There Is Someone For Everyone

Loneliness, compared to committing a crime, is not a good excuse. You (American or Western man) cannot right a wrong (e.g. killing a serial killer) just as you cannot ignore your innermost feelings, thoughts, and emotions. You are human. Therefore, you are supposed to connect with another human being (like an animal connecting with another animal of a different or same species). It does not matter if that person is your friend, family member, neighbor, co-worker, or even a complete stranger at a grocery store. It does not even matter if you are communicating with someone online or offline. If you can justify being alone, then Adam (first human being in the world) would have done the same. God, as a result, would have no reason to create a woman (Eve) for him. Neither you, I, or anyone else in the world (since the beginning of humankind) would probably exist at all.

There are ups and downs concerning loneliness. You can enjoy your independence. You can also do anything you want (except breaking the law) without asking or giving account to a parent, friend, cop, or anyone else. But, later you may grow tired of being alone. You would need someone (to communicate or to build a relationship) so that you can keep your sanity. But, would your life become better if you spend it with a special woman? If you are tired of your single, boring life, you have 2 decisions to make:

Decision #1 – Find your soulmate or life partner

Go find her even if she is in a foreign country (e.g. Ukraine or the Philippines). She may be someone you do not expect. What if she is out of your league? In other words, what if she is too attractive? If so, pursue her regardless. There is that sayingOpposites attract“. Unlike an online dating website, you know who you are going to meet after visiting her online profile, viewing her photos, and showing interest in her. You may think that this mission is crazy especially if you have never left United States or a Westernized country you live. You may worry what your family, friends, and other people think. You also may be scared of getting on an airplane as well. But, like me, take your trip overseas regardless. You are an adult. Change your life for something better. You would have zero regrets. You would not only find your potential girlfriend or wife (if you attend a romance tour) but also you would find joy, peace, acceptance, love, and unity with other international men who are as serious as you are. Even your loved ones may be surprised and fall in love with you and her as an international couple.

Decision #2 – Remain single

Even if you do not build a serious relationship or marriage with a foreign woman, at least go overseas and date her and others. Befriend these lovely women who are beautiful inside and out. Give them faith and hope that they would find a good man wherever he is. Most foreign women believe that they would not find Mr. Right through an international matchmaking agency (e.g. A Foreign Affair). Reasons are that they think they are not good enough, that they are meant to be alone for the rest of their lives, and that all men in the world do not want them. If they ever come to United States or some Westernized country, they would have different opinions effectively. Also, like them, you should get inspiration by American/Western men who are happily married to foreign women. If those couples believe in international dating/marriage, why can’t you and everyone else in the world do so?

God has not intended anyone to be alone. He has the right person showing up in the life of another person at a particular time. All both people have to do is to wait on Him.

Whoever believes or says that he or she would never find the right person is pretty much calling God a liar. In addition, whatever he/she says may come true. That explains why it is so important to think and say positive words in both good and bad times. Like those who are disappointed or frustrated with local or online dating, foreign women must not give up on their dreams. They have to continue joining the international dating agency or attending its romance tour until they find their future husbands.

Life is short. Follow your heart. Go after who you want. If you want to marry a foreign woman, just do it. If you want to date and befriend her and other women, still do it. But, whatever you do, do not listen to other people (unless they are telling you to do what is right). Do not also listen to your carnal mind too. Do not become a follower because you would be led to regret, pain, and depression. Go to the path of freedom, love, and happiness with a foreign woman waiting to put her arms around you.

Every woman for every man (God’s purpose) – This Pilgrim’s Progress (source) 



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