5 Facts about Omniscience

Whether this blog post is a sequel to “5 Facts about Arrogance” or not, it needs to be written, published, and read around the world.

1 thing that I dislike about my culture is people who think that they know everything. They can be coworkers, teachers, supervisors, neighbors, strangers, friends, and even family members. As long as you (American or Western man) stay in United States or a Westernized country (e.g. Canada or England), you cannot run or hide from them. It does not matter if you are sociable or withdrawn from society. They are going to show up where you live or where you go regardless.

Omniscience is the state of having unlimited knowledge. It is what many know-it-alls think they have despite of their brains that can only hold small amounts of memory. But, their actions and words just tell the world how ignorant they really are. So, if they want to gain wisdom and improve their reputations, they need to know and accept these 5 true sentences:

They are wrong to think that United States, Canada, Australia, and other Westernized countries are the best or only ones that exist in this world.

Ego, pride, money, materialism, society, media, etc. honestly affect most Americans/Westerners in a negative way. Therefore, they fail to see the positive side of third world countries or those that are poor, broke, less fortunate, and so on. They do not care that they are wrong or that Philippines, Colombia, and similar nations are safe to visit. They want to continue believing and telling you and the rest of the world that United States and the Western world provide unlimited safety, opportunities, great jobs, and other benefits. Of course we know that as BS because of our negative experiences or those from others we see on the news. If you want to find the facts plus (more) success and happiness in your life, you need to go overseas like I have.

They have no right to discourage, intimidate, or tell grown men not to go overseas and connect with foreign women.

Although I am 33 years old, I almost feel the same as someone who is half my age does. I still have to respect and follow rules from other adults (particularly my parents and supervisors). Nonetheless, I do not have to listen to them when it comes to international travel and dating. They know that I am not a child anymore. Like me, you also have the right to go where you wish and be with whoever you wish. You are not breaking the law. You are not hurting anyone or yourself. You just want to find (more) happiness plus true love because you cannot find them at home. If your know-it-all friends, relatives, and others do not want to understand your feelings, then continue following your heart and making your life better with a better woman by your side.

They speak or act before they think.

I am the opposite of most people who always talk or do impulsive actions. I do not want to offend, discriminate, or even create an awkward moment with others because of my chosen words. I always think about the possible consequences before doing something serious. That is why I have done frequent research, have saved much money, and have watched many videos of Men of Action, foreign women, etc. before going to Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Ukraine. If know-it-alls then or now tell me not to return overseas, I would definitely not listen to them at all. Secondly, I would ask them for any proof that any foreign country I have entered is 100% dangerous. Another concern I have is the reason(s) why they do not go abroad or choose to do so. Whether they are scared or uninterested in traveling around the world, they are never afraid to speak their minds and take advantage of you and other men who want to meet, date, and marry women from other nations.

Most of them do not really know the Lord God.

How can you know everything if you do not really know Who has created you, the world, humankind, animals, and so on? Many know-it-alls are only causing confusion and irritating those who know Him (or want to do so) as well as the truth. So, if you are (more) curious about Him and all the different countries, people, etc. He has perfectly made, become a Man of Action. Surpass a know-it-all by traveling around the world and especially pursuing international love. Collect plenty of photos and create an unique blog like mines. Thus, more readers would appreciate your words, take them seriously, and stop listening to those who do not want to do anything or go anywhere at all.

They do not know as much information as He does.

God is the only One who is omniscient. 1 John 3:20 confirms that fact. I would like to see how know-it-alls can challenge or compete with Him. They would lose in a heartbeat because of their shortage of memory within their brains. So, if God tells or gives you a sign that a foreign country (e.g. Costa Rica) is safe to visit or that your future wife is waiting for you there, you should listen to Him without a doubt. He is not going to send you to a dangerous place or match you with the wrong woman ever. But, know-it-alls would do so due to their lack of knowledge and lack of concern for your well-being honestly.


I would not be surprised if many know-it-alls do not actually know what ‘omniscience‘ means.

After all, they are lost and atheistic. They have limited knowledge of the entire world and no solid evidence to confirm:

Know-it-alls are just going to lead you to a dark, lonely, and confusing place.

But, God, the One who only and completely knows everything, would take you somewhere you are going to be safe, happy, and stable.

He knows your heart because they do not.

He knows your innermost thoughts that they cannot guess.

He knows what you truly want despite that they have to ask you.

Therefore, be willing to seek His guidance, go overseas without fear or shame, and pursue the foreign woman of your dreams.

Doing those 3 actions would leave know-it-alls back at home speechless.

truth about know-it-alls – Quote Master

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