My Review – “Take a Tour with Elena” Series

When I have seen Elena’s first video for my business (Foreign Chat Web) with Elizabeth around Valentine’s Day of this year, I have fallen in love with her. I have immediately considered her a star even though she is not well-known yet. For that reason, I have asked Elizabeth if she can ask Elena to continue doing more videos. I have wanted them plus Sergiy (their video editor) to really show what Odessa, Ukraine (their hometown) is actually like. After a few terrible titles for the upcoming video series, Elizabeth and I have come up with the perfect title – “Take a Tour with Elena“. It means that you (American or Westernized man) are digitally, emotionally, and mentally going with her at certain places and participating in certain activities with her in Odessa. If you can visit “Foreign Chat Web” YouTube channel or Facebook page and see for yourself what the video series is like, Elizabeth and I would greatly appreciate it.

Of course, you can find plenty of YouTube videos about Odessa from other Ukrainians and worldwide travelers alike. But, “Take a Tour with Elena” episodes are more interesting, unique, and valuable to watch repeatedly. I cannot get enough of them. I just keep asking and paying Elizabeth, Elena, and Sergiy to create more unforgettable videos.

Despite that I am partially responsible for creating the video series, I still have my likes and dislikes of the episodes:


specific information about Odessa, Ukraine

Last week, I have watched a livestream video from Alina McLeod (an Ukrainian-Canadian actress and YouTuber) touring around Odessa. Despite that she is from Ukraine originally, she knows little information about the city. Thus, you can learn more details from someone (e.g. Elena) who has probably lived there for all of her life. In “Take a Tour with Elena” series, Elena goes into depth of the topics she discusses. Once you watch her videos like I do, you might see her city (Odessa) in a positive way and as your possible vacation where you can have fun, date lovely ladies, and seek true love.

first episode of “Take a Tour with Elena” series

variety of episodes

Boredom may not come to your mind whenever you see a different video from Elena. You would see her wearing different clothes, eating tasty food, doing different activities, and so on. You would definitely learn about what Odessa or the Ukrainian culture is like through a female resident like her. If you become addicted to the video series, please subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you are notified of new “Take a Tour with Elena” videos plus my videos and those of others.

Elena in general

Who is this carefree, spontaneous, and alluring lady from Elizabeth’s “Just Married” dating agency?

Why is she very interested in growing her video series?

Truthfully, I have not met her at all. But, seeing her on a Monday night webcast a few times has intrigued me. One good reason is her connection to both Elizabeth and Victoria. Elena also shares something in common with Valeria through Elizabeth and the dating agency. I feel relieved as a result. I am eager to reunite with the ladies as well as meeting Elena for the first time when I return to Odessa hopefully in 2023. I may become star-struck and more urged to help her attract numerous male viewers and admirers on social media.

Even though she has a different mindset and speaks a different language, you may adore her because of her warm heart and personality as I do. If you watch and support her videos, I would be really grateful.

Elena of “Take a Tour with Elena” series

2 Dislikes

no willing participants in Elena’s videos

I am somewhat disappointed that she and Elizabeth have difficulty in finding or asking other ladies to be in “Take a Tour with Elena” episodes. Both ladies cannot even get their friends and family members to participate in the video series too. So, I constantly encourage and ask Elizabeth to keep making more episodes with Elena and Sergiy anyway. They have unique and amazing talent which the world needs to see and praise. Sooner or later, the right people are going to watch the videos on YouTube, Facebook, and/or Instagram and help us grow the video series and Foreign Chat Web business as well. Elizabeth and I would be pleased if some of them want to join future episodes with Elena too – that is if they live in Odessa.

If you are interested in supporting the video series, please let me and Elizabeth know.

shortage of fans, viewers, and supporters

Unfortunately and currently, few people in general are interested in the video series. However, Elizabeth, Elena, Sergiy, and I are not discouraged or disappointed. We are going to continue to make extra episodes regardless. We truly believe that more people are going to fall in love with the video series eventually. Another reason is that I have started receiving more likes and followers on this blog since March of this year. Amazing and unexpected results happen when you do not give up on your passions or dreams. Paying more attention to who you are and what you can do is the key.


“Take a Tour with Elena” series is the second best gift from God to me and Elizabeth besides our business. You and many other viewers would definitely:

  • learn much information about Odessa
  • understand what Ukrainian ladies are like through Elena physically, mentally, culturally, etc.
  • laugh nonstop or be in a positive mood while watching every episode

I am forever thankful to the Lord God for bringing a remarkable and stunning lady like Elena to Foreign Chat Web business.

After all, she is a friend and member of Elizabeth’s dating agency.

She is also close friends with Victoria too.

I truly believe that Elena is going to become a celebrity, positive role model for thousands or millions of Ukrainian/Eastern European ladies, and symbol of Odessa in a few years.

Initially, I have thought that this 4-year blog is my big inspiration.

But, successfully creating and running an online business with someone (Elizabeth) who lives in another country (Ukraine) have surpass that.

I therefore refuse to let anyone (e.g. ignorant coworker or relative) or anything (e.g. shortage of money) discourage me anymore.

Stay on the road to victory no matter what or who you face.

Let God guide you, protect you, and battle your enemies.

Speaking of the word ‘victory’, I would like if you watch a new episode of “Take a Tour with Elena” series.

For the upcoming tenth and eleventh episodes, Elena is going to give advice and steps to the male viewers.

So, if you are interested in what she has to say, please subscribe to “Foreign Chat Web” YouTube channel, Facebook page, or Instagram page.

Furthermore, I have these additional questions:

  • What episodes do you wish to watch from her?
  • Do you know any specific places that you want her to go and discuss?
  • Do you want her to interview certain people?
  • If so, who or what kind of people do you want to see in her future videos?

Please write your answers in the “Comments” section or text me and Elizabeth at these WhatsApp phone numbers:

  • +380 93 238 1355
  • +1 (252) 204 5601

We would be glad to hear from you especially if you are interested in “Take a Tour with Elena” series, buying video chats with a special Ukrainian lady or ladies, or traveling to Odessa, Ukraine someday.

Thanks for reading this blog post review.

Until next time…

ninth and latest episode “…Victory Park”

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