International Love Stories

Love stories (especially forbidden ones) are popular around the world. Many people love to read about a true or fictional couple who does a passionate or romantic activity together.


Many readers want or already experience something similar with their possible partners or spouses. After all, everyone needs someone for certain reasons.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of love stories. I find most of them boring, annoying, or repetitive as I do with television shows such as “Maury” and “American Idol”. This makes me think that many different writers have the same thoughts.

Do these writers actually have unique ideas?

Well, I do know that R.L. Stine has written my favorite book series “Goosebumps” (which I have been reading and collecting during my childhood). The books are indeed original, suitable, and recommended for both children and adults. So, I have answered my own question with a ‘yes’. I think that some writers worry about getting judgement if readers, fans, etc. do not really like their originality.

When it comes to international dating or marriage, I am always in a good (or better) mood. I have written this meaningful blog post because I want to discuss 3 international couples with you (American or Westernized man). Each happily married foreign woman is from a separate continent. Therefore, here is the following information about these women and their American husbands:

Couple 1: Justin & Oksana (from Dream Connections)

He is from New York; she is from Nikolaev, Ukraine (which is part of Europe). They have become the first clients to attend a Dream Connections quest tour (when the international dating business has started) in her country. Although he has met and probably dated other Ukrainian women, he has chosen to build a deep connection with her. Time has passed as the language barrier between them has been reduced. Now, they are happily married; they share a baby daughter biologically. They might be living in her country.

If you marry a foreign woman, are you willing to move to her country?

Justin (right) and Oksana (left) (whose image represents this blog and my Facebook page) – Dream Connections website

Couple 2: Greg & Glenda (from A Foreign Affair or

He has met her at an A Foreign Affair romance tour social in Davao, Philippines (which is located in Asia). Despite that she has told him that he is too young for her (because most Philippine women consider older men as more suitable and faithful boyfriends or husbands), he has proved her wrong. They are probably 5 years apart in their age difference; but, he has not let his age stop him from marrying her. Today, they host online webcasts every Wednesday night on A Foreign Affair website or YouTube. They recently have given birth to a newborn boy. Their experiences may encourage you to:

  • go overseas by picking a foreign country
    • Philippines (her country)
    • Ukraine (Oksana’s country)
    • Colombia (Paola’s country)
    • Thailand
    • Peru
    • China
    • Costa Rica
    • somewhere else
  • fall in love with a foreign woman
  • create your own love story
  • tell and inspire your family, friends, and others to do the same

Greg (right) and Glenda (left) – Escaping America

Couple 3: Russ & Paola (from 90 Day Fiance)

A previous job has directed the Oklahoma native to Bucaramanga, Colombia. He has unexpectedly met her through friend(s). Although he has to return to United States for his job, he has told her that he would commit or marry her one day. Indeed, he has kept his promise. He has quit his soulless job so that he can attend his own wedding.

They are still married currently. In fact, they are reality stars of the “Happily Ever After?” version of the popular TLC show. They probably still reside in Miami, Florida; the city represents part of her Colombian culture plus provides plenty of modeling/acting job opportunities for her. Her life in his home state Oklahoma has been quite the opposite. Who can blame her for refusing to go back there and experience again joblessness, loneliness, boredom, etc.? She has sacrificed her family, friends, and entire life in Colombia for him. He should do the same for her too. As a result, their marriage would survive and keep them happy, strong, and united.

Russ (right) and Paola (left) – In Touch Weekly (source)

Most love stories seem typical. But, two people from different races or cultures (particularly international couples) can create love stories that are:

  • better
  • more inspirational
  • more meaningful
  • more difficult to forget

All 3 international couples (I have mentioned above) are interesting in their own ways. They would probably continue to be so (especially if they have children) for the rest of their lives. Families, friends, fans, and other people would always be fascinated with these couples. Even though most people accept or prefer to see same race couples on TV, on film, and at public places, some of these people may fall in love with interracial or international couples.

What if these people truly want to be with partners or spouses who come from different races, cultures, etc.?

What if each of them is tired of being single or bored after being involved with someone of the same race or background?

If they continue listening to others, they would always remain miserable.

If they follow their hearts and look for true love outside their countries, they can be at the same emotional places with Justin and Oksana, Greg and Glenda, and Paola and Russ.

More international love stories would exist as a result. We readers would really enjoy reading books, ebooks, blogs, etc. more often. We are not reading the same words about typical romance or passion between couples from different authors anymore. We are always hungry for new information. We want to know the unknown. Then, we can:

  • get enough motivation to do something serious or constructive
  • prepare for something (whether it is positive or negative) to happen
  • move forward with our lives easily

Do you have an international love story to tell?

Are you in a relationship with a woman from a foreign country? If so, then discuss your love story in the ‘Comments’ section.



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