A Few Good American Women

Most men including myself may believe that most or all American or Western women are difficult to meet, talk, date, connect, etc. However, I do know for a fact that there are few American/Western women who are similar to the ones in Colombia, Ukraine, the Philippines, and other foreign countries. In other words, these American/Western women are beautiful inside and out. Why do I say that? My deceased grandmothers as well as my living mother, sister, and other female relatives are the reasons. The local women where (Henderson, North Carolina) I live may be beautiful inside and out too. I probably can ask a local woman out on a date and not get my head bitten off. However, I choose not to do that action because I want to return to Dominican Republic and see again a woman I am still in contact on WhatsApp. Although most American/Western women are nice, most foreign women, in my opinion, are nicer. An American/Western man like myself has an easier chance of approaching and talking to a foreign woman (even if she is not interested in me) than I do in the States.

I am currently watching “The Bachelorette” again; I do find Rachel Lindsay attractive. In some way, she is as exotic as a Dominican woman is. She is no ordinary black American woman. She is smart, positive, considerate, and easygoing. Even though she is a successful attorney, she does not have that intimidating personality as many other American/Western female professionals do. She does not let her career, success, and power go to her head or change who she is personally. Therefore, the 31 (which is also the number of her age) male contestants (black, white, and other races) are madly in love with her. Their introductions with her prove that. She however can choose 1 man at the season finale; the other 30 men have to move on. If any of the 30 men fail to find a good woman like her in the States, they can always go overseas and date foreign women. There are many gorgeous Colombian, Ukrainian, Philippine, etc. women who are looking for the right men. This fact is the main reason why I have created this blog.

If you are a single American or Western man trying to find a good woman locally, nationally, or online, you should read these 5 facts concerning few American/Western women who have both inner and outer beauty:

  • They are hard to find.
    • If a man sees an attractive woman at a local place and does not get a chance to talk and ask her out, he may never get another chance.
      • However, he may see her again at the same place or elsewhere.
        • For his last chance possibly, he must get her attention.
    • This fact probably explains why many American/Western men deal with frustration and give up on true love.
      • But, if they consider international dating, they would find many lovely women in a foreign country.
    • Foreign women also have difficulty finding men with good qualities.
      • Because foreign women have something in common with American/Western men, why should both genders not hook up?
  • They are already taken.
    • They have boyfriends or husbands.
    • Even if they are single, some of them may lie about their marital statuses, take advantage, etc. to men they are not really interested.
      • But, most foreign women would be honest with men about their marital statuses, feelings, etc.
    • Unlike them, many foreign women especially the ones in China are single, lonely, and available even though they may be rejected by the men in their countries.
  • They are gay.
    • Like straight American/Western women say about some American/Western men, straight men can say the same (e.g. “Where are all the good women?”) about the women too.
    • Some men would like to have a threesome or so.
      • But, a lesbian couple decides if they want to include a man in their relationship or not.
    • Unlike many proud lesbians in the States/Westernized countries, some gay foreign women hide their sexual orientation probably for safety reasons.
    • Regarding most foreign women, men do not have to worry about competing with lesbians or other men for attention of these foreign women.
      • From my personal experience, I love that I can date a foreign woman and that no one is coming between us.
  • They are imprisoned for false crimes.
    • I have heard from my family and the media that many innocent people (male and female alike) are wrongfully convicted.
    • Some of them may become worse or led to actual crime(s).
      • Prison either changes someone in a negative or positive way.
        • Why do I say that?
          • time spent in prison
          • other prison inmate(s)
          • crooked security officer(s)
          • bad incident(s) (e.g. abuse, drugs, or sexual assault)
  • They are located overseas.

Few American/Western women who share similar characteristics of most foreign women are from the country. Most American/Western women who are arrogant, difficult, and have other unpleasant qualities, on the other hand, are city types. I may be wrong about these 2 statements. I am however right that many American/Western women are driving away many good men. If a man like myself has to choose between remaining single and being with a woman from hell, I would definitely stay single in a heartbeat. But, thanks to the majority of heavenly foreign women, other American/Western men and I can escape the misery from our homes and go meet them overseas. Whether we marry them or stay single, we are still happy.

Nancy O’Dell (left) and Maria Menounos (right) (2 beautiful American women I cannot have) – Maria Menounos website (source)


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