The Moldness of Society

Paul the Apostle has spoken a piece of his mind after dealing with negative and small-minded people during his time. Thanks to him, you (American or Western man) and I can forever remember a Biblical verse on the 12th chapter of Romans. Well-known Biblical characters who have faced ongoing issues with others are:

  • Noah – ridiculed for building the ark during a drought
  • David – almost killed by Saul, overlooked by his family members, and judged due to his appearance
  • Daniel – targeted for being different and godly and pressured to be like everyone else

Indeed, I do not read the Holy Bible that often. I however learn much about it from American televangelist Joel Osteen. His YouTube videos are so simple, inspirational, and life-changing. Like me, you would have a different and better perspective toward humankind and the world that we live.

Society can be challenging to connect or have a normal conversation in United States or the Western world. I say this due to my past experiences. Being shy or quiet and having a different personality have helped me win plenty of so-called friends during grade school. I have dealt with a few bullies and many people who would just ignore me or care less what I say. The same problems have occurred when I have entered adulthood and worked at different jobs too. Add a little racial discrimination to those problems and you may fully understand why I stay to myself or focus on the people (e.g. my family and my Ukrainian friend and translator (Elizabeth)) who matter and accept me as I am.

Regardless of how society perceives me or treats me, I still choose to be whom God has specifically made me to be. I cannot change how I look, what race I am, or where I come biologically. Also, I cannot change how I feel or what I believe. So, numerous people are just going to have to deal with me as I am and vice versa. The same thing applies to them with one another as well. The truth overrides the opinions of society because of negativity, lies, crimes, etc. God allows the facts to speak for themselves through evidence so that I can stay focused on Him, remain positive, and reach my true purpose in this world.

When it comes to emotional, financial, etc. support and other human needs, it is good to be surrounded by others. You may feel complete and satisfied on the inside. But, just as they can give you what you need, they can also steal what you have too. Many people have lost their money, property, businesses, and even lives. Others have done the same due to their ignorance or lack of information about something (e.g. a specific company) or someone (e.g. a charismatic and too good to be true public figure). Thus, if you wish to avoid making the same mistakes that other individuals have made or going to the wrong direction, please:

  • spend alone time with God by talking and asking Him what you want or need
  • have some time for yourself for clearing your mind, developing new or better ideas
  • find someone whom you can trust concerning your secrets, dreams, etc.
  • wait for God to send you the right people to encourage and send you to your fate


Paul the Apostle still confirms today how arrogant, small-minded, and manipulative many people can be when it comes to what they want or expect. Even though he is dead, his words in the Bible continue to live eternally. For that reason, we can resist ongoing temptation and pressure by coworkers, friends, neighbors, family members, acquaintances, and total strangers who remind us of someone we do not want to be.

I remember watching a classic “Twilight Zone” episode in which a teenage girl has been constantly pressured to get plastic surgery and look exactly like her mother, friend, and every other woman. At the end of the episode, she has been forced to become a clone or physical copy of other women. I have become instantly provoked as a result. I am more thankful to God that I do not look, think, and behave like anyone else. I am also glad that I do not have a twin brother as well.

Society has its own wishes, needs, and expectations.

It really does not care about ours.

So, we have to keep fighting it so that we can fulfill ours.

Ignoring what many people (including those whom we have close relationships) say, think, or do against us would guide us to the:

I want to experience those extraordinary things.

What about you?

Go after your true purpose.

Make the Lord very proud of whom He wants you to become.

Let society remain mold.

Let yourself become a priceless gold in the eyes of God and those who honor you.

man being targeted by coworkers – CNN Health

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