My 8th Video Chat with Viktoria and Elizabeth

01/25/2019 UPDATE: I am disappointed that both Ukrainian women do not want me to upload any more photos of Viktoria. They think that I am exposing my relationship with her in a negative way. They also think that I am serious with her despite that we just have a friendship honestly. I plan to meet and date other attractive women when I return to their country anyway. Plus, I have to get my life on the right track as well. This is why I am not ready for marriage.

I have tried to reason with Viktoria and Elizabeth a few times although I have failed every time. Fortunately, they do understand my point of view 50% or less. They know that I am trying to help you (American or Western man) and other men see the positive side of international dating (due to endless ignorance and negativity from most Americans/Westerners), foreign women, etc. and actually go overseas in hopes of finding international love. I am happy about that fact. So, whether they become angry with me for doing this action or not, I choose to show you 2 last photos of Viktoria anyway. Of course, I am going to continue my Skype communication with her and Elizabeth next month. However, I want you to see how stylish and breathtaking Viktoria is regardless.

viktoria 3
Viktoria smiling at camera
vktoria photo from ernest debrew
the final photo of her


It has been 6 weeks since my last video chat with them. We have been busy with holidays, families, snow, and of course our jobs. But, we always make sure to have spend time with each other on Skype. While I am waiting for their video call today (Jan. 20) around 4:00 PM (11:00 PM where they live), I am currently working on “5 Myths about Foreign Women” blog post. I love giving you and other readers the truth and evidence concerning innocent and beautiful women overseas nonstop. Also, I enjoy providing you below the details of my Skype communication with Viktoria and Elizabeth every month:

Beginning of chat

I thank God that I am not as nervous as I have been for previous Skype chats. However, I am somewhat disappointed with the technical issue on the software. I end the video call with the ladies so that Elizabeth can fix the problem and recall me in a few minutes. I answer her again and let them know that no improvement has occurred. Despite of that, I enjoy communicating with them and obviously seeing Viktoria’s appearance for the 8th time.

They ask me what I have done during Christmas and New Year’s. Honestly, I respond that I usually do the same things (e.g. work, this blog, my online business, housework, grocery shopping) regardless what day it is. Nevertheless, I have come up with an inspiring answer – food recipes that my mom has cooked during the holidays. She has indeed made:

  • quiche
  • meatballs with spaghetti sauce
  • mashed cauliflower
  • cherry cheesecake on chocolate graham cracker crust
  • egg rolls
  • broccoli
  • fried chicken
  • and so on

She may not have a culinary degree or restaurant. But, my family and I enjoy her cooking more than we do with that of some other people. Another reason is that I am used to her cooking anyway.

Middle of chat

For the 1st time, I do not snap photos of Viktoria whatsoever. The reason is that I have an argument with Elizabeth via WhatsApp almost 2 weeks ago. She has strongly reacted to the fact that I have shown “private” photos of Viktoria on this blog (for months) without her knowledge and permission. Candidly, there are no nude or provocative images of Viktoria. In fact, you and other readers may think of her as a professional model after viewing her entire photos. Elizabeth lets me know that I should ask Viktoria first and then upload and publish her additional images on this blog. I totally agree with Elizabeth because of my guilt of writing and showing photos of 2 other unsuspecting Ukrainian women I have dated. But, why should I honestly feel bad for speaking positive words about them plus helping them find true love anyway? If Mariana and Karina end up with the men of their dreams, they would probably thank me forever.

Although I am disappointed that I cannot take any Skype photos of Viktoria, I am delighted that she is taking a fruit diet. Her display of a grapefruit tells me that she favors it. Too bad I do not like it so much. But, I do enjoy eating bananas, strawberries, grapes, or apples. I admit that I usually buy and eat cookies, muffins, candies, or cakes. Having a tropical fruit salad, however, as a weekly or daily replacement of junk food would improve my health though. I can live longer and feel better so that I can have more fun memories with her or whoever I choose to spend the rest of my life.

The next topic is of course my return to Odessa. I keep reminding them that I would try to return in June or July. To be frank with you, I do not know when I am going back to their city because I am dealing with financial problems currently. I am sick of earning less money from my crummy job. Then, I have to spend most or nearly all of my money for bills, groceries, gasoline in my dad’s truck, and other needs. This is why I persistently work my hardest and do my best in this blog and my online business. I may apply for financial aid so that I can save money while I return to school. The more money I have would determine how my upcoming 2nd trip to the Ukrainian city would turn out and how Viktoria would feel about me especially when her next birthday (which is in late June) comes.

Ending of chat

I am unsure how long our communication has lasted totally. But, I care more about receiving new photos from her. Looking at her stunning looks just attracts me more to her. I may not be ready or interested in a serious relationship with her right now. You can thank my mediocre life for that. I however want to know her very well, be in her presence again, take her to a beach and other interesting places, and see where our friendship takes us.


I may have the same feelings for her in this new year.

I however see something amazing in her thanks to her modelesque photos. I wish that I can share them or at least one with you. But, I have to wait for her permission from Elizabeth.

I am surprised that they have not said anything or confronted me about previously showing Viktoria’s images online.

I however respect their feelings now more than ever.

If they tell me ‘no’ or say nothing at all, then I cannot show you any more photos.

It is unfortunate because I want you to see what I see in her.

You can still view her old images though.

She and Elizabeth are indifferent about my past actions.

We are still in good terms with each other.

We are moving forward to our 9th Skype chat next month.

I cannot wait to talk to them again.

I am definitely happy to return to Ukraine in a couple of months and see them in the flesh again.

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