Emotions of International Dating

No matter who we are, what we believe, what we do, or where we are, we cannot escape from how we feel.

We can temporarily escape from where we live regarding our mediocre lives, loneliness, and local dating.

However, we can expect these 7 sequential emotions to follow us or emerge during our trips abroad:


Many men in United States, Canada, Australia, and other Westernized countries are becoming interested in Ukrainian, Philippine, Colombian, etc. women after viewing photos, watching YouTube videos, and reading or hearing words from international dating experts, expats, and travelers alike. But, only a small number of those males actually goes overseas and meets the females in person. I am very proud to be in that group because of the new experiences I face plus new relationships I develop. If you follow the footsteps of mines and those of other Men of Action, you would indeed learn additional information about yourself, beautiful foreign ladies, etc. abroad and even when you return home. You would also be more inspired to do something unusual or extraordinary like I am with this blog.


Packing suitcase(s) and preparing to go to the airport can honestly increase the fear of a man who wants to travel to another country. I confess that I have little doubt before going to Colombia for the first time. I have somewhat thought about staying home, working extra days at Water Country USA (my job then), and pleasing my family. However, my heart has told me to overcome fear, get on separate airplanes, and take the journey to South America anyway. I am so glad that I have listened thanks to these positive results:

Fear does not describe who I am or who you are. It is something that exists in the human mind for a short time. Therefore, do not let it control your life or stop you from pursuing your dreams. Have zero regrets in your later life by possibly exploring another culture, giving hope to some foreign ladies you might date, and seeking your potential girlfriend or wife.


Like any Man of Action, I cannot stop or hide my enthusiasm once I enter a foreign country. Having access to many pretty ladies is a big plus. Based on my personal experiences in Odessa, Ukraine, Santiago, Dominican Republic, or Barranquilla, Colombia, I can reassure you that being next to women who dress to impress is way better than looking at their online photos and videos is. You are definitely not going to get as much satisfaction at home as you do on your possible trip abroad. So, allow yourself to become happier by:


I have really gone through this emotion in Odessa. Learning that some ladies (including Viktoria and Valeria) have to cancel, postpone, or end their dates with me early for their busy jobs, families, etc. makes me have more respect for them. Whether I am there or in my home country (United States), I still have to deal with the real world. Everything is not about me or what I want. Like me, you have to accept:

  • what happens whether it is good or bad
  • who people are whether you like them or not
  • what you receive whether you want it or not

Our health, family members, and jobs are good examples. Thus, we must be grateful to God so that He can bless us with something better. I already believe that He is going to improve my life, give me a better job with a bigger salary, and send me the right woman (whether she is Viktoria, Valeria, or someone else). If you agree with me, He would do the same for you too.


Whoever has said that the truth can set us free deserves more credit than what he or she has received. Exploring Ukrainian, Dominican, and Colombian cultures and spending time with different women individually have guided me to the right direction. I am now and forever sure that I can find a lady who loves and wants to be with me. She may not exist where I live. But, I can have tremendous success in locating her abroad. You should have the same positive mindset I have as well. Do not let obstacles discourage or take away who or what is in your heart. Your life is short and precious. Your potential wife or girlfriend is waiting to meet you. Therefore, go after her so that both of you can defeat loneliness, disappointment, and other negative emotions together.


Frankly, a man is capable of learning who he is by taking a vacation overseas. Even though he is going to meet, talk, and bond with beautiful foreign females, he may consider them as friends for life. I feel the same way toward Elizabeth, Viktoria, Erika, Valeria, Desideria, and even others whom I no longer stay in contact. They give me inner strength whenever I feel weak. They bring out the best in me while I am around those who bring out the worst in me. They respect my choices despite that my family, coworkers, and other locals try to manipulate or encourage me to do theirs instead. I would not emotionally be who I am and where I am today if I have never gone to those 3 nations at all. Connecting with foreigners can really:

  • decrease your loneliness
  • take you to a better or higher place
  • help you see the positive side of everything and everyone

If you stop caring what others say or think and follow your heart to a foreign land that produces incredible ladies, you can become the person you have always imagined.


It is normal that a man is afraid of entering another country for the first time. Nonetheless, he may become scared or sad on his last day there. The thought of leaving a heavenly city like Odessa or Barranquilla and returning to a mediocre city like Henderson or Williamsburg makes me wish to extend my trip abroad or move there indefinitely. Attracting many customers and earning extra money through my online business can help me accomplish my desire. I may have to wait a couple of months or years though. The only thing I can do currently is to save enough money for my third vacation in Odessa. If I can go back there during fall season of next year, I would be delighted. Otherwise, I have to:

  • postpone my trip
  • inform Elizabeth that I can return there in 2021
  • let Viktoria and Valeria move on if they do not want to wait for me anymore
  • meet/date and focus on someone else whom Elizabeth knows or befriends

Whether you find the right lady on your overseas trip or not, do not give up on her. Plan another vacation in advance so that you can have less problems plus pay more attention to her. Also, pick to spend time with other women (who would keep you from getting bored and feeling lonesome in their culture) just in case she is unavailable or busy with her job, family, etc. As a result, you would stay in the same positive mood as you are before your trip begins.


If you really want to enjoy your foreign trip (regardless of your experiences) and dates with beautiful women who think, speak, and behave differently, you must undergo the 7 emotions that I have described. They can guide your mind to:

  • joy
  • peace
  • self-acceptance
  • honesty
  • so on

You are not going to be the same person again when you return home.

Expect your family, friends, and other locals to remain the same regarding their actions, words, and thoughts though.

They may become surprised once they learn about your vacation and especially see photos/videos that you have taken there.

But, expect most of them to revert to their old ways sooner or later.

You may not join them thanks to the experiences and memories you have created abroad.

Your emotions are not going to allow you to go back to mediocrity, ignorance, laziness, etc.

You would be motivated to follow your heart repeatedly until you get what or who you want.

This is beneficial to you and your future wife or girlfriend.

Both of you can go through an emotional journey together plus encourage many skeptical singles to constantly deal with their emotions and undoubtedly find international love.

confident and mature woman from Ethiopia – Kemis D
cheerful and hopeful Gerelle (Philippines) – AFA #149911
hospitable and curious Colombian female – My Colombian Wife

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