Single Ladies of “A Foreign Affair” Website

Last week, I have completed the Euro Club membership profile form on “A Foreign Affair” website. I am so relieved after finally picking 40 gorgeous women who live in Odessa, Ukraine. The reason is that there are literally thousands of other ladies (whose profiles are in the long search results) who also live in the same city as well. Even though I wish that I can meet, date, and connect with all of them, I have to let them go. I however can help them attract good men through this blog.

Odessa women search results
Single Ukrainian women in Odessa –

I have packed my suitcase. I need to pack some more things and do a few tasks before I travel to Odessa, Ukraine in 4 days. I cannot wait to see, meet, etc. attractive women in person again. Unlike many American/Western men who want to stay home and continue dreaming about foreign women, I want to temporarily:

  • leave the boring city I live
  • take a break from my crappy job
  • go to paradise where I can get nonstop female attention

I want to feel alive again.

I want to be really happy again as well.

What about you (American or Western man)?

Are you tired of staying where you live, feeling alone, and doing the same things that everyone else is doing?

Do you have single or divorced male friends who wish to find good women for dating, friendship, or marriage?

If you have a positive answer to any of the questions above, then check out the profiles of foreign women on “A Foreign Affair” website. Many women in Ukraine, Philippines, Peru, and other countries want to meet, date, and connect with more men from United States and the Western world. Whether you build a serious relationship with a foreign woman or not, you would still give her hope. So, if you are interested in meeting and dating her plus others (either on a group or individual romance tour) anyway, follow these steps:

  1. Click on this link:
    1. Advanced Search…” webpage (
    2. Select a woman or group of women based on these things:
      1. ID number(s)
      2. age(s)
      3. weight
      4. height
      5. children or no children
      6. hobbies
      7. continent (e.g. Europe, Asia, or Central/South America)
      8. country
      9. city or region
      10. etc.
  2. Once you click the “Submit My Search” button, you are sent to a “Your Search Results” webpage.
    1. Next to the title of the webpage, you should see the following text:
      1. “Total Searched” – entire number of women on the website
      2. “Eliminated” – number of women you reject
      3. “Results” – number of women you are interested
    2. You are also going to see more information such as:
      1. page number
      2. “Prev” and “Next” buttons
      3. linked profile images and text (ID number, age, height, and weight) of women you are interested
        1. You can choose to view between 6 and 144 results on the same webpage.
  3. If you see a particular woman you like, click on her profile image.
    1. Therefore, you are sent to her profile webpage (e.g. “Yaroslava, 163015…“).
    2. You are going to view this information on her webpage:
      1. main image
      2. ID number
      3. linked buttons
      4. name
      5. country
      6. city
      7. age
      8. zodiac sign
      9. religion
      10. education
      11. languages
      12. self-description
      14. job title
      15. other text
  4. If you want to see her extra photos or even video(s), click on a linked button that mentions the images or video(s).
    1. You are sent to her “Additional Photos of…” webpage (e.g. “Additional Photos of Yaroslava…“) or video webpage.
    2. Either you would be more interested in her or you would lose interest.
    3. If you really find her attractive, add her profile to your “Hot List”.
      1. You have to log in or register on the website in order to do that ability.
    4. If you wish to return to the previous webpage (her profile webpage), click on the button that mentions it.
  5. If you wish to see other profiles of ladies, return to the “Your Search Results” webpage.
  6. But, if you want to see other profiles of women you have not picked, return to this linked webpage:
    1. (“Advanced Search…”)
    2. Repeat the first 4 steps.

Singer Beyonce’ has written a song about single ladies.

There has even been a 4-year television show about them on VH1 channel.

Because the song and television show are still popular regardless of how old they are, why are many foreign ladies still unnoticed?

Why do many American/Western men continue to fantasize, ignore, or reject beautiful women overseas?

When a mass shooting at a school, restaurant, or another building occurs, everyone knows. When someone (especially a celebrity) is hiding a secret, everyone else wants to find out. But, when Ukrainian, Colombian, Thai, etc. women publicly speak about their desire to date or marry American/Western men, everyone else is clueless or uninterested.

I hate to see how bad the majority of ladies on “A Foreign Affair” dating agency is treated. They deserve more respect, attention, and love than what they are receiving. They have good hearts and intentions. They work countless hours and earn less money. They have to raise their children by themselves. They get less support in their countries or none at all.

They are the main reason why I have created this blog.

It is time for them to shine in the world.

International dating or marriage needs to grow because it has brought much happiness to many international couples.

More men in United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, India, etc. should turn to foreign women if the men want serious relationships.

After all, the women are single and available.

Many of them are not proud of it honestly.

They do not have a choice due to lack of men.

But, if more men (including you) show interest in the women, overcome their barriers, and attend romance tours of “A Foreign Affair” business, more women would be glad to change their marital status and make their dreams (future lives with their future husbands) come true.

woman from Thailand
single Mayrisa in Bangkok, Thailand (AFA #178646)
woman from Colombia
single Teresita in Cali, Colombia (AFA #152054)
woman from Belarus
divorced Larissa in Minsk, Belarus (AFA #176174)


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