From Strangers to Spouses

It is not an easy task to meet and bond with strangers in United States or the Western world. I guess that I am talking about my difficulty. My shyness may not be the top reason. Some people however are blessed to befriend anyone because of their charm, strong social skills, wealth, etc. If you (American or Western man) are facing a hard time as I am with human connection or the opposite sex, take your chance overseas and follow this 5-stage process of developing a solid relationship with a foreign woman:

“Stranger” stage

Neither getting on an airplane nor entering another country (e.g Ukraine or Colombia) is going to comfort you at first. However, like mines, your feelings are going to change once you encounter and approach unknown but stunning women. They are truly going to welcome and show interest in you because you are different from the rest of the men locally. If you date and like 1 of the women in particular, please let her know that you want to see her again. If she reciprocates, then ask when and where she wants to have the 2nd date. Otherwise, move onward and seek the next lady who matches the needs of your ideal girlfriend or wife.

American or Western man dancing with Ukrainian woman at romance tour
American/Western man dancing with anonymous Ukrainian/Russian woman – “” YouTube video

“Acquaintance” stage

Enjoy dating the same woman (or women) for the 2nd, 3rd, or subsequent time. Nonetheless, keep your dating options open. The result is that you can avoid being heartbroken or disappointed if she is uninterested, unavailable, or busy with her job(s), family, etc. You should realize the high number of beautiful and sincere females you have access. Connect with many of them as possible. Then, narrow your list to a few whose personalities, styles, etc. you like very much. If she is still included in your list, see her again too.

American man with Colombian women
acquainted American man with Colombian women – “” YouTube video

“Friend” stage

Whether you are happy or sad to return home like I am every time my trip ends, you would still have contact information of the women you wish to communicate again. In my opinion, Facebook, WhatsApp, or even Skype (because of my rapport with Viktoria) is an excellent app for growing your relationship and building more comfort with each lady. But, I do not recommend phone communication to you because of these 2 reasons:

If you want something free and simple, do what I do. Send text messages to her and other women on WhatsApp, Facebook, or both sources. Ask any of them about participating in Skype so that she can have a video chat with you. Thanks to Law and Alona Jackson plus my previous 8 video chats with Viktoria, I can reassure you that the lady of your interest or another female friend who is willing to regularly talk to you digitally is girlfriend or wife material.

male and female friends communicating on Skype or FaceTime app – Fit Pregnancy and Baby

“Betrothed” stage

Having a long distance relationship with her can become difficult sooner or later. The main reason is that you continue to chat with her on Skype. Your feelings for her may grow as you learn extra information about who she is and vice versa. If both of you agree and desire to take the connection to the next level, plan your trip and tell her when you are going to return to her nation. Once you are in her presence again, take her on a unique and unforgettable date. Another option is spending a whole day with her at a beach, restaurant, her house, and/or other places. I hope that I can do the same with Viktoria once I return to Ukraine this summer. If the sparks fly between you and your lady, you might be inspired to propose to her for marriage. Whether you ask for help from others or do the work by yourself, buy an incredible engagement ring and perhaps some other remarkable items and pick the place you want to surprise her.

engaged couple from Dream Connections agency
engaged couple (Keith and Katia) – “Dream Connections” YouTube video

“Spouse” stage

This is the emotional place that you and your fiancee want to enter and stay indefinitely. Despite that both of you may be eager to get married, you must think about these 2 very important questions:

After having the answers to both questions (above), plan your wedding and living arrangements in advance, apply for the visa of your choice, and proceed to the path of joy, true love, unity, and optimism. Both of you may face some issues with time, money, family, and so on. But, as long as you and she remain solid and positive, you would together and forever be where you want to be.

American/Western man with his Colombian bride – Medellin Guru


You can truly develop a meaningful relationship with a foreign woman if you succeed with the 5 stages I have provided. The same thing may apply if you are just interested in a local American/Western woman. However, if you do what everyone else is doing, you may become bored and unhappy with her or go back to square one.

Indeed, human connection is hard to find, build, or keep in United States or the Western world. Everyone is more concerned (or seems to be thereof) about drama, politics, ego, money, work, and/or other nonhuman things. But, when something (e.g. terrorism, murder, or Christmas) intense happens, he or she wants to unite with others in peace and fairness.

When I have traveled to Odessa, Ukraine almost a year ago, I have realized how connected the people there are. I have seen nice and fancy places next to ones that look rough or ghetto. Most people do not really care that I am a black American man. So, I can frankly tell you that your race, skin tone, nationality, etc. do not matter to them either.

Visiting Ukraine or somewhere similar (e.g. Sweden or Dominican Republic) and becoming a stranger to foreigners can put you in a better mood than staying home and being around the same people does.

You have access to beautiful women you would probably never get a chance to meet, date, or have a normal conversation at home.

You can surely win the woman of your dreams overseas.

Like me, you also can learn more information about yourself from her than you do from your family members and friends.

Whether you are physically with her or distant, you are still able to be on the same page with her thanks to Skype or social media.

Grow your relationship with her until you are happily married.

Become role models to strangers who may be interested in finding their potential spouses halfway around the world.

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