If You Care What Other People Think…

We are human beings. We have feelings, thoughts, emotions, etc. that are hard to go away. We also matter or affect other humans as well. We cannot escape from them either. We face them at work, school, church, grocery store, home, or anywhere else we go. We need other people as well as they need us. God has intended human connection whether we are around loved ones, acquaintances, or total strangers.

Most of us say that we are not concerned about the feelings or thoughts of other people. We are grown adults; we can do whatever we want. But, if you (American or Western man) sincerely do care what others say or expect (e.g. they want you to be with an American/Western woman instead of a foreign woman), here are the following 5 things you should do:

  • Talk to them.
    • Maybe, in return, they would also care about your feelings, wishes, etc.
    • Maybe they would also have a change of heart as well.
  • Tell them what you want.
    • I have let my family know that I want to be in a serious relationship or marriage with a foreign woman.
      • Whether they like my wish or not, they realize that I am an adult who can choose who I want.
    • As a result, they would know.
      • They would either make your dream(s) come true or do nothing.
  • Listen only if they are telling you what is right or truthful.
    • It does not matter if they are your parents, friends, or others.
    • Doing the right thing would keep you from facing negative or ugly consequence(s).
    • According to John 8:32, the truth would lead you to freedom.
      • Lies, on the other hand, would direct you to a prison or dark place.
  • Follow your heart regardless.
    • Ignoring my family and even my doubting mind, I have gone to Colombia and Dominican Republic anyway.
      • The only regret I would have is if I have stayed home.
        • I would have never dated beautiful foreign women, have befriended a Colombian woman (Erika), have created unforgettable memories, etc.
        • I would probably believe that I would never find a good woman or true friend at all.
    • The heart always guides you to the right path.
      • You would definitely find happiness, peace, stability, and love with the right woman.
      • If you cannot find a good woman where you live, consider going to Ukraine, Colombia, or another foreign country where you can meet/date plenty of good women.
        • International dating, based on a fact and my opinion, is so much better than online dating or local dating is.
  • Realize that you are here to do the will of God.
    • Like everyone else on earth, you are existent and meant to please Him only.
      • When you die, you would face Him in the afterlife.
      • He would fairly judge you for your actions, words, and thoughts.
    • Build a relationship with Him like you do with others.
      • He would not only guide you to the right way but also give you the desires of your heart.
      • Like He has made and sent Eve to Adam, He would do the same for you too.

We naturally care about others because God cares. After all, we are made in His image. Even though our sins make us different from God (who always does what is right), we must follow our hearts like He does. If you are pressured or want to make other people happy by being with an American woman, you must deal with the consequences. If you are more drawn to a foreign woman instead, please give her a chance. Your family, friends, and others may not like your decision and may come against you; you would thus see their true colors. But, a foreign woman who can accept and respect your thoughts, feelings, wishes, etc. is so worth being in a relationship or marriage.

Be you. The world would adjust. – Singapore Expats forum (Source)


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