No One Is Bored Overseas

This blog post title is similar to a previous one I have written a few months ago.

Anyway, I want you (American or Western man) to focus on boredom which really does not exist in Colombia, Philippines, and other collectivistic countries.

Boredom can sneak upon you if you are lazy, unmotivated, or too tired to do anything. You have to keep yourself busy especially if you live in a city (e.g. Scotland Neck, North Carolina) that has nothing interesting happening. Another option is to go somewhere you can do so much in a short amount of time. Life is short; enjoy and make the most out of it.

I am bored with my American life sometimes. It is either I am at home doing blogging or drawing, at a job I do not really like, or at a store spending money I would like to save. However, every time I go overseas, I am in a better mood. Like myself, you (if you ever visit 1 or more foreign countries) would gain experience(s) that you cannot have at home. You would truly know that boredom does not exist abroad due to these 5 reasons:

You always have someone to communicate or connect.

Finding a good friend is just as hard as finding the right woman in United States or a Westernized country. But, if you travel to Ukraine, Philippines, Colombia, or a similar foreign country, you would meet plenty of people who would keep you entertained. You can talk, interact, laugh, joke, play games, etc. with them. It does not matter if you are shy and easygoing (introverted) or talkative and outgoing (extroverted). If you do go on a date with a foreign woman, you can take her to a mall, beach, or somewhere else that is never boring.

You always have somewhere to go.

Visiting exotic places and learning foreign cultures would definitely keep you entertained. Whether you go solo or accompany another person, you would probably have the same emotion(s). However, if you are with a beautiful foreign woman, you would probably not care where (boring or interesting) you both go. You would still have an enjoyable time and a smile on your face because of her. Take pictures if necessary. Then, when you return home, look at them and remember the never boring times you have with her.

You always have diverse women who are available and interested.

You would never grow tired or bored of foreign women. They come in different shapes, sizes, backgrounds, skin complexions, personalities, etc. You have freedom to date, talk, etc. with any foreign woman. You do not have to deal with any drama, racial discrimination, foolishness, or any other problem(s) abroad as you do in America or a Westernized country. If you want to be with a white woman (whose family and friends would not hate you if you are black, Jewish, or Hispanic), go to Ukraine or Russia. If you want to be with a black woman (who would not give you ongoing drama or a negative attitude), go to Dominican Republic, Colombia, or an African country. The list goes on. Regardless of which foreign woman you are dating, she would like to know you as a person and vice versa.

You always have something to do.

In a foreign country, you do not have time to be bored. You need to learn a foreign culture. You would eat exotic foods. You may need to read or speak a foreign language as well. What if you go somewhere and become lost? What if you have to go to a bathroom? What if you need to take a taxi? However, if you have a translator or a date who speaks English, you would receive enough help and guidance from her. She would not only keep you from being bored but also keep you from going to an unwelcome area or place.

You always have other people to encourage.

If you are still overseas, talk to family members, friends, etc. via phone, email, or social media regarding your trip. Do the same (except for possibly talking to them in person) when you return home. If you consider your American or Western life boring, reflect or blog about your trip experience(s). To inspire yourself, plan another trip to the same foreign country or a different one. That is what I am currently doing. I cannot wait to return to Dominican Republic in a couple of months. I want to meet some beautiful Dominican women again.

Boredom seems to spread widely in United States and Westernized countries because of these reasons:

  • lack of human communication
  • lack of human connection or interaction
  • long or ridiculous hours at work
  • meaningless TV shows, movies, news, etc.
  • repetitive drama, food, issues, etc.

It is no wonder I have less or no friends, stop watching TV, and keep changing jobs. I am planning to leave my current job; then, I can focus on my upcoming online business. I want to make enough money so that I do not have to worry about ever being bored again. I can travel to a foreign country of my choice, stay as long as I want, do what I want, and date any foreign woman I like. If you are tired or bored with your life, would you like to do the same things I am going to do?

Life is precious. Do not let boredom destroy it because of where you live, who you are connected, what you do, what problems you face, and so on. Go overseas (or return there) and make your life as forever interesting as I have with mines.

bored man – The Red Shtick (source)


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