How You Can Change the World

The world is the way it is thanks to:

  • celebrities
  • national leaders
  • global leaders
  • bloggers (including myself)
  • victims (of bullying, human trafficking, natural disasters, etc.)
  • humanitarians or philanthropists
  • other influential people

Who and where would we all be today if these important human beings (whether they are alive or deceased) do not exist?

This blog post is based on a Dream Connections video (available on YouTube) I have watched a few times. I want to write this blog post because of the sad fact that many people choose to follow family members, friends, and others instead of following their own hearts. I want you (American or Western man) to do the total opposite.

Here are the 7 positive things you can do to improve many human lives including yours:

  • Be yourself completely, confidently, and naturally.
  • Show gratitude of your friends.
    • What would your life be without them?
    • If you have no friends, find some who are going to be true and helpful to you.
      • Going to a collectivist country like Philippines or Colombia would award you with friends for life.
        • You can stay in touch with them on social media (e.g. Facebook).
    • If you have bad friends, keep your distance from them.
      • If they change their immoral behaviors, then perhaps give them another chance.
  • Inspire others by pursuing your dreams.
    • If your heart tells you to go overseas and build a serious relationship with a foreign woman, are you going to listen?
    • Regardless of what your loved ones and others think or say, turn your dreams into realities anyway.
      • Like me, you would have no regrets.
      • The only regrets you would have are:
        • staying home
        • giving power to those (e.g. co-workers or friends) who say that they love you but try to control your life
  • Build comfort, stability, unconditional love, and other good qualities in your possible relationship with a foreign woman.
    • Let your family, friends, neighbors, and the rest of the American/Western society see and evaluate your special connection (with her) for themselves.
    • Honestly, what matters to you more:
      • their happiness?
      • or yours?
    • Your life is too precious to destroy or waste by:
      • remaining single and needy for a woman
      • or being unhappily engaged or married to a local woman whom everyone likes more than you do
  • Make a positive impact on male friends who are uninterested or skeptical about marriage.
    • Let them see your happiness with the woman of your dreams.
    • If she is definitely from a foreign country, your friends would become aware of more dating options they have.
      • They can go overseas and meet foreign women for potential marriage.
    • Unless they wish to do so, your friends do not have to:
      • stay single
      • or date random women locally or online
  • Encourage local American/Western women to change their behaviors, attitudes, lifestyles, etc.
    • Whether you talk to local women (about foreign women) or spend time with your possible foreign lady (You have to apply for a K1 fiance(e) visa so that she can enter your country.) in public, local women may become surprised or jealous that you have found true love abroad.
    • If you have an ex (or exes) and share possible kid(s) with her (or them), you may have bigger problem(s).
      • Do not let anyone ruin your relationship with the right woman.
    • Because more American/Western men (including myself) are falling in love with foreign women, more American/Western women may end up alone.
    • If more American/Western women want to attract good American/Western men, the women have to do what foreign women do.
    • Your possible connection with a beautiful foreign woman would indeed motivate other men to seek better women (whether they are in your country or overseas).
  • Focus on your main purpose on earth with her.
    • God has created you, a special woman for you, and a special task for you to do.
    • Mark and Anna Davis of Dream Connections dating business are great examples for you and your possible lady to follow.
      • Like them, build a company or legacy with her for family, friends, future kid(s), or others in need.

You exist to better yourself and others.

God has not put you here on earth to do what everyone else is doing (whether it is right or wrong). Even though He wants you to follow Him, He wants you to be a positive leader or role model for those who are subjected to loneliness, confusion, unhappiness, negative speaking, abuse, vulnerability, etc. This fact should explain why you are physically and psychologically different from other human beings.

You are unique. The truth is obvious when you:

So, accept who you are, be with your amazing lady, and forever change the world together.

change the world – LinkedIn (source)


  1. […] According to the comments from entrepreneurial blogger James Maverick, many people (especially Americans and Westerners) choose or think that they are supposed to work at 9 to 5 jobs, stay in the same cities, befriend the same people, etc. for the rest of their lives. They do not know the true meaning of life because they have not thought outside the box ever. They want to stay in their comfort zones, talk about meaningless topics with other unmotivated people, and repeat the same things they have been doing for years. Therefore, I am glad that I am different from them. I do not have many friends. I do not go out and socialize that much. However, I spend enough time doing constructive things. I want to make a big difference in the world. […]


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