7 People who Can Positively Influence You

I am glad that it is a new year. Also, I am happy to return to this blog after a couple of months. I have been very busy with my jobs and my online businesses. However, I do have some time to write this important blog post to you (American or Western man).

Do you want more guidance, confidence, joy, etc. in your life?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then read the following details about 7 famous individuals who have overcome their big obstacles and reached their fates:

Dashie aka Charlie Guzman

Originally from Dominican Republic, he has moved to United States around 8 or 9 years of age. Since that time, he has lived back and forth to Florida and California due to constant complaints from his neighbors. Other problems that he has faced are having an unpopular YouTube channel (“Dashie” which does not exist anymore), receiving spam and hate comments on his videos for other YouTube channels, and getting criticism for his loud personality. Regardless, he has continued to be himself and upload videos of what he enjoys doing. The result is that he has gained more popularity. Today, he has over 8,000,000 subscribers on all of his 3 current YouTube channels altogether. His net worth is around $4,000,000 according to author Winnie Muriuki of WealthyPersons.com. As a follower and regular viewer of his main and most popular channel (“DashieGames“), I would strongly advise you to ignore what other people say or think about you. The same thing applies to your family members and friends too. Choose what you really want to do as I do. Thus, more people are going to have more respect for you than they do if you continue impressing or doing what they want.

Dashie aka Charlie Guzman – “DashieGames” YouTube video

Lisa Ling

What she and I have in common is being born in Sacramento, California. We are also passionate in traveling and creating our own jobs. However, she did not finish school and obtain her college degree at University of Southern California. She has chosen to teach herself and write reports or documentaries while visiting different countries. Later, she has won a job role as a host of an American television show called “Scratch”. The same thing has applied to her when she has become a host for “The View” as well. For that reason, she has been able to advance her career to national/international journalism with support from National Geographic, Oprah Winfrey, and CNN. Now, she still lives in her birth state with her husband and 2 daughters. Her second and current television show “This Is Life with Lisa Ling” has already completed 7 seasons. Like Connie Chung (her role model), Lisa can inspire you to:

  • take risks in order to reach your goals
  • believe in yourself despite of uncertainty
  • look forward to an amazing life both personally and professionally
Lisa Ling on her CNN Show – Amazon

Dan Lok

Migrating to Canada during his teenage years has not changed where (China) he has been born and raised. Being coined as “the king of high ticket sales” and the “Asian Dragon” is definite proof of his origin. He has kept both titles by:

  • overcoming poverty
  • supporting himself and his mother financially
  • forgiving his disappointing, bankrupt, and absent father
  • being persistent in his education and businesses
  • connecting and asking Alan Jacques to become his mentor regarding success of writing sales letters
  • coaching many like-minded people with his expert knowledge, skills, and experiences

As a result, he has the freedom to go wherever he wants, do whatever he wants, and stay as long as he wants. His current businesses are still successful whether he is absent or present. His books and informational products are increasing in sales every year. If you choose to watch his unforgettable YouTube channel for your guidance and success in business, career, and/or employment like I already do, you would not regret it. Mentorship, focus, and “high-income” skills have led him to his destiny. The same thing can happen to us too.

Alina McLeod

After doing online research, I realize that she is more than just a YouTuber. She has been on actual television commercials, infomercials, and short films in Japan and Canada (where she lives). Please check her website for confirmation. Not only is she a professional model and actress but also she is an talented artist as well. The main reason is that she has much time in her hands. She travels back and forth to Ukraine (where she has originated), rest of Europe, and Canada in hopes of:

  • overcoming shyness
  • meeting and befriending different people
  • earning enough money on PayPal and Patreon
  • encouraging her viewers and subscribers to follow her footsteps

I want to enjoy the remainder of my life as much as she does with hers. You should feel the same way too. Life is too short to be discouraged, stuck where you are, and regretful of what you have done wrongly or what you have not done at all.

Alina McLeod – Green Tree Beauty

Joel Osteen

I can watch his simple, positive, and inspirational videos on YouTube regularly and repeatedly. Learning more information about this well-known pastor, author, podcaster, televangelist, and leader of the former Compaq Center/current Lakewood Church building makes me want to do whatever it takes for reaching my goals. Like him at first, I want to remain hidden and avoid talking to many people and showing my vulnerable side to them. Nevertheless, staying in our comfort zone can lead us to uncomfortable and unpleasant results. He has really learned this fact when his father has passed away in 1999. The church therefore has needed a immediate replacement for continual guidance and stability. With much support from his family and especially the Creator of the universe (as Joel says), Joel has taken over the role and duties of his deceased father. For that reason, Joel has eventually gained more confidence, optimism, respect, and praise around the world. Even though he still faces opposition and negative circumstances, he teaches us to always stay in peace, trust in God as our Vindicator, speak positive words to ourselves, and move forward to the fullness of our destinies.

Wendy Williams

Her bold personality and catchphrase “How you doin‘” has taken her to stardom. The former radio host and current talk show host is still wealthy and successful despite of time, dislike from most celebrities, and her rocky and failed marriage. After watching her Lifetime movie and documentary, I have realized that she has dealt with bigger problems such as sexual assault by an anonymous R&B star during the late 1980’s, multiple miscarriages, and unfaithfulness by her former husband. But, staying true to herself and others, remaining close to her family, and constantly getting pregnant until she finally has a son (who is now an adult) have helped her overcome those obstacles in her personal life. Now, she has proud of where she is after:

  • writing books that probably have sold out
  • earning a Hollywood Walk of Fame star
  • being on her 13th season of her talk show
  • doing very well with her fashion brand

Like her, we need to have more confidence in ourselves and stop caring what other people (even if they have more wealth, popularity, etc. than we do) think in order to reach our goals completely.

Wendy Williams – “The Wendy Williams Show” YouTube video

William Zabka

He has come from an background of entertainment and film production due to his parents. But, he has made a permanent name for himself once he plays in the 1984 “Karate Kid” movie. Regardless of how many years have passed, how much he has changed, and what he has accomplished, fans keep reminding him of the negative role (Johnny Lawrence) that he has played. He cannot escape from it as much as Dustin Diamond or Macaulay Culkin cannot escape from theirs. So, William’s only solution is to play the dysfunctional character again in the 2018 and current television series (“Cobra Kai“). He participates with the directing and producing of the show so that he can lead his character to the right direction that he is in real life. Now, he can enjoy being wealthier, respected more from his fans, and seen as another truly good guy alongside his famous friend and colleague (Ralph Macchio).

William should teach you that it is never too late to change your life and improve your reputation.

William Zabka – Planet Comicon


These 7 people have shown their unique characteristics and skills to the world for many years. They are not afraid to be different or considered weird by others. They refuse to settle for mediocrity. Working tirelessly for their dreams is definite proof.

I have written over 250 blog posts and drawn over 2000 clip arts. Also, I am running an online dating and video chatting business with my friend and translator (Elizabeth). I believe that she and I are going to eventually be on the same path where any of these 7 celebrities are.

Following your heart may lead you to negative results regarding your friends, relatives, and other people locally. But, the positive results are making your dreams come true and connecting with like-minded people. Once you experience those results, you may be glad that you have gone outside your comfort zone and taken a leap of faith. Staying where you are and making everyone else happy are going to lead you to misery and regret at a later age. Just talk to those who are imprisoned or almost dead.

Like me, they would encourage you to do what your heart tells you to do.

Like the 7 people whom I have written above, you can leave your mark on numerous people who are discouraged, confused, lost, lonely, etc.

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