Why Is It Easy to Talk to Foreigners?

One thing I do not like about returning home is dealing with unreasonable people again. It does not matter if I am at my crappy job, a grocery store, church, or barber shop. I still feel the same negatively. If I can return to Odessa, Ukraine in a month or two, I would do so without any hesitance. However, I have to deal with the reality that I have a shortage of money and I can only take another vacation from my crappy job next year. My solution is making more money from a better job I can apply or an online business I want to start as soon as possible.

Do you (American or Western man) have the same problem(s) I have?

Do you have shyness, social awkwardness, or difficulty in talking or connecting with your relatives, coworkers, or total strangers?

I have no problems in communicating with 2 Ukrainian women (Viktoria and Elizabeth) on a Skype video chat. The same thing applies to a Colombian friend (Erika) I can message (once a year or less) on Facebook. However, I cannot have a normal talk (whether I am online or offline) with a distant family member (e.g. cousin, aunt, or uncle), coworker, or another American I do not know. Why do I have this issue?

Here are my 5 reasons why I can have simple communication with people (including beautiful ladies) from other countries:

  • Foreigners do not discriminate as much as most Americans do.
    • I am sorry to tell you that this is the truth.
    • I have been ignored, gossiped, or ridiculed by many Americans (Most of them are black).
    • What about you?
    • On my trip in Odessa, I have really been treated like a man and human being by beautiful Ukrainian women (or Ukrainians in general).
    • Foreigners, regardless of their different nationalities, races, backgrounds, etc., believe in unity due to their collectivist cultures.
      • Many people in United States and the Western world however believe in individuality or unity with close family and friends only.
    • Whether you are white, black, young, old, or so, you can choose any foreign country to go and know that you are going to meet foreign women who would like you for who you are.
  • Foreigners are more truthful than most Americans are.
    • Whether you visit Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, or another foreign country, you would get plenty of honesty from foreigners.
    • You can date or be involved with a foreign woman who is not going to:
    • Despite that a woman (“L”) has turned down a second date with me, I still respect her more than I do with that “friendly” American woman.
    • Unlike most foreigners, most Americans or Westerners are scared to be honest about their true feelings.
      • Why do you think that they continue to lie, keep you in the dark, or play mind games with you?
      • If you do not understand why you cannot find the right woman, get a good job, keep friends, have a meaningful conversation with anyone, etc., now you know the answer I have mentioned above.
      • I forever thank God that He has made all people (in this world) different in character.
        • If I cannot turn to a family member for something I need, then maybe I can turn to a stranger instead.
  • Foreigners are more respectful to me than many other Americans are.
    • That is why I actually feel like a man and human being in a foreign country like Ukraine or Dominican Republic.
    • In United States, I always feel belittled by family members, coworkers, supervisors/managers, and even total strangers.
    • Do other people (at home) make you feel worthless too?
    • No one is perfect.
      • But, I know that I can rely on a foreigner more than I do with another American.
      • When my Colombian friend Erika has said (in August 2014) that she, her American husband, and mother are going to meet me and my sister at Kings Dominion, I have believed her 100%.
      • An American friend or relative, on the other hand, has let me down, has said nothing, or has come up with excuses for not showing up somewhere to meet me.
    • As a black man, I have been really surprised to receive positive attention from white Ukrainian women.
    • Would I get the same thing from most American women (whether they are white or the same race I am)?
  • Foreigners do not pressure me to be someone I am not or do something wrong.
    • I am mostly quiet or shy when I am around other people.
    • In fact, a few people at my previous jobs or schools have complained that I do not talk at all.
    • I would not be surprised if some of my family members have made complaints about me too.
    • But, I can care less because I am who I am.
    • Why should I force myself to talk to people who really do not want to connect with me anyway?
    • The only thing that most foreigners (especially single foreign women) cares is that I am a good man.
      • Because of their warm hearts, I can open up and truly be myself around them.
      • Why do you think that I am persistent in finding my future wife in Ukraine?
      • Although I do not communicate with Erika for months or even years at a time on Facebook, I can still send her a text message anytime and know that she is going to respond.
    • If you are around foreign friends who smoke, drink, have tattoos, or do something that makes you uncomfortable, do not be frightened.
      • They are not going to threaten or encourage you to do what they do.
        • They would accept you no matter how different you are from them.
      • But, if you have a long list of American or Westernized friends, you honestly should be worried.
  • Foreigners want me to be as happy as they are.
    • Bud Patterson of “A Foreign Affair” agency is right that people in Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, etc. are indeed happier than many Americans/Westerners are.
    • I have found more happiness in 3 countries (Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Ukraine) than I have ever done in United States.
      • Therefore, I want to encourage you and other readers to do the same as well.
      • Otherwise, you may have many regrets when you become older.
    • Most foreigners are not caught up in money, ego, materialism, etc. as most Americans/Westerners are.
    • Foreigners stick together and keep their traditions.
      • Therefore, they have so much joy.
      • I am happy to meet and spend time with family and friends of my future Ukrainian wife.
    • However, good men are missing in the lives of millions of lonely women in Ukraine, Russia, Peru, and other similar countries.
    • In my opinion, you and many other American/Western men can find more happiness if you choose these 2 options:
    • If United States really becomes better (in a year or 2) than it is today, I would be astounded.


It is sad that I cannot have a strong bond with a family member, coworker, or a local.

But, I can easily build a simple relationship or have a meaningful conversation with someone from another country.

I do not have to worry about feeling like an outcast again. What ignorant coworkers, relatives, and other locals say or how they perceive me do not affect me anymore. I may have to continue dealing with this ordeal because I do not have enough money for another trip to Odessa, Ukraine. But, I can always mentally escape to a better place or reflect on my recent trip.

In reality, I can get in touch with Erika (through Facebook), Viktoria (through Skype), and few other foreigners (through Facebook, WhatsApp, or phone text messaging) again.

I feel good about my well-being and future despite of the ongoing craziness, weirdness, awkwardness, or foolishness I face almost everyday.

I would fight until I get what I want.

I would pursue the Ukrainian woman of my dreams.

She would become my rock if I am going to stay in United States.

She would become the solution to my daily problems.

I now realize how much I need her in my life.

I can totally be myself with her because I cannot do the same with a local.

A man (like myself) really does need a woman (like her).

Together, they can conquer any problems or obstacles they face.

This is why communication between foreigners and Americans/Westerners needs to grow regardless of language barrier(s).

You can truly receive love, honesty, simplicity, and other positive qualities from someone (or people) whose world is different from yours.

I can wholeheartedly say this fact due to my personal experiences in 3 countries.

American or Western man having normal conversation with 2 Ukrainian women – loveme.com
another communication between an American/Western man and 2 Ukrainian women – loveme.com

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