Swedish Women versus Ethiopian Women

A couple of months ago, I have compared Ukrainian women to their Colombian counterparts because of their popularity from many American/Western men. Then, I have done another comparison with 2 different groups (Dominican ladies and filipinas) due to their exotic looks and connection to the Hispanic race. Now, I want to put my focus on irresistible women in both Sweden and Ethiopia.

It is no lie that I (and maybe you (American or Westernized man)) find both Swedish and Ethiopian ladies very attractive. They are also so unique from other women in their continents as well. A 3rd trait I see in them is their vulnerability to men. According to Wikipedia and another believable source, more Swedish women are becoming rape victims to Middle Eastern and African immigrants predominantly. Meanwhile, Ethiopian women are still controlled and victimized by only dominant Ethiopian men. It is sad that both Swedish and Ethiopian ladies have to suffer so much pain from the opposite sex.

Both Swedish and Ethiopian ladies have plenty in common with each other when it comes to womanhood.

But, if you want to know the physical, cultural, etc. differences between them, read the information below:



Swedish Women

Ethiopian Women

  • dark skin tone
  • mixed with African, Arabian, Middle Eastern, Indian, etc. heritages
  • wide eyes
  • high cheek bones
  • thin weight
  • athletic bodies
  • thin noses
  • rich or smooth black hair
  • mysterious to the world due to their unique looks


Swedish Women

Obviously, many ladies in Sweden are more physically attractive than the ones in Ethiopia are. The reason is that Swedish females take better care of their skin, weight, hair, and other physical parts. They want to look their best to everyone. They definitely know that they are desired by men around the world. So, that is why the women win this 1st subcategory.

gorgeous Swedish bikini models – worldofdefence


Swedish Women

Ethiopian Women


Swedish Women

You may not find plenty of sex appeal in Ethiopia because the ladies are required to wear long clothes. However, if you travel to Sweden to see the women in the flesh, you would not be disappointed. If you go there during winter, expect many of them to wear feminine clothes that are black, white, or both. But, if you travel there between May and September, you may see much eye candy because they wear clothes regardless of the colors and sizes.

90s Swedish fashion model Emma Sjöberg – i.pinimg.com



Swedish Women

  • feminine
  • shallow
  • approachable
  • sociable
  • open to men of all races, ages, backgrounds, etc.
  • equal to opposite sex legally, professionally, and culturally
  • adventurous 
  • independent
  • prosperous
  • family-oriented
  • content
  • stable financially and emotionally
  • confident
  • wealthy or rich (most of them)
  • active in sports, traveling, education, etc.
  • ageless
  • very stylish
  • somewhat eccentric due to their culture

Ethiopian Women


Ethiopian Women

They may not receive as much fair treatment as Swedish women do. But, Ethiopian ladies do not let disrespectful, arrogant, and controlling men, society, and other negative influences change their personalities. The women continue to be loving and supportive regardless what happens to them. 3 reasons why I think that they remain to be optimistic are their religious beliefs, unconditional love for their family and friends, and hope to be with better men someday.

sweet Ethiopian model Melat Yante – The Apricity

Feelings, Abilities, and Thoughts

Swedish Women

  • drink socially and maybe excessively
  • enjoy hugging loved ones, acquaintances, and perhaps strangers
  • may be attracted to only men who dress well or accordingly
  • may enjoy being fully nude in public
  • believe in feminism (in a good way)
  • proficient in English and few other languages
  • take good care of their health
  • cleanse their skin
  • need their personal space
  • also need more time to know their boyfriends well
  • like eating fish and other healthy foods frequently
  • take interest in small details of their clothes
  • prefer black and white or monochromatic color when it comes to fashion
  • may spend 1 hour or longer on their appearances before dating or going out

Ethiopian Women

  • use only their right hands for putting food in their mouths
  • believe in orthodoxy, Christianity, Islam, or Judaism
  • may be vegetarians
  • avoid eating meat and dairy products during fasting season
  • think of American/Western men as heroes and guardian angels due to constant violence, abuse, and forced marriage from Ethiopian men
  • enjoy doing household duties
  • excel in cooking, cleaning, and raising children
  • consider food as a sign of togetherness between family and friends
  • love texting and online dating
  • like to know men well before taking their relationships to the next level
  • enjoy entertaining, dancing, and socializing with people in general


Ethiopian Women

If you want to pursue a woman who thinks less of herself or can give you her full attention, go to Ethiopia. Of course, she is imperfect and just as beautiful inside and out as her Swedish sister is. However, your potential Ethiopian girlfriend or wife may go to the extremes for you. If she has experienced or witnessed abuse (whether it is physical, emotional, sexual, or all of them) of her mother, sister, friend, or any other woman, she would definitely do whatever (e.g. cooking or watching something (e.g. fantasy sports) you like with you) it takes to make you happy.

sexy and wife-worthy Ethiopian lady – Kemis



So, there is a tie between Swedish and Ethiopian ladies.

Swedish women have better looks and wear better clothes. However, their Ethiopian counterparts have bigger hearts plus more love to show to their male partners or spouses. The selfless actions of Ethiopian females are definite proof that they want to be loved, appreciated, and most importantly protected.

Whether you choose to be with a woman from Sweden or Ethiopia, you can still find happiness with her.

She would also be happy if you respect and give her what she needs too.

Spread the joy, peace, and unconditional love you both share with each other.

Tell the world about the good news – a man and a woman from 2 different countries can still build a solid connection regardless of countless negative opinions of international dating/marriage.

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