New Year, New Job, New Life

It does not seem like 2018 to me.

Thanks to my crappy job and mediocre life, I see every holiday the same as I see a normal day. But, I do see how much everything in United States has changed. People are less caring but more self-centered. Current music promotes sexual sins, drugs, profanity, drinking, and other ungodly actions. Most current television shows and movies are either stupid or dull. Food (especially that from Burger King and other fast food restaurants) is not really healthy and delicious anymore.

I am thankful for 2017. Without it, my blog would would have not been born. You definitely would not be reading this now. Instead, you may be on another blog that gives you less information about international dating, foreign ladies, etc.

Anyways, the following 3 things explain what I want to happen or do:

New Year (2018)

Even though it is a new year, I really hope that better things occur especially in United States. I do not want to read about another powerful white man being accused of sexual harassment or rape. I also do not want to read about another black man breaking the law and going to prison or being victimized by the police as well. I am tired of reading about different people committing the same crimes. In 2018, I want more people to:

  • change
  • do something positive
  • talk less
  • help each other

In 2 months, I am looking forward to return to Santiago, Dominican Republic and spend more time with beautiful dark-skinned foreign ladies.

New Job (website administrator)

I do not plan to stay at my current job any longer. I have grown tired of labeling, lifting, and throwing boxes on machine as I have with my previous 2 jobs:

I have different professionals (from Fiverr website) working on my e-commerce website until it is complete and correct. I cannot wait to promote it and gain much traffic. Hopefully, I make enough money sooner than later. Then, I do not have to work with egotistical coworkers and unappreciative managers/supervisors ever again. I would finally have a job that gives me peace and a reason to stay for good.

If you (American or Westernized man) cannot find a good job, create one.

New Life (location-independent life)

Despite that I am thankful to God for my current life, I want to improve it. I want to entirely pay my student debts and other bills. Furthermore, I want to:

I want freedom like my role model and famed blogger James Maverick has. Life is too short to continue doing something and being somewhere I do not like. I have to create extra good memories so that I (plus other people) can be happier.


2017 has given me an inspiring blog and uninspiring job.

But, hopefully 2018 would help me:

  • draw more viewers and followers to my blog
  • repeat with my upcoming online business
  • permanently leave my current job as soon as possible
  • get more time to connect with exotic ladies abroad

Like everyone else, I am ready for the future. I am going to escape the 9 – 5 slavery and mediocrity. I would quickly run to independence. My life depends on it.

2017 is gone forever.

2018 would follow it 365 days later.

Hopefully, my crappy job and mediocre life join it and never come back.

Then, I can happily go where I want to stay at last.

Happy New Year 2018 – The Indian Express

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