My Review – “Love Translated” Documentary

The 2010 documentary “Love Translated” focuses on American, Canadian, and European men turning to Ukrainian women for dating, friendship, love, and possible marriage in a 10-day trip period. The movie lasts for a hour and 24 minutes. Director and editor Julia Ivanova has collaborated with producer Boris Ivanov and other passionate workers in order to make the movie great and prominent to the world. They have based it on a popular international dating website called “AnastasiaDate“.

I cannot compare the documentary to “Love Me“. Therefore, this review is going to be different. I have not felt sad, angry, or happy after watching “Love Translated“. Truly, I have felt indifferent or detached from the movie. My mood however has been better at the beginning of the movie though. I am glad to watch another movie about international dating. I want to see most or all men seriously dating or marrying Ukrainian women. But, I have read that only one international couple has remained together. The documentary somewhat discourages those (including myself) who believe in international dating/marriage; but, the documentary credits those who think that everyone should be with a person of the same nationality, race, culture, etc. Although I want to see more international couples, I believe that the rise of international dating/marriage would grow for years to come.

Despite that I have lacked emotion about the documentary, I do have some likes and dislikes. I explain them below:


  • American/Western guys traveling to Ukraine
    • They are tired of being lonely or dealing with bitter ex-wives.
      • If they have to travel around the world for a woman (or women) to appreciate and love them, then they shall do so.
    • They need to escape their mediocre lives anyway.
      • Like them, we all need to vacation somewhere we can relax, enjoy, feel better, love, etc.
  • beautiful Ukrainian ladies showing fashion
    • Some of them dress to kill.
      • I do not see many American women wearing pumps, high heels, dresses, or even swimsuits/bikinis.
      • Why would American/Western men not fall in love with women they do not see at their homes?
  • sexy Ukrainian models
    • I enjoy watching them walking and posing half-nude on the runway.
    • I also like that the men have a chance to see them in person and even have a chance to meet/date them.
      • To see and spend romantic time with a gorgeous model is surreal for a guy (with limited experience with women) like me.


  • AnastasiaDate website failing to provide romance tours or 1-on-1 introductions
    • Compared to most dating websites (except Dream Connections, (A Foreign Affair), and Latin Affairs), they all care about emailing, chatting, rating photos, sending winks, and doing other garbage online.
      • In my belief, most men are spending more, money, etc. on online dating websites than they do with actually dating women.
        • It is the other way around with women too.
    • If a dating website does not help or encourage real human connection between a man and a woman, it is considered bad.
  • Asian-American guy failing to find the right woman
    • At the end of the documentary, he still views profiles/images of Ukrainian women on AnastasiaDate website.
    • I have thought that he and a Ukrainian model would hook up.
    • I hope that he has found and married his princess today.
  • 2 Ukrainian men showing ignorance and negativity
    • I do not like that they have mocked and judged Ukrainian women as a whole.
      • But, I would not be surprised if they have been drinking or taking drugs during their speech.
      • Meanwhile, others including Ukrainian women may be judging the men for their behavior as well.
    • What would they say about Ukrainian women who are currently and happily married to American/Western men?

I wish that the documentary has been better. Another option is doing a sequel with a better result (e.g. more international couples). I am not happy that most American/Western men have not found true love abroad on their 10-day trips. But, I hope that they have returned to Ukraine or another foreign country and give foreign women another chance. They, as well as other men (including myself), should not give up on international dating because their trips have gone south. There are so many foreign women looking for good men than there are American/Western women looking for good men. If international dating/marriage does grow, I would know that my blog has made a positive difference in the world. Foreign women deserve love and happiness and so does American/Western men too.

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