Fear of the Unknown

Are you (American or Westernized man) afraid to get on an airplane?

Are you scared of entering a foreign country?

Do you have xenophobia or a strong fear of foreigners (including foreign ladies)?

Are you scared that you are going to be alone or rejected for the rest of your life?

Are you shy or scared to talk to people you do not know?

If so, you are not alone. I have less social skills too. However, going to Colombia and Dominican Republic has changed my life forever. Even though I am still introverted, I would open up to anyone if necessary. I am no longer bothered when other people:

  • give me strange looks
  • talk about me in a negative or condescending way
  • ignore or treat me as an outcast
  • walk away or talk over me (like I am naive)

What about you?

If your fear of the unknown is keeping you from going overseas and finding the woman of your dreams, here are 4 solutions for you:

  • Turn to the Lord God.
    • This is the best way to overcome your phobia.
    • Be scared of Him instead of fearing what He has created.
    • He is in full control of everything including your life.
      • If He directs you to another country in pursuit of your future girlfriend or wife, He would keep you safe.
      • He has done the same with me during my 3 trips in Latin America.
    • I highly recommend you to visit this Christian blog for encouragement:
  • Talk to an experienced person.
    • Find someone who:
      • has gone overseas 2 or more times
      • is happily committed or married to a foreigner
      • or knows enough about international dating through a close friend or relative
    • Hopefully, he or she would give you enough facts in order to lead you where you truly want to be.
  • Text or write your problems and feelings on a physical notebook.
    • Just record them whether they are positive or negative.
    • Take a break so that you can clear your mind.
      • This is a lesson I have learned in college.
    • Later review your problems/feelings and then come up with solutions.
    • There is always an answer to every problem you face.
    • Do not let fear, anger, sadness, or anything else negative:
      • take over your life
      • stop you from having a healthy and positive relationship with a good woman
  • Accept yourself regardless.
    • Your flaws and issues make you the man you are.
    • Do not listen to your family and friends unless they are honestly right or helpful to you.
    • Continue following your heart until you physically meet her.
      • Do not let her go unless you have a good reason.
      • Please consider dating other foreign ladies if your relationship with her ends.
        • Most American/Western men would give up on international dating after having unsuccessful dates or relationships with foreign women.
        • There are still millions of foreign women who want to date or marry good men.

Let your fear of the unknown be known.

Do not hide or keep it inside your mind any longer.

Fear, just like any other problem, is temporary. It is supposed to disappear. But, if you ignore or keep thinking about it, it is going to grow.

If you cannot find someone to trust, give your fear to God completely.

Ask Him for the courage to face the unknown no matter where you go.

Also ask Him to protect you if you ever get on an airplane and fly to your foreign destination.

Persistently search and connect with your potential lady with possible support from a translator.

Finally, like me, you would no longer feel scared and lonely (whether you are overseas or home).

man dealing with fear of the unknown – LinkedIn


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