My Video Chat with Valeria and Elizabeth

I am somewhat nervous and more excited to have my first digital meeting with Valeria today (Oct. 6) at 3:30 PM. I have enjoyed our date a month ago in her city (Odessa, Ukraine). Getting a chance to know her individually and even viewing her profile photos on website are increasing my interest in her indeed. While I am doing online research for “Peruvian Women versus Chinese Women” blog post, I go on Skype and await a video call from her and Elizabeth.

Beginning of chat

I am surprised to see Valeria with a sleeveless red shirt. I have previously thought that she is going to forget about our meeting when Elizabeth texts me that she may have gone to bed. Valeria has been working long hours at her fitness training job due to a large number of customers she has to serve. Even though she is so tired and ready to go asleep, she has really proved how selfless she is by making a video call to me. Thus, I make sure to keep our communication as quick as possible. She can get plenty of sleep and go back to work early in the morning without any problems consequently.

Middle of chat

I feel a little uncomfortable in chatting with another woman instead of Viktoria. But, I am happier to see Valeria again. I still find her more attractive than I do with Viktoria (whom I still have feelings). I wish Valeria a happy birthday because Elizabeth reminds me that it is in 6 days. Although I have a shortage of money, I am urged to send Valeria some of it. She deserves it plus more because of who she is and what she has to deal regularly.

She asks me about my crummy job of almost 3 years. I do not really want to talk about it because of how I negatively feel. However, I tell her and Elizabeth when and how long I work anyway. My mood positively changes when they change the subject to my recent vacation where (Odessa) they live. I respond by discussing the people (including them) I have connected, places I have gone, and experiences I have faced there. If you (American or Westernized man) are interested in reading my trip report and seeing a couple of unforgettable photos, please click this link:

Next, Valeria, Elizabeth, and I have a conversation about sports. Of course, I am not as physically active and fit as Valeria is. If you have seen my photos, you would definitely know the truth. But, to keep the topic positive, I tell both ladies that I have participated in baseball, basketball, kickball, golf, and gym exercising during my childhood. I have eventually lost interest in all of the physical activities at a later age. Another reason why I am no longer active in sports or exercising is that I am so busy with my job, this blog, and my online business. Nonetheless, I am willing to play sports again or go back to a gym and exercise weekly in order to impress Valeria, Viktoria, or another female whom I may pursue for a marital relationship.

Ending of chat

The time length of the video chat is 37 minutes and 9 seconds. I make sure that I thank Valeria and Elizabeth for their time. It is nighttime (7 hours forward mines in North Carolina) where they are now. Before I end the video call, Valeria lets me know that she wants to communicate with me again. Saying that I will talk to her perhaps next year drives Elizabeth to laughter. I chuckle at my own words as well. But, I immediately change my answer to December when we will have another Skype meeting. I want to know Valeria as much as she does with me.


Despite that I have no regrets in communicating with Viktoria for over a year, I wish that I have done the same with Valeria too. I consider Valeria so stunning. I like what she wears also. I probably would not ask her to dress better or buy clothes for her as I have already done with Viktoria. I may feel more embarrassed as a result.

I would continue to have separate video chats with both Ukrainian ladies.

But, I am not going to write about them anymore.

Other duties in my life are keeping me busy.

I may go back to community college in January and take classes that require my full attention.

I however want to write this blog post so that you can know Valeria more.

If you are interested in having a video chat with an Ukrainian lady like her, Viktoria, Karina, Angelica, or anyone else, please look for an upcoming blog post next month.

I am going to provide easy-to-follow steps so that you can communicate and build a successful relationship with a sincere female from Odessa.

I am serious about uniting you and other men from United States and the Western world with foreign women.

There are so many lonely singles in this negative world.

If I can make a positive difference in their lives, then I would do my best in leading them to the right direction and partners or spouses.

Valeria – AFA #170716

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