A Shy Man’s Success with Beautiful Women

Thanks to disastrous dating in United States and similar Westernized countries, many American/Western men are left disappointed, rejected, heartbroken, scared, etc. Men who are shy or unable to interact with women may become traumatized. I believe that I am no different from the men. If I have not gone to Latin America 3 separate times (twice with I Love Latins agency and once with A Foreign Affair agency), I may have to go to a mental treatment center weekly or probably even daily. Fortunately, amazing foreign women have prevented me from going that route. They also have saved me and other men from facing these negative consequences:

If you (American or Western man) are shy or inexperienced with beautiful women, I want to discuss 6 solutions with you based on my personal experiences. Hopefully, these answers would help you overcome your fear(s). Here is the following information:

  • Shyness does not define who you are.
    • It is mental.
      • You can control or get rid of it by connecting or opening up to those you do not know.
        • Then, you can build a successful relationship with anybody (e.g. attractive woman) as you do with your family member or friend.
    • It is temporary.
      • Like depression, anger, or another negative emotion, shyness does become reduced or go away eventually.
  • Beautiful women are as human as we are.
    • We are not perfect.
    • We have weaknesses or flaws.
    • We are made in the image of God.
    • We are born in sinful nature according to the Bible.
    • We have different personalities, emotions, thoughts, etc.
    • We are going to die, rot, and leave the world one day.
    • For all these reasons, you should be able to talk to good-looking women without overreacting or entirely focusing on their appearances.
  • If you want access to beautiful women, you may need to attend a romance tour overseas.
    • Finding even 1 woman who likes you for who you are is difficult in United States or a Westernized nation.
      • I say that because of my failed attempts to talk or ask out local American women at different times.
      • However, I have no problems attracting or getting attention from foreign women (whether I am interested in them or not).
        • You would not either.
    • How are staying home and constantly fantasizing or chasing local American/Western women (who do not want you unless you are rich, good-looking, etc.) going to make you feel any better?
      • Most foreign women (including the attractive ones) do not care so much about what you have.
        • They mainly care about your heart, behavior, and personality.
          • A Ukrainian, Colombian, Philippine, or another foreign woman would choose to marry a caring but broke man instead of a selfish man who has so much money.
  • You can contact or get help from those who understand your feelings.
    • If you want to meet women overseas but worry about judgment, doubt, or any other problems, phone, chat, or email these 2 highly recommend dating websites:
    • A Foreign Affair agency schedules free dating seminars in different American cities per year.
      • Each dating seminar begins on a Saturday morning for 4 hours.
      • If you want attend a dating conference and meet John, Tanya, Bud, or others, buy your airline tickets, reserve a hotel (the seminar is held), and go.
        • You would meet other American/Western men who are curious or want to be sure that A Foreign Affair business, international dating/marriage, foreign women, etc. are real and sincere.
  • You can become the man you have always wanted to be.
    • Going to Latin America has changed my life in a positive way.
      • I am happy and waiting to go back there next year.
      • I do not care what other people think or say about me.
      • I plan to run a successful online business and marry a foreign woman someday.
    • If you go overseas and meet/date foreign women, you would have no regrets.
      • You would become (more) confident.
      • You would realize what is missing in your American or Western life.
      • You would become happy (or happier).
      • Unless you want to be with a local American/Western woman or remain single for the rest of your life, you would want to go on another trip to Ukraine, Colombia, or some other foreign country (like I have).
  • Lastly, you should really enjoy your precious life.
    • Life is short.
      • Make it worthwhile.
    • Follow your heart.
    • Ignore other people (including family members and friends).
      • They have no right to dictate your life.
      • They have no control over you.
      • They can only accept or reject:
        • who you are
        • what you do
        • how you feel
        • who you choose to be involved
      • If they say that they love you, then they would support or encourage you to find your happiness.
        • God surely does.

If you are dealing with inexperience or shyness because local American/Western women (or people in general) do not give you a chance, you are not alone. I have dealt with this issue for most of my entire life. I am still facing this issue today. It is not your fault why you feel the way you do. I blame the American/Western culture that has successfully brainwashed the minds of many people. If you do not want to end up like these people or continue being so timid, take a life-changing trip to a foreign country (e.g. Colombia). Single, lonely, available, and attractive women are waiting for you and other good American/Western men to show up and meet/date them. Your shyness or lack of experience would not stop the women from wanting to know you and falling in love with you.

man scared of beautiful woman (caligynephobia) – Smashing Lists blog (source)


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