unable to control.

For the sake of lonely women in Ukraine, China, Colombia, Philippines, etc., please do not succumb to fear of them. Truthfully, they are beautiful inside and out. They have more good qualities than most women in the States do. I know because I have gone overseas (Colombia twice and Dominican Republic once) three times. I have met, dated, and befriended awesome foreign women who have not only helped me reduce my shyness but also have changed my life forever. I am not the same person anymore. You (American or Western man) can do the same as well. But, you have 2 choices:

  • Go overseas anyway.
    • You would eliminate both of these possible fears:
    • You would learn a different culture, eat tastier and healthier food, meet friends for life (like I have with Erika), etc.
    • You become more confident and experienced after dating and knowing foreign women personally.
    • You can build an exciting and unique relationship with a woman.
    • You may be sad that you have to return home.
      • But, you would be happy about going back abroad and reuniting with your possible girlfriend.
      • You would be a different person your family, friends, and others may not recognize.
      • If possible, you can extend the duration of your trip so that you can spend more time with your foreign lady (or ladies).
  • Stay home.
    • Your fear(s) may become worse.
      • Anna Davis of “Dream Connections” confirms this possibility in a recent YouTube video.
    • You are going to miss out lovely women overseas.
      • Also, you would never get a chance to meet other American/Western men (who are interested in international dating/marriage) who may become your friends for life.
      • You would never experience amazing places worth visiting and taking pictures too.
        • Maybe that explains why most people around the world are unhappy.
    • You would choose between 2 decisions:
      • Remain single and desperate (for a woman) for the rest of your life.
      • Be with a local American or Western woman who really does not appreciate or care about your happiness.
        • If there are enough American/Western women who are as beautiful inside and out as foreign women are, where can you or any other man find these American/Western women?
    • You may have regrets later in your life.
    • How can you or anyone else stay sane in a country (United States) where music, television, society, politics, dating, etc. are screwed up or upside down?
      • I know that I cannot.
      • Going to a foreign country or even somewhere (e.g. Las Vegas) similar in America is my way to escape from the ongoing drama, foolishness, frustrations, narcissism, or other issues I deal at work, home, or both places.

Do you want to stay in your comfort zone and face loneliness, depression, pretense, or little respect (or none) from a local woman? Or do you want to be in a truly genuine and happy relationship with a foreign woman? If you choose to date, befriend, or marry a foreign woman, you would have no regrets. You would not be sent back to the old life you have been living. You become a new person with new purpose(s). Believe what I say because of my personal experiences overseas. She can take away your fear(s), anger, depression, frustrations, loneliness, or other signs of negativity. She would give you control and respect because you are a man. She would not bring you down or leave you abandoned, humiliated, and disappointed. She is not perfect; she does have flaws, insecurities, or weaknesses like you do. Therefore, she is as human as you are. Get rid of both of your problems together. Spend and enjoy the rest of your life with her. You deserve happiness.

man with aviophobia – USA Today (source)


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