My Perspective on “Joel Osteen” YouTube Channel

If you (American or Westernized man) constantly face obstacles or problems (such as shortage of money, low self-esteem, criticism or discouragement from others), you can always watch inspirational videos from “Joel Osteen” YouTube channel. Like me, you can truly get the answers you need from them. Maybe you would be encouraged to go overseas and find the woman of your dreams as I have.

Joel Osteen is a famous pastor, writer, and televangelist. He is happily married to his wife (Victoria) of 32 years. They share 2 children together. They all have changed many human lives around the world with their ongoing optimism, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and obedience to the Holy Bible.

If you wish to know additional information about Joel and his family, please read my likes and dislikes of their YouTube channel below:


special videos featuring Kanye West

I have become surprised to see Joel and Kanye together for a cordial public speech. Kanye and his family have supposedly turned their lives to Christ. Kanye’s new album (“Jesus Is King“) is solid proof that he is devoted to Him and done with profanity, materialistic items, and even ego. The special “Jesus Is King” church service plus Kanye’s choir are big pluses. So, if you are done with negativity and wish to follow God as Kanye has, go after what (e.g. a business or job promotion) or who (e.g. a gorgeous wife or girlfriend) is deeply within your heart. God can fulfill or exceed your expectations while you or no one else can do the same.

Joel’s weekly videos

I am a little addicted to them because of their interesting titles. My favorite videos are “Your Father’s World“, “Your Words Become Your Reality“, and “Believing When You Are Not Seeing“. Joel constantly speaks clear words concerning everyday difficulties that we face. He discusses Biblical verses, characters, experiences, etc. in order to get more viewers on the same page. Therefore, if you want to get more inspiration or answers to your problems at home, work, or elsewhere, watch his videos regularly or a few times per month. Like me, you would become more optimistic and motivated to bring your unique ideas or wishes to life.

“En Espanol” videos

Although I cannot speak, read, or write Spanish well, I enjoy viewing the Spanish titles on the videos. I also like that Joel, his family, and the Lakewood church community are so considerate to people who speak different languages. This world would thus become happier, safer, and more positive. More human beings would think smarter thoughts, make better decisions, and depend on God for everything they need and want. No language barrier, race, obstacle, or problem can overcome or stop Him from blessing your life and mines. We are meant to be happy with whatever or whoever is right for our souls.

2 Dislikes

Victoria’s weekly videos

Her videos may not be as entertaining as those of her husband (Joel) are. However, her videos are life-changing and based on the Scripture. I can honestly learn how to improve my life after hearing her encouraging words. She may be beautiful inside and out. But, she is a woman I highly respect and see as a big influence for the female population worldwide. Perhaps you are interested in dating or marrying a lady with the same characteristics that Victoria has. If you travel to a country like Ukraine or Philippines, you would have plenty of success.

Joel’s jokes

I do not find the majority of his jokes laughable. But, at least they are appropriate and rational. Joel probably tells each of them so that he can put the audience in a better mood. Then, when he switches to a serious topic, viewers would be able to focus and receive his message. I can do the same despite that I can rewind, fast-forward, or pause each video. You can follow my footsteps as well as taking notes and coming up with original ideas for your possible business, blog, or project. According to Joel, the world needs extra people with seeds of greatness like me and you. The result is that we can fearlessly show our hidden talents and become role models to those who wish to follow their hearts and care less what others say or think.


The YouTube channel is an excellent source and guide to everyone. Whether he or she is enjoying life or facing ongoing problems such as depression, boredom, mediocrity, etc., he or she can get necessary information that is going to benefit his or her life. The same thing applies to me and you too.

Both Joel and his wife Victoria are remarkable to singles and other couples alike.

They really help me understand how the Bible relates to us today, how God operates, and why we experience particular things in our lives.

Without the televangelist couple, I would probably feel so discouraged and lost.

It is very easy to have a negative mindset because our society, media, government, and everything else are mainly negative.

Regardless, we must realize that God is still positive and powerful.

He is in control of everything and everyone.

He makes things better or easier for us.

He would give us whatever we need and want according to His will.

He has done the same for the Osteen family, Kardashian-West family, and others.

I believe that He will bless me with a better job, extra money for my bills, and a future with Viktoria or Valeria.

If you truly want something plus the right woman to enter your life, please do what He requires you to do.

You would eventually be in a better place than those who ignore Him and do whatever they want are.

Joel Osteen YouTube channel
YouTube channel

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