Why Do You Need to Be Alone Sometimes?

Like myself, you (American or Westernized man) are human as well.

It is your destiny, wish, or need to connect with others. Then, you face these 5 positive results:

  • stability
  • communication
  • sympathy
  • acceptance
  • respect

However, spending too much time with other people (including your relatives and friends) can take away your:

If you want to regain any of those 3 traits, give yourself space from others temporarily or permanently. Spend more time with yourself. Do some soul searching at a local beach, nature park, or even store parking lot because of these 5 good reasons:

  • to know yourself well
    • Can you see yourself as a good husband or boyfriend to a foreign woman?
    • Also, can you see yourself as a possible stepfather or father of the kid(s) you share with her?
    • Like myself, you would be able to see yourself taking more active roles and doing more things that would benefit other people.
  • to clear your mind
    • If necessary, close your eyes and pretend that you are in paradise.
    • Enjoying nature by walking and looking at the sky, trees, and everything else can improve your emotions and thoughts.
    • If something or someone is (still) bothering you emotionally or mentally, talk to God or even yourself.
      • It is better to let go of your negative feelings than keeping them inside you.
      • If you need human connection, find someone who is trustworthy and respectful to your feelings.
  • to make rational decisions
    • How can you think, write, speak, or do anything else logically if you are around people who:
      • talk too much?
      • act so foolish?
      • think that they know everything?
    • Being alone would lead you to the whole truth about yourself, your relationships with other people, and everything else.
    • Therefore, you would be more willing or able to do something incredible, productive, and motivational to many people.
  • to get away from people in general
    • Unfortunately, most of them are:
    • Keep some distance from them so that you can have some peace in your life.
    • According to Winston Wu of “Happier Abroad” website, you can find more peace, joy, etc. overseas.
      • If you fall in love and develop a monogamous relationship with a foreign woman, it would not honestly matter where you both are.
      • Whether you are in her country or she is in yours, both of you are content and secure with each other.
  • to focus on what or who you really want in your life
    • Ask yourself (in solitude) about the things you wish to do.
    • Other questions to ask yourself are:
      • Who are my true friends?
      • Who is making me unhappy?
      • Who should I cut ties or stay away?
      • Is my future girlfriend or wife truly in a foreign country?
      • If so, should I go and find her?
      • What if I do not meet her on my first trip?
      • Should I give up and be with a local American/Western woman instead?
      • Would I regret my decision later in my life?
    • When you have no distraction or influence from anyone or anything, you can really choose how to live your life.
      • If you need to write or text on your mobile phone regarding your life plan, please do so.
      • Show your message to other people so that they can understand you more.

Although many people think that loneliness is a curse, you should see it as a blessing and relief from them.

They can drive you nuts. They can make you feel lower than you already do. They can make you feel incapable despite that you are capable of doing something. They can cause you to lose everything. They can discourage you so much that you would probably go nowhere special or do nothing remarkable. They can become your worst nightmares if you let them:

If you do not like being alone, dealing with unreasonable people would change your mind. You would be glad to have time for yourself like I do. Then, you can transform your life in a positive way.

You would become a happy man.

You start doing positive things for yourself and others.

You become a real Man of Action if you persistently find your future girlfriend or wife abroad.

You can inspire other single and lonely men (and even some American/Western women with the same qualities) to do the same.

Then, you do not have to worry about being alone or surrounded by negative people again.

You are at an eternally good place thanks to your positive relationship with a foreign woman.

quote about soul searching – Pinterest


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