My Review – “Third Line Clip Arts” Website

01/07/2021 UPDATE: If you (American or Western man) want to learn about my clip art membership website called “Third Line Clip Arts“, please watch my new video on “Foreign Chat Web” YouTube channel or “Third Line Clip Arts” Facebook page.

intro thumbnail photo of “Video Review – “Third Line Clip Arts” Website” video

Around summer of 2013, my mother has encouraged me to draw and sell original clip art files online. I have recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree from DeVry University Online. But, because I have been unemployed and have faced difficulty in finding a good job. So, I have begun drawing and coloring clip arts on Adobe Illustrator software regularly. A year later, she and my sister have started meeting together once a month for our potential clip art membership website. We have stopped eventually due to their lack of interest. Despite of their negative feelings, I have continued my passion until 2017 (the year that I have started this blog) has arrived. Around spring of that year, I have hired James Maverick and his anonymous team to develop my own clip art membership website (“Third Line Clip Arts“). The main reason is their responsibility for helping thousands of their blog readers with their ideal businesses. So, why should I not join one of those viewers and bring my dreams into reality?

James and his group have stopped working on my clip art membership website during fall of that year. Somewhat disappointed, I have hired different professionals from Fiverr website so that they can finish my website. Around fall of the following year, I have been able to promote my website through a Google Ads campaign, Pinterest board, and Facebook page. Furthermore, I have hosted the website on Blue Host service initially, Hostinger service next, and now GoDaddy service. Even though I have spent over $2,500 for everything concerning my website, I am persistent in running it well, attracting many people globally, and making extra money.

If you are curious about my clip art membership website and wish to visit, buy a membership, or subscribe to its emailing list, please read my opinion below:



Both videos, which are included on the home webpage and available on my YouTube channel, give different descriptions of my website. The first video is animated and narrated by a female vocal speaker. You may learn more details about the website than you do with the second video. However, the second video is more realistic because it shows an actual human being, who is from the Philippines, providing information about the 10 day membership. The video also shows the name of my website so that you are aware of which online business that she represents. Regardless of which video you watch, you would still be entertained and informed about my website.

screenshot photo of video 1
video ad #1 –
screenshot photo of video 2
video ad #2 –

“Reviews” section on each clip art webpage

If you wish to give feedback about any clip art you see, you can fill out a form in the “Reviews” section (which is located in the middle of every clip art webpage). The form consists of text, “Your Review”, “Name”, and “Email” textboxes, and a “Submit” button. If you are only a visitor, you have to complete the form. But, if you ever become a paying member, you can just fill out the “Your Review” textbox and submit it. Unlike, “Third Line Clip Arts” website gives you and other people chances to voice your opinions on any of my clip arts. Therefore, I can improve my clip arts as well as my website and hopefully attract hundreds of customers in the near future.

Review section of clip art webpage
“Reviews” section on each clip art webpage

color and bw (black and white) clip arts

There are 2 versions for each clip art on the website. One, the color version, is what you always see on the majority of the website. But, you cannot look at the bw (black and white) version unless you buy a membership, visit a clip art webpage, click on its “Bw PNG (300 PPI)” radio button, and click the “Download” button. The advantage of a bw clip art is choosing how to color it. Impress other people with your skills. But, if you already like the color clip arts more, then I would appreciate it.

Student and teacher webpage
color clip art – “Student and teacher” webpage
student and teacher bw
bw (black and white) clip art

2 Dislikes

“Thumbnails” webpages

They show collections of linked thumbnail images of clip arts. The thumbnails are easy to view because they are organized in alphabetical order. But, they need improvement eventually. I am waiting to get extra money in order to hire web developer(s) to better the webpages. I want to add extra clip arts on the website of course. Diverse artists whom I plan to hire are going to create them in their own styles plus give me ownership of them. I would make sure to give the artists credit for their original work as I do with the external sources where I borrow photos and other information for this blog.

thumbnails webpage
thumbnails webpage – “Music” webpage

“About” webpage

It has a short number of words. I wish that it has more details so that you and others can be more satisfied. However, it is meaningful and easy to remember. You can become familiar with the facts of the website. If you are interested in its Facebook page for additional information, please click this link:

About webpage
“About” webpage


Overall, “Third Line Clip Arts” website is phenomenal and easy to navigate. You may be pleased with its videos, clip arts, forms, and everything else. If you like it very much, please tell your family and friends about visiting and possibly joining it.

My goals for the website are:

  • attracting and retaining many customers and subscribers
  • keeping it updated with assistance from web developers, social media experts, etc.
  • inspiring artists to come up with remarkable clip arts and build their online businesses

If you are interested in purchasing a membership, please look at these 3 options:

Here is a screenshot image of all of them:

Join Now webpage
3 membership services – “Join Now” webpage

If not, then consider joining my emailing list which is a popup form that you are going to see on the home webpage.

emailing list
popup email form – “Home” webpage

You would receive 2 email messages that may encourage you to become a buyer.

I love and value my website as much as I do with this blog.

I hope to draw many visitors and customers to both websites in the future.

The same thing applies to my video chatting business with an Ukrainian friend and translator (Elizabeth) as well.

So, if you like this review, give me feedback by clicking on the “Like” button or writing a comment.

Otherwise, please enjoy reading this blog post and visit eventually.

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