The Support of Gun Control

2 weeks ago, I have finished and submitted a critical thinking project about gun control. My online instructor has given me 97 of 100 points as a result. Usually, I would ignore, forget, and move forward to other things. But, I have decided to share this academic information with you (American or Westernized man) because of how valuable it is. I want you and other readers to be informed about gun control from A to Z. The topic may not relate to international dating and other pertinent subjects. You may be glad to read the facts though. So, if you are interested in seeking your future wife in Ukraine, Colombia, or any other country and receiving advice of how to keep her safe, read below my research paper which is divided into 5 parts:


Who and why do many people use guns? Why do others reject them honestly? Does gun control really help or harm humankind? Opponents of gun control including the National Rifle Association (NRA) predict that additional genocides are going to occur especially in public schools where children attend regularly (Greenblatt, 2012). However, advocates such as Carmen Lodato and the Moms Demand Action group call for legal access to guns and other weapons in order to protect themselves and their loved ones (Vasilogambros, 2020). Fortunately, this written speech sides with gun control supporters with its three specific reasons. Historical and current facts are clearly explained so that readers can understand why they need to take the gun control issue more seriously. Innumerable lives of human beings, whether they are innocent or guilty, are dependent on it.

Keywords: Second Amendment; gun experts; shooting; homicide; women; gun control

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Establishment of the Second Amendment

In December 1791, James Madison officially wrote and included the Second Amendment in the United States Constitution. His original intention was to give both military soldiers and American citizens equal rights to own and use guns. Despite of his humane behavior, many others chose to focus on the negative side of his work. They failed to understand whether the article just protects their rights or those of their belongings. Their disagreements continued for many years to come. Unfortunately, their family members, foes, and the rest of society followed their footsteps and escalated the Second Amendment debate to the Supreme Court (Brooks, 2017).

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Causes of the Gun Control Act of 1968

The increased rate of arguments concerning the article led to the growth of homicidal victims. Celebrities were definitely no exception whatsoever. In November 1963, John F. Kennedy was killed by gunshots that Lee Harvey Oswald intentionally caused (November 22, 1963: Death of the President, n.d.). 5 years later, Martin Luther King, Jr. and the brother (Robert) of Kennedy faced the same tragedies and lost their lives too. Therefore, Lyndon B. Johnson approved and put the Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968 into drastic action. He hoped that it would reduce murders around United States and even the world (Waxman, 2018).

Lyndon B. Johnson and Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968 – “Guns Down America” Twitter page

Effects of Both U.S. Legislations

Today, the GCA does slight improvement in the murder rate in United States. More people including those who are under 18 years of age are shot and killed every year. Regardless of these depressing events, the Second Amendment remains legally active and provides most American citizens the ability to buy, sell, own, and/or use guns. So, individuals who are curious or experienced with guns should support gun control due to the following three reasons.


Saving Human Lives

Gun owners, sellers, buyers, and users can prevent more abuse and deaths of innocent victims (Whitfield, 2018). One way is locking or hiding their guns in unknown places or areas. Lacking access to their weapons would absolutely keep others safe and distracted. Whenever the experts are ready to use their belongings, they must make sure that no one knows or shows up at their secret locations. Accompanying those who are inexperienced or unfamiliar with guns should tell them to keep their weapons out of their reach (Moorhouse & Wanner, 2006).

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Giving Accountability to Gun Owners

They are held legally responsible for their own actions (Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted?, 2019). Initially, they are supposed to complete and submit background checks so that the government can collect and verify them. Next, they are required to register and give information about guns that they buy, sell, own, or use. If their guns are lost or stolen, then they must report the issues to the local police or authorities immediately. As a result, gun professionals can avoid getting in trouble with the law, facing time in prison, and keeping others from being shot or killed (Model Laws, n.d.).

Usually, gun experts are exonerated if they accidentally shoot or kill their victims. But, they may deal with negative repercussions such as losses of their loved ones, shame, and guilt for the remainder of their lives. What makes the accidental shooters or murderers feel worse is the victimization of children. William DeHayes, a resident in Florida, is no longer the same person after unintentionally taking the lives of his close friend (Katherine Hoover) and her unborn son. A few anonymous parents in Texas may have repetitive nightmares of their little children who unexpectedly find and pretend that their dangerous guns are harmless toys. Thus, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) continues to update the national statistics of child victims of accidental homicide or suicide annually (Examining Accidental Shooting Death Statistics, n.d.). CDC expects that the child murders would be reduced eventually. If parents or gun experts ignore the truth and still leave their weapons anywhere for other humans to access, then those parents or gun experts deserve to be punished by the law and given prison sentences (Dahl, 2015).

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Unlike accidental shooters and murderers, those who fear for their lives and kill in self-defense are easy targets to prosecutors and imprisonment. The Family Safety Center organization confirms that the majority of women fit the category of easy targets through various sources. Over 50% of females face more unfairness and spend more time in prison than males do. Honestly, it does not matter that both genders commit the same crimes (e.g. homicide, theft, and prostitution). Men are still highly respected, valued, and favored by society whether their behaviors are actually right or wrong (Facts on Battered Women in Prison, n.d.).

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Around the world, injustice of females who shoot and kill their abusive husbands or boyfriends occurs repeatedly. A good example is an American wife and mother named Catina Curley. Not only has she experienced ongoing domestic violence from her husband (Renaldo) but also she has received nonstop mistreatment, rejection, and discrimination from the justice system in Louisiana. She has become traumatized after learning that she is going to spend the rest of her life in prison (Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women) and that her kids are going to be raised by strangers. Fortunately, she has been paroled after almost a decade, vindicated by strong evidence, and reunited with her relatives. She is currently promoting justice and helping countless female inmates seek freedom and rehabilitation (Rice, 2018).

Catina Curley –

Making Positive Impact on Others

The third reason for advocating gun control is guiding numerous human beings to the right direction. Keeping guns and other weapons away from them is so necessary. However, they should be able to play video games that show gun violence and homicide anyway. They are not going to be triggered to break the law as politicians, society, and the news media claim. In fact, the people who lack evidence try to say the same about those who watch violent television shows and movies or listen to violent music. The opponents can only prove that a small number of people actually turns to serial shootings and killings due to their negative experiences such as ongoing abuse, peer pressure, bullying, and drugs (Ferguson, 2019).

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Extra gun experts need to be aware that giving or leaving their weapons for inexperienced or ignorant people to seize and use is dangerous. Once negative consequences happen, the professionals cannot undo their decisions. To stop the effects from becoming a reality, they should follow the altruistic moral theory. The theory is going to inspire them to put the needs and desires of other people above theirs (Chaffee, 2019, p.384). Gun owners and users are legally responsible for protecting their loved ones, those who surround them, and their weapons despite what occurs. The experts must have this moral behavior in order to become positive role models to others. Consequently, those who do not have access to guns and other weapons would be prompted to report these unexpected events to the local police or authorities:

  • witnessing a shooting or homicide
  • finding evidence such as hidden gun(s), human remains, etc.
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Concluding Facts and Thoughts

In conclusion, more people need to defend gun control so that they can better their lives and protect their relatives and friends. As long as supporters have emotional stability plus clean background checks, they have the legitimate right to buy, sell, own, and use guns and other weapons. But, they should have good purposes such as building successful businesses, earning money for a living, hunting for food and fur, and providing safety and other necessities for their loved ones (Gramlich & Schaeffer, 2019). The positive outcome is that supporters are viewed as heroes, breadwinners, and role models. Obviously, they have better reputations than mass murderers and those who use guns for unprofessional or selfish reasons do. Nevertheless, decreasing the rate of homicide and suicide maintains supporters where they are emotionally, culturally, and optimistically.

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