Women of Africa

I have enjoyed writing about white Slavic and Scandinavian women in Europe.

Now, I am putting my main focus on their dark-skinned matches in Africa. Most of the world overlooks or racially discriminates against the beautiful ladies. But, I want you (American or Western man) to know them and perhaps seek your African queen there.

If you are interested in finding international love in Africa, please read the long information about women in 20 particular countries below:


Country: Angola

Nationality: Angolan

Appearances: Most or all of the women have faces that are shaped as ovals. Their eyes almost look like almonds. But, when it comes to their dark complexions, they show their big hearts. They are indeed proud of who they are and how they naturally look.

Personalities: They are probably so rich due to frequent exporting of oil from their country. Based on my research, they are even wealthier than most Americans or Westerners are. But, they do not let money and materialistic things change their characters or stop them from finding the right men. The women are fixated on finding men who would love, respect, communicate, and be honest with them always. The reason is that the women strongly believe in Christianity. Because Jesus Christ has many positive traits, they hope to marry men who are the same in character.

Activities: If you wish to impress an Angolan lady, please do these things:

  • Have enough money for your date with her so that she does not have to pay over $20 for your meal.
  • Avoid showing off because a typical Angolan man already does that with her or another lady.
  • Do not boast or flash your money to her and especially others in public.
  • Do not buy her expensive items.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Luanda (capital); Cabinda; Huambo; Lubango; Benguela; Malanje; Lobito; Kuito

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions; Wamba; Afroromance

Leila Lopes Miss Universo II-0550
Leila Lopes (beautiful Angolan pageant model) – Meu Blogue Sera Tua Heranca


Country: Botswana

Nationality: Motswana (singular); Batswana (plural)

Appearances: They may be anonymous to the world. But, their curvy bodies and nice hips should not be ignored any longer. They are so attractive and so easy to meet and communicate on “Afro Introductions” website.

Personalities: If you are white or light-skinned, you may be seen as an angel or hero to most Batswana ladies (who are very educated and healthy). The reason is that they are scared to date, marry, or even be sexually active with the men in their country or the ones from other African nations. The men especially the older ones are perverted, contracted with HIV, or both. They are no different from sex tourists. The women are pretty much their victims. But, you would be considered a rescuer if you go to Botswana and find your potential girlfriend or wife. It does not matter what race you are; she would still like you more than she does with a typical Motswana man.

Activities: To have a secure and happy relationship with her, you must do these things:

  • Politely ask her about being tested for possible HIV or STDs if she has been in a previous relationship or marriage.
  • Take good care of yourself.
  • Take her on a nice date to:
    • Rodizio Brazilian restaurant
    • Cafe Dijo
    • or Liban and Sky Lounge (which Sebastian Harris of “Global Seducer” blog highly recommends)

Good Cities to Meet Them: Gaborone (capital); Maun; Francistown; Molepolole; Selebi-Phikwe; Kanye; Serowe

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions; datingbotswana.com/s/

Emma Wareus (Miss Botswana World 2010) – Missosology


Country: Burkina Faso

Nationality: Burkinabe

Appearances: The nation is truly the “country of free men” because the women are slaves from birth to death. They are required to wear long and traditional clothing in public. They are usually skinny because they probably cannot eat whatever they want or as much food as they want. However, they can keep their hair short or medium-sized. They are still feminine even though some start looking like men.

Personalities: They are nice, respectful, and approachable. But, they may feel unworthy due to the discrimination they receive. They are constantly mistreated, objectified, and rejected by society and government. Some become very scared or traumatized if they have been forced to marry strange men during childhood. Most women cannot make their own decisions about their bodies, education, and everything else. They are forever submissive or subjected to controlling and predatory men.

Activities: Creating an equal relationship proves a Burkinabe woman that you are different from the selfish men in her country. Other things you can do to truly win her heart are:

  • giving her space if she needs it
  • defending or speaking on her behalf when you are in her country
  • protecting her rights and those of her female friends and relatives
  • doing some hard work together with her
  • encouraging her to become more educated

Good Cities to Meet Them: Ouagadougou (capital); Bobo-Dioalasso; Banfora; Koudougou; Ouahigouya

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions: Interracial Dating Central; burkinafaso.africa.dating/; ilikeyou.com/dating/burkina-faso

gorgeous Burkinabe ladies – Burkina 24

Cape Verdeans (or Cabo Verdeans)

Country: Cape Verde

Nationality: Cape Verdean or Cabo Verdean

Appearances: The island country Cape Verde may be hidden or unknown to the world. But, I am willing to tell you about its exotic ladies. Most of them have a caramel skin tone, curly hair, and green eyes. In fact, 69% of them are mestizo or mixed race whereas 27% are mostly or completely African. Regardless of various skin tones, the women are still attractive and worth flying thousands of miles. Once you see them in provocative clothing, you would not really care about their complexions.

Personalities: They may have less money. But, they would show more affection and give you more attention than most women in your country do. Cabo Verdean ladies are crazy about American/Western men. The reason is that the women (similar to their counterparts in Botswana) are tired of local Cabo Verdean men who constantly drink and solicit sex from them. If you prove that you are normal, respectful, Christian, and marriage-minded, you may have many ladies (with the same qualities) falling in love with you.

Activities: If you wish to have a successful date or relationship with a Cape Verdean woman, consider meeting her on an online dating website initially. Let her get a sense of who you are and how different you are from a typical Cape Verdean man. Other ways to woo her heart are:

  • learning her language (Portuguese, French, or Creole)
  • taking her on an European vacation in Portugal (where she can easily access with a legal Portuguese passport) or its neighboring country such as Spain, France, or Italy

Good Cities to Meet Them: Praia (capital); Mindelo; Cidade Velha; Maio; Santa Monica Beach; Ponta Preta

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions; Rose Brides; Afroromance; Badoo; datememe.com; metrodate.com

sexy Cape Verdean woman – Twitter
map of Cape Verde – Lonely Planet


Country: Comoros

Nationality: Comorian

Appearances: Similar to Cape Verde, Comoros is also an island country where you can find women of different races or mixed race heritages. They or their ancestors are originally from Madagascar, other African nations, France, and the Middle East. Despite of various skin tones, the women are known for wearing hats, covering their hair with cloths, and having skinny or curvy bodies.

Personalities: They do excess work at their jobs. But, they are less educated and less political than men are. The women may feel inferior as a result. They however are still happy with themselves and their culture. Singing and dancing are both signs that confirm their joy and keep them positive.

Activities: Take your exotic lady to a social event or any other place you can sing and dance with her. Also, visit a breathtaking beach so that both of you can truly enjoy nature. If you would like to travel to more places or explore the 3-piece island, take a boat or ship cruise with her. Make your Comorian vacation very memorable.

Do not forget to plan it for weeks or even months in advance because there is a lack or no Internet connection, ATM machines, and other electronic things. Another requirement is learning French or Comorian. You would need to know some of the language so that you can get easy transportation and of course easy communication with your date(s).

Good Cities to Meet Them: Moroni (capital); Iconi; Moheli; Fomboni Anjouan

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions; datewhoyouwant.com; Afroromance

optimistic Comorian women – Pinterest
map of Comoros and Mayotte – Lonely Planet


Country: Ethiopia

Nationality: Ethiopian

Appearances: I find the women probably the sexiest ones in Africa. They are like the darker versions of European or Middle Eastern ladies. Ethiopians are prominent for having brown or olive skin complexion. They have big and round eyes, bouncy hair, and sweet and innocent faces. Thus, they deserve to be models or competitors of beauty pageants.

Personalities: Not only are they multiracial (Indian, African, Arabian, European, and/or Armenian) but also they are multilingual as well. They choose only 1 of the 3 religions (Christianity, Catholicism, and Muslim) based on their upbringing and beliefs. Despite of their spiritual differences, they share these same characteristics that you desire in your future wife:

  • easy to talk
  • caring (especially if you have a headache, stomach pain, or any other sickness)
  • protective
    • Whether you are surprised or not, she may actually die for you.
  • romantic
  • classy
  • educated
  • traditional
  • decisive
  • diligent
  • sane
    • She does not let money, materialism, etc. change who she is.

Activities: Here are the requirements of making her yours forever:

  • Be creative with your special gift for her.
  • Do not be overly flirtatious or sexual toward her due to her religious views.
  • Take her on an unforgettable date or adventurous field trip.
  • Learn her culture.
  • Get to know her family and friends well.
  • Accept her flaws.
  • Ask her where she wants to go for fun.
  • Take her dancing (optional).
  • Do not be arrogant or materialistic because she is not really interested in your money and possessions.
  • Prove that you are not abusive and controlling unlike the men in her country.
  • Take your relationship with her slowly and seriously.
    • Do not scare or make her feel pressured to get married because her parents might do.
    • If you and she break up, she may be encouraged or even forced to be with a lowlife.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Addis Ababa (capital); Dire Dawa; Bahir Dar; Harar; Mekelle

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions; iDateAdvice; habeshapersonals.com; Love Habibi; Mr Paul Hudson; Ethiopian Personals

beautiful Sarah Nuru (Ethiopian-German celebrity) – Answers Africa


Country: Kenya

Nationality: Kenyan

Appearances: Expect most ladies to be dark-skinned. Nevertheless, you may be surprised that what they would wear in order to attract “mzungus” (whom they call white American/Western men). I do not really know why Kenyan women love the men. But, even if you are not white, you can still get attention from an attractive lady. She may keep her body fit if she regularly jogs or lifts weight.

Personalities: Kenyan women are tolerant of polygamy or being in open relationships/marriages. But, they prefer to be with monogamous men only. The women want to be appreciated, loved, and respected for who they are. They believe that these characteristics alone should satisfy their potential husbands:

  • intelligent
  • submissive to men
  • supportive
  • traditional
  • marriage-minded
  • godly
  • bilingual (able to speak English and Swahili)
  • hardworking
  • maternal
  • successful with school, work, and home duties

Activities: If you want to make a Kenyan lady truly comfortable and happy with you, do these things:

  • communicating with her online before meeting her in person
  • giving her compliments about her complexion and hair
  • being personal but polite to her while talking
  • always initiating and taking charge of your conversation with her

Good Cities to Meet Them: Nairobi (capital); Mombasa; Nakuru; Kisumu; Malindi; Kitale

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions; KenyanCupid; Cloudromance; DateMe Kenya; softkenya.com

hot Kenyan lady – Ghafla!


Country: Lesotho

Nationality: Mosotho (singular); Basotho (plural)

Appearances: According to an article from “Intentional Travelers” website, Basotho ladies have bodies as strong as their minds are. They can move, dance, or walk quickly. They can lift heavy items. They put joy in whatever they do. Their long clothing may show how boring they look. But, there is more interest in them than how they seem in public.

Personalities: You would definitely not find laziness in them. They love working, singing, or dancing probably for a long period of time. It is probably their culture that makes them feel the way they do. Plus, they enjoy socializing and connecting with their family and friends. Unlike United States or the Western world, the women in Lesotho are not ashamed, rejected, or mocked for their imperfect body shapes. No wonder they are so positive.

Activities: Impress a Mosotho female with these actions:

  • Wash dishes, cook food, or do any other house chore she is supposed to do.
  • Avoid procrastinating.
  • Be sociable and respectful to her loved ones.
  • Do not control or treat her as your property.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Maseru (capital); Teyateyaneng; Mafetang; Hlotse; Mohale’s Hoek; Maputsoe; Quthing

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions; Interracial Dating Central; datewhoyouwant.com; Afroromance

seductive Basotho models – Face of Lesotho


Country: Madagascar

Nationality: Malagasy (singular); Malagasies (plural)

Appearances: Sex tourism is so prevalent in the nation. Thus, women have to make themselves desirable and feminine in order to get male attention and survive. To represent their culture, they paint white/yellow patterns or flowers on their faces. Also, they wear light color clothes.

Personalities: They are creative when it comes to their bodies. But, they are protective of their skin from the sun and mosquitoes. They also stop (or try to prevent) underage girls from being sexually exploited or forced to have unprotected sex with European sex tourists. The women are selfless and thoughtful of others. If they have to enter forced prostitution, motherhood (by becoming pregnant unwillingly), or marriage for the sake of their loved ones, they would do so.

Activities: While you are in public with your Malagasy date, ask her if holding hands or showing affection to her is okay. Always treat her with respect whether she is a prostitute or not. Make her feel valuable no matter how underprivileged she is. Ask her about taking photos together. Finally, visit a zoo, beach, or natural park where both of you can grow your relationship.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Antananarivo (capital); Toamasina; Antsiranana; Toliara; Mahajanga; Ifaty; Maroantsetra; Antalaha

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions; Afroromance; Interracial Dating Central; madacherie.com

pretty Malagasy woman – Happier Abroad


Country: Mauritius

Nationality: Mauritian

Appearances: If you go to a beach, you might see diverse ladies wearing 1-piece bathing suits. Most of them are probably African or dark-skinned while the rest is Indian, French, and Chinese. At other public places, you may see them with short-sleeved cultural dresses. You would not be disappointed if you go to the island country. Beautiful women outnumber men and may make you feel that you are in heaven.

Personalities: Due to gender inequality, women are undermined, uncomfortable, possibly victimized, and maybe unsupported by other women. They constantly have to deal with many arrogant and hostile men. But, fortunately, women live longer than men do. The women are also educated, employed, and equal with the law as well. So, if women receive less or no help from society, at least they can get what they need on their own.

Activities: Because a Mauritian woman is not really treated fairly in her country, you must prove that you have love and respect for her. Secondly, do important things (e.g. eating healthy foods, exercising, and getting a physical check) with her so that you can live as long as she does. You would be glad to prolong your life especially if you take her somewhere to dance.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Port Louis (capital); Grand-Baie; Tamarin; Quatre Bomes; Curepipe; Beau Bassin-Rose Hill; Mahebourg; Cap Malheureux; Vacoas-Phoenix; Celebasses; Riviere Du Poste

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions; Love Habibi; Love Awake; datewhoyouwant.com; doulike.com; Badoo; Rose Brides

elegant Mauritian ladies – Discover Mauritius
map of Mauritius – Lonely Planet


Country: Mozambique

Nationality: Mozambican

Appearances: If you are crazy about models, go to Mozambique. You may be astonished of how gorgeous they are. The majority of them has a dark complexion. They usually have short or medium black hair.

Personalities: They truly represent the country in a positive way. They love to sing and dance like it is their last day on earth. They are professional, confident in their accomplishments, and supportive to those who wish to follow their footsteps. However, the women would always put their families above their jobs and careers. That act alone makes them so inspirational to the world.

Activities: Learning the official language ‘Portuguese’ is a plus for a Mozambican. She would realize how much you care about her identity and culture. Another thing to truly win her heart is taking her to these local places:

  • restaurant
  • beach
  • art museum
  • social event
  • wherever she likes very much or wishes to go

Good Cities to Meet Them: Maputo (capital); Pemba; Beira; Nacala; Nampula; Chimoio; Xai-Xai; Inhambane

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions; Afroromance; mozambique.africa.dating; mozambique.singlesaroundme.com

sexy Mozambican woman – Flickr Hive Mind


Country: Namibia

Nationality: Namibian

Appearances: In this country, you would find enough diversity when it comes to hot women. Black ladies are just as desirable as the white ones are. They both deserve to be pageant models due to their natural beauty.

Personalities: The good thing about good-looking Namibian women is that they are always selfless. They are willing to work hard, overcome fear, and do good for others. They are passionate in what they do and determined in what they believe. Indeed, they are inspirational and maternal to those who are lost or raised by bad parents.

Activities: Let a woman know how beautiful she is. Share the same positive traits she does. Help those in need with her. Become a rock and inspiration to her and her family and friends.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Windhoek (capital); Swakopmund; Walvis Bay; Ludentz; Rundu; Rehoboth

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions; Afroromance; Interracial Dating Central

miss nam day 2 2014 203 small
Miss Namibia contestants – The Namibian


Country: Nigeria

Nationality: Nigerian

Appearances: The women are known for dressing to impress everyone. They may wear Ankara fabric or other formal clothing, shoes, and handbags. They have different hairstyles from time to time.

Personalities: They love to take charge of their households. They are serious and well experienced when it comes to cooking and cleaning. However, due to their paternalistic culture, they become passive so that they can please their men sexually, emotionally, etc. So, as long as you have love and respect for her, a Nigerian girlfriend or wife is willing to give you what you want or need.

Activities: The following 11 things would help you build a successful relationship with her:

  • cooking a Nigerian dish (e.g. Garden Egg stew or Ewedu) together with her
  • responsibly giving her what she needs
  • protecting her regardless what (e.g. possible job loss, theft, or harassment from other men) happens
  • knowing the 3 parts (introduction, traditional marriage, and church marriage) of Nigerian marriage
  • not being afraid to tell your desires to her and her loved ones
  • respecting her culture, traditions, etc.
  • keeping your body, fingernails, and clothes clean
  • making sure not to flirt or look at other women inappropriately
  • inviting her where you stay or go for fun
  • giving her space if necessary
  • bonding with her family and friends

Good Cities to Meet Them: Abuja (capital); Lagos; Calabar; Benin City; Kano; Harcourt; Enugu; Ibadan

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions; Nigerian Dating; naijaplanet.com; Afroromance; Nigeria Dating Agency

hot Nigerian woman – Bella Naija


Country: Seychelles

Nationality: Seychellois

Appearances: 53% of the general population in the island nation is women. They are usually tall and skinny. But, you can find plenty of them who are part of these races or nationalities:

  • African
  • Arabian
  • French
  • Indian
  • Chinese

Personalities: Although most of them believe in Christianity, they are tolerant of ungodly, unnatural, or complicated actions that occur in their country. They remain beautiful inside and out. You would truly have difficulty in finding women like them at home.

Activities: Enjoy the island to explore, fresh food to eat, 5-star hotel(s) to stay, and culture to learn with her. You would only be tempted to stay or prolong your vacation. Therefore, you can visit more exotic places with her. One place where you can create everlasting memories is Mahe Island. Do some snorkeling if you are experienced in swimming.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Victoria (capital); Beau Vallon; Mahe; Port Glaud; Takamaka; Anse Royale; L’esperance; La Reunion

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions; Date Who You Want; Afroromance; Badoo; Topface

Mariette Dine (Seychellois model) – Top Model of the World
map of Seychelles – Lonely Planet

Sierra Leoneans

Country: Sierra Leone

Nationality: Sierra Leonean

Appearances: Thin or curvy, ladies usually wear dresses, hats, and jewelry based on their culture. Despite that they cover their bodies, they still make themselves feminine. While the weather is hot, they probably wear shirts and shorts.

Personalities: They remain positive, confident, and strong-minded so that they can escape widespread poverty and prostitution in their nation. They continue to educate themselves, pursue their chosen professions, and do philanthropic work for others. If more females follow their footsteps and stick together, they can really put an end to gender discrimination and objectification by the opposite sex.

Activities: Help her change human lives in her country. Encourage her to make her dreams come true. Do some humanitarian work. Explore the country with her. Learn as much information about her, her traditions, and everything else there.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Freetown (capital); Bo; Western Area; Makeni; Kenema; Kudu; Binkolo; Tongo; Moyamba; Kailahun; Pandebu-Tokpombu

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions; firstmet.com; Afroromance

Heyden Adama (Sierra Leonean model and artist) – King Heyden
another hot photo of Heyden Adama – King Heyden

South Africans

Country: South Africa

Nationality: South African

Appearances: Nearly 80% of the women is part of African race. 10% is European and the rest of the population is Indian, Asian, or biracial/multiracial. Regardless of various skin complexions, they are still feminine and fashionable. They have nice curvy or skinny bodies that can attract me, you, and other American/Western men to their nation.

Personalities: South African ladies may be famous because they are unique and Westernized. But, they do not let money, fame, etc. change their characters and especially deep love for animals and children. Thus, they are against hunting, murder, child pornography, and anything else that involves victimization of animals/children. If they have to unite and take a stand for animal/child protection nationally, they definitely would. After all, they are progressive with their skills and traits. They represent the country uniquely and successfully to the world.

Activities: Here are the 6 things that would lead you to a solid connection with a South African woman:

  • Expect to eat, talk, and laugh nonstop with her and her family/friends.
  • Participate or enjoy watching rugby which is a popular sport in her country.
  • Say how beautiful she is even if she feels terribly awkward.
  • Help her fight for justice for many sexual assault victims.
  • Always treat her like a princess.
  • Wear your best clothes when you take her to a restaurant.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Johannesburg; Cape Town (legislative capital); Pretoria (administrative capital); Bloemfontein (judicial capital); Durban; Port Elizabeth; Soweto; Knysna; Stellenbosch

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions; Gopher; South African Cupid; Badoo

Miss South Africa model Melinda Bam – Pinterest


Country: Swaziland

Nationality: Swazi

Appearances: There are no limits when it comes to the Swazi culture. The women would probably be half nude or totally naked if they participate in cultural events. In addition, they would paint their faces and maybe the rest of their bodies as well. However, if they are told or expected to wear long clothing, they would do so.

Personalities: They are vulnerable to men and the rest of Swazi society especially if the women are young virgins. They (plus their children) are not really protected when it comes to sexual assault or polygamy. They are probably rejected or forbidden from working at stable jobs. They earn less money for food, housing, and other needs or none at all. They are constantly ignored or anonymous to the world. But, they would never ignore the wishes of the opposite sex concerning open relationships or marriages. Expect that a Swazi woman would encourage you to be with another woman. Polygamy is widely accepted in their nation.

Activities: To make her feel valued and exclusive:

  • Take her to the Umhlanga festival.
  • Prove that she is the only woman for you.
  • Go to the Ramblas restaurant (in Mbabane) or Gil Vincente Portuguese restaurant (in Manzini) with her.
  • Take her dancing.
  • Get enough protection if you want sexual contact with her.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Manzini; Mbabane (capital); Lobamba (capital); Nhlangano; Hluti; Bulembu; Malkerns

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions; Afroromance; Date Who You Want; Badoo; African Love

Amanda Du Pont (Swazi actress, model, and TV personality) – I Am Schick


Country: Tanzania

Nationality: Tanzanian

Appearances: The diverse (African, Arabian, Asian, and European) ladies are mostly tall and thin. They have textured hair and high cheekbones. They wear very feminine but appropriate clothes in order to impress employers, customers, and of course men. You would be impressed if you go meet the beautiful females in their nation.

Personalities: They may be shy or prohibited to open up publicly. But, they are willing to inspire or do humanitarian work for those in need. They care about their country as much as they do with the men there. Accepting polygamy (like Swazi women do) is a major sign. But, if a Tanzanian woman can find a man (if he is you perhaps) who is monogamous and faithful to her, she would reciprocate and wish to spend the rest of her life with him.

Activities: If you are left-handed, kindly tell her on your 1st date. She would feel more comfortable around you as a result. Then, you can take the relationship to the next level by visiting an exotic beach, shopping center, and other unforgettable places with her. Give her plenty of respect because she honestly gets none from Tanzania men.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Dar es Salaam; Mwanza; Zanzibar; Dodoma (capital); Mbeya; Tanga; Moshi; Morogoro; Mtwara

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions; Afroromance; Date Who You Want

Nelly Kamwelu (Miss Tanzania pageant model) – Facebook
another sexy photo of Nelly Kamwelu – Facebook


Country: Zambia

Nationality: Zambian

Appearances: Most women may have dark skin tones and wear traditional clothes that may not attract most men. But, the ladies are worth meeting, dating, and connecting because they have nice butts and high heels. In fact, they stay up-to-date with the modern fashion industry. So, expect them to wear clothes that are just as sexy as the ones in United States and the Western world do.

Personalities: 36% of Zambian ladies are unable to read or write. But, I would not be surprised if they spend most of their time in doing weird or superstitious duties. Meanwhile, the other 64% is literate. Consequently, they are normal. Because most of them are Christians anyway, they are going to do proper things such as:

  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • raising children
  • supporting their potential husbands regarding their goals
  • staying away from those (e.g. abusive or disrespectful men) who are ungodly
  • making healthy decisions in life

If you wish to find your Zambian wife, make sure that she can read and write well or at least believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Activities: If you want to truly sweep her off her feet, please do these options:

  • Pay for her meal because 64% of the people in her nation are extremely broke.
  • Communicate with her online initially.
  • Avoid being sexually active with her due to the growth rate of HIV in her country.
  • Enjoy dancing with her at a cultural event.
  • Motivate her by fulfilling your goals or pursuing your dreams.
  • Be positive.
  • Dress your best when you have a date with her or meet her family/friends.
  • Tell her something funny.
  • Show her much interest by constantly talking, romancing, flirting, and being physical.
  • Build a friendship before becoming serious with her.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Lusaka (capital); Ndola; Livingstone; Kitwe; Chingola; Kabwe; Chipata; Siavonga; Chililabombwe; Mansa

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions; Afroromance; zambia.africangirls.name; penpals.pl/single-women-girls-from-zambia

beautiful Zambian lady – YouTube


Country: Zimbabwe

Nationality: Zimbabwean

Appearances: This is another country where you can meet white, black, etc. women. They are so beautiful inside and out. They have natural looks that qualify them as models or supermodels. Their diverse styles in fashion indeed help the world separate them from their African counterparts. If you want to see how unique Zambian women are, click on this YouTube video link:

Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2015

Personalities: They may have different religious views whether they are Christian, Muslim, or Islamic. Some, including those in Harare and Bulawayo, may be more educated than the ones in other Zimbabwean cities. However, what many women have in common is their attraction to men from United States, England, Australia, and other Westernized countries. The women dislike local Zimbabwean and South African men probably because of ongoing perversion, infidelity, and disrespect. As desirable as the females are, they do deserve better men instead of the ones who are already there with them.

Activities: If you want to truly bond with a Zimbabwean lady, please do the following:

  • going to the Volt Club with her
  • visiting the Lion and Cheetah park so that you can see wildcats together with her
  • taking her to a good restaurant (e.g. Organikks or Cattleman Steakhouse)
  • walking with her at Matabo National park
  • letting her know that you only want her and do not wish to replace her with another woman
  • having a candid conversation about what both of you want separately

Good Cities to Meet Them: Harare (capital); Bulawayo; Victoria Falls; Masvingo; Mutare; Chotungwiza; Tsholotsho District

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Afro Introductions; Afroromance; Date Who You Want; Soul Singles

Tracey Anne Buckley Aggett (Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2016) – 3-Mob.com
another Miss Zimbabwe pageant model (Emily Kachote) – Chronicle


There you have it.

I have explained 20 African countries regarding their irresistible women.

If you have been unfamiliar or misled about the ladies in Africa at first, this blog post would give you a new perspective of them.

They cannot be ignored any longer regardless of racial discrimination. They are just as beautiful as women in Europe, Asia, and Latin America are. African females deserve international love too.

Although I do not get many likes, viewers, followers, or comments on my blog, I would like to get your opinion.

Tell me what you think of gorgeous women in the 20 African nations I have described above.

Have you actually gone to Africa?

If so, have you found the woman of your dreams in Botswana? South Africa? Ethiopia? Zambia? Somewhere else?

If not, would you consider traveling to an African country?

Leave your comment below.

map of Africa – Infoplease

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